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Imgur still pic...ok, that works.
I'd totally forgotten about this one...LOLRead more... )
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I may have had entirely too much fun with this dress up Castiel game by brightfallenstars....Click on the image to go to Deviant art and play!Read more... )


Jul. 11th, 2017 10:57 pm
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Somebody please explain to me WHY anyone would want to do this to themselves.Read more... )
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I see Photobucket has decided to bugger up everyone's posts by trying to hold us to ransom and charge for the previously free 3rd party hosting. Well sod you, Photobucket. I'm not paying $100 or more per year simply so I can use you to display gifs on LJ. So bye bye Photobucket.

If anyone is looking for an alternative photo storage site, I think I might have found one that seems to offer what Photobucket used to offer. It's called Photoland and the link is here. What I'm not sure about is whether they impose any limits on the amount of Gigs of data you can store there. They do limit how much you can upload per day.

Now to start transferring all my gifs etc off Photobucket.... *sigh*. I won't be going back through old posts on here because that would take forever, though if I come across one that has the dreaded Photobucket notice instead of a nice pic or gif, I'll see if I can replace the HTML.

Why can't these sites leave well alone?!



May. 10th, 2017 08:52 am
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I'm so childish. I want to caption things with lines like - Pisa, a piece of piss. Moving swiftly on - I arrived late afternoon and after unpacking, I walked into town across the railway lines (don't worry, there's a subway!). The place I'm staying is really nice, only two years old so it doesn't show on google street view, but at first sight the area looks a little rough. There's a scrap yard or something almost next door and a wall full of the messy kind of graffiti. But it was really quiet last night, and the walk into town is so easy, it's awesome.

Anyhow. Picspam time! Artyfarty and random shots with bicycles follow, so be warned.

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Duck shoot

Feb. 20th, 2017 11:24 am
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My friend Lois and I got out ducks in a row this morning, and took them for a photoshoot in the park.
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I don't usually but this is too awesome.
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Just putting this here as a little light relief... I think the little French boy was about the same age as I was, around two years old.
1962 French boy tin bath classic
That expression on his face just cracks me up every time I see it.
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My sketchbooking course started again this week, and we're going to be drawing at least half of the time this term - yay!
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Had a nice few days up in Shrewsbury visiting Mum with Paul - though Paul wasn't happy as he has possible shin splints and couldn't run. Because of the shin splints, Paul was trying to keep weight off his leg as much as possible, so he didn't come with me and Mum when we had a day out in Church Stretton in the (very shallow) snow. We managed to pick the right day for this, it was virtually the only day that week where it didn't rain!
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We were up early this morning and down on Felixstowe beach before 07:30 so set up for the Christmas Day Dip to raise money for the hospice. I reckon there were over three hundred nutty folk willing to either dress up or dress down and take the plunge, and they certainly drew the crowds.
Here follows a picspam
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Can you tell who he is yet?
Ducktor Who
Ducktor Who
Two coats of varnish and I remembered to paint his accessory before I coated him, so that was fortunate. Less fortunate was thinking using water-based felt tip pens was a good idea, then finding blue and black smearing all over his pretty pink face when I started with the varnish. Oops!

I'm in two minds about the fez. My friend the crazy Kiwi artist who is an expert at construction amazing additions to these sculptures (and plastic ducks) tells me to fill the fez with P40 and upholstery foam before P40'ing the hat to his head. Which is fine but I can see it going horribly wrong.
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I took some pics with my iPad when I was in Liverpool the last couple of visits, plus a couple in Shrewsbury.
This was the lovely tree in Liverpool One. Mum got some better photos with her camera but this one gives an impression of it's under the cut )
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Isn't miscellaneous a lovely word? Anyhow, my mini knight has arrived. He seems to be made out of ceramic and is eminently breakable as well as rather small. Painting a mock up of my design is definitely going to be challenging!Read more... )
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Haven't been around much recently - real life, huh? This was all good things though (apart from me dragging a bed onto Paul's toes and crushing them, that is). So here's everything in bite-sized chunks.

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I've seen the gifs posted, but I like screen caps because they are bigger. LOL. So I did some.
Thumbnail teaser first though.
2016 J2 popfest promo3
big pics under the cut )
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As most of you know, I'm not officially doing the 100 days, but here's a random happy post covering a number of days and topics!

pic spam and burble under the cut )

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What what what? Three posts in one day? What's cracking off?!
I did the best I could with my pig, but he does look a bit naff and amateur compared to the other big pigs. I'm hoping when they varnish him he will suddenly be transformed! LOL
So here is the finished Giant Swinion with all his mini!Swinions.
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If you want to browse in a leisurely manner through a LOT of photos, my flickr albums are HERE.
Now I'm going to picspam y'all. Be warned! I took FAR too many photos of Jensen, a ton of Jared, not so many of Misha but quite a few of Rob. Because ROB! That man is so freaking adorable.
Case in point...
Image heavy! )

Pigs ahoy!

May. 28th, 2016 05:47 pm
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Something different today - a plethora of painted piggies! I am painting my pig in this warehouse, but I hadn't realised all the other pigs were in there too...
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