Feb. 20th, 2017

Duck shoot

Feb. 20th, 2017 11:24 am
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My friend Lois and I got out ducks in a row this morning, and took them for a photoshoot in the park.
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SIGNAL BOOST - if you aren't interested right now, please share!

Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] excoyote at Excoyote (brokenlittleboy, transgendersam, theo, etc.) is doing commissions + Patreon!


I can create fanfiction and original fiction of all genres, running from 1,000 words to 100,000+. I’m a practiced gifmaker, and I can make gifs, gifsets, and colorful graphics of all kinds, including ones that come with their own playlists! This past yr I wrote 200k+ of original work and made 200+ gifs.

I’m running commissions because I recently got into the school of my dreams, Stanford, but I haven’t been given any financial aid. Without it, I can’t afford to go. I’m happy to create anything and everything to help raise money for college. I don’t know if my family’s situation will be the same in a year, so this money makes all the difference.

If it’s more your thing, I’m also running a Patreon page with goodies for pledgers!


My writing can be found here (fics, poems and misc.) and here (AO3). Some pieces you may know: Merry Sexmas, Sammy & Don’t Throw Me Overboard, Baby

My specialties include wincest, j2, and Sam-centric fanfiction, but I am willing to do everything! I’m capable of crack, smut, angst, fluff, realistic, AUs, etc. Any rating or content is fine with me. 1,000 words is $10 as a base price, any more words or plot specifics are negotiable. For example, a 20k Wincest fic Space AU with specific twists and kinks would be $45. I can deliver in chaptered installments or one final product, and it can be put on my AO3 or a private PDF. Under 5k can be completed in 24 hrs. Each additional 2k is +1 day. Longer pieces are better suited to installments because they take more time.


I have one book up on Amazon called Jay’s Epiphany. It’s realistic LGBT romance fiction and listed at 99 cents if anyone is interested. The rates and word counts for original fiction are the same as fanfiction. Original fiction I cannot publish on AO3 so it is only available as a doc or a PDF. The time needed for fiction is the same as fanfiction.


You can check out all of my work here, and my gifs here. Some pieces you may know: one, two, three. Individual gifs are $2, and gifsets, graphics, and playlists are between $4 and $15 depending on complexity. Everything can be completed within 24 hours unless I’m swamped, never more than 3 days.

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting me! I only accept PayPal, and inquiries and payments (upfront, please) can be sent to alpoling@wccnet.edu or my tumblr. I also accept donations <3. If you’re not interested in a commission, reblogging and liking this post supports me just as much. The commission request form is below the cut!

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