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Master List of Fic
Incomplete list, I'm gradually adding to it when I get a moment. And due to the original post getting too long, I've had to split it up! So you will find:

SPN Gen Part 1 - long fic HERE

SPN Gen Part 2 - short fic HERE



Drabbles and other things

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Master List of Arts - the masterlist is very much a work in progress right now, but while I'm constructing it, you can find some of my more polished art on deviantart.

Bonus Sam and Dean as baby racoons Here

Things to Do List - wherein I try and keep track.
2016 Things to Do List
2017 To Do List
2017 To Do List (Sept onwards) - LJ / DW
2018 To Do list
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Back to brush pens and wash - I feel safer. Ha ha!
Imperator Furiosa - and one day I will watch my DVD of this film.
Imperator Furiosa
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Because I only just found out there's a Deep Web as well as a Dark Web.
A little joke
Inktober 2017 Day 21 Deep
Indian ink, masking fluid and a touch of watercolour. Oh and proper watercolour paper!
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Back on schedule in spite of myself! Done with brush pens and wash, and I refuse to say anything negative today (also in spite of myself ha ha ha!).

Inktober 2017 Day 19 Cloud
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So I had a bit of an Inktober mare yesterday, but I said I'd post everything regardless, so I am. LOL
Plus my creative sketchbooking course has started again so I'm due a post of the experiments we're being pushed into.

First the Inky nightmares...
The prompt was Filthy, and I had this bright idea about having Dean cleaning the Impala.
Attempt number one - using masking fluid and Zebra brush pen.

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Oct. 18th, 2017 11:07 pm
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Art rage art rage art rage!

I think I just fucked up one of my sketchbooks trying to draw Dean - bits of it were ok but then the rest went horribily wrong and I totally lost my temper and scribbled over it like a damn toddler. Threw the biro across the room, threw the pad the other way... Fuck what a rubbish day's arting this was. Tried colouring my DCU bang pic - rubbish. Tried drawing Anna and Dean - Dean was ok but Anna's face went off. Tried using masking fluid to do something vaguely clever for inktober - it failed. Then finally this debacle.

Time for bed, methinks I'm overtired and fractious. Hopefully tomorrow will be more successful! LOL

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Only a couple more days to sign up! Go on, you know you want to...

A Supernatural/CWRPF holiday gift exchange!
Sign ups/Rules/FAQs
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Does it count if I had the idea yesterday?
Inktober Day 17 Graceful.

I thought about Anna and her grace, and took the opportunity to watch Season 4 Episode 10 again. Oh Season 4, how I love thee still.Read more... )
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This had to be a fannish one - in fact, it's my first Dr Who fanart, I think.

The Tenth Doctor with an Adipose (because they might eat kids but they are kind of cute, nonetheless).

See pic )The peachy lighting is actually thanks to Hurricane Ophelia turning the sun a pinky orange this morning. Apparently the air was full of dust from the Sahara, which turned the sky yellow and made the sun go sunset colours at 11am. Now (2pm) it's bright normal sunshine and VERY gusty winds.

Done with my Japanese Zebra brush pen, my new Zig coloured brush pens and a wash.
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I had no idea what to do for this prompt so I thought I'd have a play with some new colour brush pens.
The mystery is - why do this at all? Ha ha!See picture... )
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....and I'm all caught up!

Day 13 - unlucky for some! Just had time for a doodle with Mum's fine felt tip pens. Read more... )
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Season 4 Dean. Sniffle. I wish I couldn't feel a damn thing, Sammy...

Inktober 2017 Day 12 Shattered
Japanese brush pen and wash.
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Nekkid Sam, running. Um. Yep.
That's about it.
Inktober 2017 Day 11 - Run
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Hopefully whatever I do at the sketchbooking class tonight will be more successful than this!
I'd say it looks better in the flesh than in a photo - but it doesn't LOL. However, the sun came out and combined with some nicely placed shadows...
Inktober 2017 Day 10 Gigantic
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I'll start with the random. I feel that bickering Cathedrals on Twitter is somehow a very British thing. Check out all the comments and see what you think!

On to Inktober and Day 9's prompt was Screech. Me and Milly had the same thought on this one - OWLS!
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I thought about crooked houses and crooked paths... but then of course, I thought about the Winchesters, and Dean. Because.

So here's my take on Dean's arrest way back in Season 2. I don't much like the Blue Steel (plus it would be too hard to draw!) so this isn't it.Read more... )
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This did not turn out how I'd hoped. *sigh* But I had limited time with travelling back from Manchester today, so it will have to do. I soaked the hell out of the paper trying to get rid of the parts where the black lines were just too dark... I think I need to try some different techniques. Like, for instance, using a brush and washes without using a brush pen first.

7 Day 7 inktober Shy

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Yes, yes, I know this might look a tad like Jensen/Dean. Just a tad.

Brush pen and wash
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I'd forgotten this until I was messing about today, but the Chinese word 龙 Lóng means dragon. So yep, that's where I went with today's prompt! It had to be done. I experimented with my Japanese felt-tip brush pen, with a bit of a wash, in a new A6 sketch book I bought today in Manchester Art Gallery - because I can't seem to stop buying art supplies I don't need.

The sketchbook on my hotel desk for scale
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I decided to post everything, even if I absolutely hate what I've done, and to be honest, nothing I've produced so far is hateful but nothing's much good either. But never mind, that's what Inktober's all about, trying to improve inking skills. Which is very necessary for me, as I've realised I know nothing about using ink of any kind! LOL

But that's bye the bye. Onto the inking semi-disasters!

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