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Oct. 20th, 2015 07:35 pm
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Stolen from a few flisties but most recently jj1564

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Hey ho memeage
In which I tell you everything you never wanted to know about me, and fuck up the LJ formatting with panache.

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I had to trawl a bit to find something I could share for this one - yohkobennington wanted #7. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.

I don't think I shared this sketch anywhere...NSFW under the cut )
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Rather than do it in the comments and have the formatting go all weird, where posting a pic is appropriate I thought I'd try replying in journal entries.
So here's tha answer to chomaisky's request for #3. Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand.Read more... )

art meme!

Jul. 6th, 2015 11:58 am
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I was going to do the fic one then I saw this on chomaisky's page and thought - no! Let's art instead for a change!

Give me a number - or two if you really can't just pick one - and I'll endeavour to reply...

1. When did you get into art?
2. What art-related sites have you ever signed up for?
3. Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand.
4. What defines your artistic style?
5. Do you practice other styles/have you tried other styles in the past?
6. What levels of artistic education have you had?
7. Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site.
8. What is your favourite piece that you have done?
9. What is your least favourite piece that you have done?
10.What do you like most about your art?
11.What do you like least about your art?
12.Have you ever considered taking commissions?
14.What do you like drawing the most?
15.What do you like drawing the least?
16.Do you draw more fanart or original art? If fanart, what fandom do you draw the most of?
17.What would you absolutely refuse to draw?
18.What is your purpose for drawing?
19.What medium/program do you use the most in your art?
20.How would you rank your art? (poor, mediocre, good, etc.)
22.Do you believe there is such thing as “bad art?”
23.List at least one of your “artspirations.”
24.What do you think you could stand to improve on?
25.Do you have a shameful art past? (recolour sprite comics, tracing art, etc.?
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Meme: Right now

Snaffled from raloria who did this so long ago she's probably forgotten all about it by now!

Right Now I'm...

Feeling: Fine. I’m channelling my inner Dean Winchester/Alec.
Wearing: cycling shorts and a loose racer-back tank because I’m ready for bed and it’s bloody hot. What happened to our traditional British summer of a few days ago – which was cold, cloudy and damp?
Wishing: I had more time! So much to do…
Missing: My dad.
Thinking: I should lose weight and exercise more. I think that a lot, and that is the problem! Action is required…LOL
Wondering: If I’m ever going to get the energy to tidy up my house (but not caring because I’m in Scarborough and miles away from said house), also wondering why there's a helicopter hovering over Scarbrough harbour at 10:20pm. It's not like this is a hotbed of depravity with its three amusement arcades full of stuffed minions...
Raving About: Jensen’s lips. Oh boy, those lips.
Ranting About: Too many things! From selfies and pointless tweeting and computer programmes that don’t work properly, to the USA’s inability to see that their gun laws cause problems, to the sheer unadulterated evil that is ISIS/ISIL and the fact that religion causes more trouble than it does good. Just don’t get me started, ok?
Fangirling/Drooling Over: Jensen and Jared. Always and forever. Though I wouldn’t say no to Tom Hiddleston either.
Thankful For: So many things! Having a lovely tolerant hubby, a great life, a cool Mum, supportive friends (here and elsewhere)… for being a vegetarian while watching Hannibal.
Planning: how to fit in all the big bang and other art I need to do in the next few weeks; also already planning for JIB7 and Rome next year! Photo op emailing is coming up in a couple of weeks…
Looking Forward To: My plans coming to fruition, lots of nice feedback on my art posts that are coming up (this is obviously a hope too!), taking Mum to York tomorrow and so many other things…
Dreading: On a superficial level, getting a duff pass number for JIB7, even though I know I’ve been lucky to get an Angel Pass already. Fundamentally – I dread losing the people I love most.
Wanting: To be happy and healthy, and for everyone else to be happy too.
Hoping: that one day the world will be a better place, that people will grow more tolerant and kind instead of regressing to the pit of prejudice that small minds foster.
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Ok this is well late but better late than never right?
31st Dec: For septembers_coda
If you could change one thing about your culture or country, what would it be? <3

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This one is for : de_nugis
Tell me a characteristic anecdote that you love about either or both of your parents.

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Oops, missed a day... So yesterday's question was for steeplechasers - how did you get into spn and what is the most important thing it's done for you?

The firsr part is hard because I can't actually remember why I suddenly decided to buy the box set seasons 1-3 and blitz-watch the whole lot. I remember seeing the adverts when SPN first aired in the UK (Supernatural just got sexy), and thinking, yup, those boys look handsome - but I don't like horror so that one's not for me. Then next thing I know, there I am, hooked.
The most important thing SPN has done for me is easy though. It's given me a new lease of life creatively, plus a whole bunch of new and awesome friends both online and in real life. What could be better than that?

11th Dec: For dizzojay - What has been your proudest moment?

I've been cudgelling my brain over this one since Dizz posted it and I'm no closer to an answer. There are a bunch of little things I've been proud of over the years but a single defining moment? Honestly, I don't know. Also, I'm a bit wary of feeling proud - in my experience, many of the things I've felt particularly proud of in the past have turned around and bitten me in the arse. Or slipped away while I wasn't looking.
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Another impossible question. But hey, I'll have a stab.
gorkonelka wants to know - what is your favorite art for J2 or Dean+Sam :) Or your favorite Sam or Dean pic

In reverse then - one of my fave Dean picsvery large images under the cut )
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This has got to be the easiest question on the board, ladies and gents.
For wendy - How do you drink your coffee?
I don't! I never got into drinking tea because my parents only drank coffee, and I never acquired a taste for the bitter bean. I do occasionally have a hot chocolate, but only rarely. I drink because I'm thirsty, and hot drinks always make me thirsty instead of quenching it. So there you have it, I'm a beverage-weirdo.
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This one is For raloria
If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

This one is easy. It would have to be Italy.

For the beauty, the art, the history and the ice cream. Oh lord, the ice cream.

Here, have a little picspam
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Oh lord, this is a fun one. For yohkobennington - Talk to me about notions people have about the British that are true and not true.

Actually this phrasing hits the nail on the head, because most of the things that are true are also not true... and obviously, the notions I will discuss here are my notions about other people's notions, so may not tally with your own, so bear with me. I've just picked ten things at random, feel free to ask me about any notions you may have that I don't cover here!

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septembers_coda Wanted to know who was my favorite child character ever, in any fandom?

Supernatural is my first real "fandom", so I'll have to talk books instead, especially as the tv shows I've been in love with before SPN didn't really have any children in that I can think of (Babylon 5, Firefly, Stargate Atlantis, Alias Smith and Jones, Star Trek...oh, unless you count Wesley, but though I liked him he wasn't a fave character).

I've been wracking my brain for child characters and when I started putting this post together I still wasn't sure who would end up top of my list.

I'd have said Arya Stark straight off, except I am still too dischuffed about what dear George has done to her in the last couple of books - I barely recognised the feisty little girl who charmed the socks off me in Book 1, so I couldn't bring myself to put her top of my list. Lyra Belaqua is a great character, but I didn't really like her all that much, even while I understood her very well. So I looked a bit farther back and remembered one of my childhood heroes, Harry Wharton, from Frank Richards' Magnet comics. I imagine most of you will never have heard of him or the comics, though you might have heard of Billy Bunter. The Magnet was a weekly comic (narrative-based not cartoons) that ran from the early 1900s to around the 1940s, with stories about Greyfriars public school. I had a real thing about reading those. The bulk of the stories featured the Remove Form, who were about 14-15 year olds. Frank was an orphan, one of those upright, noble chaps with a fiery temper who always tried to do the right thing. There was also a bad boy character in that series who I had a soft spot for, Herbert Vernon Smith, also known as The Bounder. He was the rebel with a good heart, he smoked and gambled and often saved the day in spite of himself. I used to write fanfiction about these characters without knowing that was what it was!

But then I thought some more, and if I stretch the definition of a child character to teenagers, I think I can go for Lord Alexand DeKoven Woolf (with a side order of Rich, his little brother) from M K Wren's The Phoenix Legacy. At the start of the books Alexand is about 16 or17, while his brother is 12-14. Alexand has so many of the qualities I love in a hero - he's fiercely loyal, he's intelligent and thoughtful, he loves hard and strong with everything he's got, he has utter trust in his brother, he's flawed and makes mistakes, he's willing to sacrifice his life and happiness for the greater good.

Yup, I do have a pattern in the characters I fall in love with...
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In theory this is Day 5 and the final day of this meme, but just like the Happy posts, I reserve the right to randomly post happy things! *throws imaginary hat in the air and shouts huzzah!*Read more... )
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Reasons to be cheerful one two three – Day 3

Missed a couple of days, not because there was nothing positive about them, but just because I forgot. Now I’m too lazy to recap so this is all about today!

1.      Spent the day in London at a workshop about a fascinating project that may never happen because it's almost too fascinating. There's a bloke called Steve Ward who had this idea about building a modern pyramid on a monumental scale. He wants this pyramid to be an international collaboration, and to contain the hopes and dreams of children from all around the world. Children will record their wishes for the future and then seal them into this huge structure for a thousand years. So romantic a notion, and he has the backing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu, which is pretty inspiring in itself. There is a downside, but as this is a positive meme, I won’t go into that here! This is their website if you are curious about it.

2.     I submitted my SDMB draft yesterday, so now I’m sitting around getting excited for all the summaries to be posted tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what’s going on and get my shortlist for the art claims on Friday! Woo!

3.     My SwedArt leather and silver wire bracelet arrived today. It’s so pretty…even though I’m hiding it from the hubster so he won’t whinge about me spending money on frivolities again. Sigh.
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Reasons to be cheerful one two three – Day 2
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Jul. 28th, 2014 07:27 pm
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Irrelevancies and of no interest to anyone but me!
Amber's Personality Type Results
View My Personality Type Results
The blurb said: INFP Dreamers are idealistic and deeply sensitive. They are characterized by their loyal and gentle nature. Beneath their easygoing disposition runs a fixed passion for the causes they believe in and the people they selflessly care for. They are driven by their values and seek peace.

Which doesn't ring that true - but then probably at least 60% of the questions my honest choice would have been "BOTH of these options!"
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First off, I've done a new picture of Gadreel and I'm thinking of getting it printed for Tahmoh to sign in Rome.
Large pics under the cut )
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Another twofer.
Yesterday's happy moment was getting an email from my author for one of my spn_bigpretzel art fills saying she's happy with the piece I've done - which is great. Because obviously if she wasn't pleased there wouldn't be much point, eh? So no photo of that, because I can't post the pic before the due day. (And why do I always mistype obviously? LOL)

Today's moment was a nice fresh tigerbread roll smothered in blackcurrant jam. Yummy yum yum.

With bonus Winnie the Pooh plate. And I just realised I forgot to crop out my feet with Norah Batty socks because it was bloody cold here today. That is some serious foreshortening going on there. Ha ha ha!


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