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Master List of Fic
Incomplete list, I'm gradually adding to it when I get a moment. And due to the original post getting too long, I've had to split it up! So you will find:

SPN Gen Part 1 - long fic HERE

SPN Gen Part 2 - short fic HERE



Drabbles and other things

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Master List of Arts - the masterlist is very much a work in progress right now, but while I'm constructing it, you can find some of my more polished art on deviantart.

Bonus Sam and Dean as baby racoons Here

Things to Do List - wherein I try and keep track.
2016 Things to Do List
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I meant to do this the other day and allowed myself to be completely sidetracked, then forgot! Doh! Such a bad case of internet-brain... especially as I’m really excited to share this with you!
My story is called Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness, and here’s a line to hopefully tempt y’all to subscribe to the book:

Mists SPN short stories teaser-1
Check out the #seasons teasers tag on twitter and tumblr to read more lines from all the other fabulous authors. You can find out more about the project, which hopes to raise lots of money for charity, HERE!
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I signed up for both art and writing for the DWBB, which is great, but I have NO idea what I want to write. Especially or mor particularly, what I want to write that hasn't been written before by either me or by someone else (and no doubt better than me).

I've got some WIPs languishing in folders on my laptop, but I'm not sure any of them have enough meat in them to get me to either the 5k or 10k minimums. I've also got a folder full of random ideas (most of which are only really any good for J2s though).

Maybe you chaps can help me decide. Here's what I've got already, either WIPs or just ideas:

  1. Sam brings a girlfriend called Fleur back to the bunker. Dean isn't happy about it and thinks there's something off about Fleur, but he can't quite put his finger on what it is that is upsetting him - apart from the obvious - that having Sam banging a girl in their bunker is somewhat disturbing. Then Sam goes missing one night, leaving Dean and Fleur to look for him. There's owls and Celtic myths involved, and I've got 2k of this one written.

  2. Dean adopts a stray dog called Angel who can see portals into other worlds and has imaginary friends. Nothing written at all on this one so I'd be starting from scratch with no plot, or anything more than that sentence.

  3. Northern Exposure. A season 2 case fic that takes the boys to a remote town in Alaska to tangle with an Innuit witch. This one features some hurt!Dean, because that's what I do. I've got over 5k written but it's been sitting on my hard drive for 5 years so i'll probably have to rewrite it all.

  4. Dean, the Queen and the Campervan. Sam & Dean encounter a VW campervan broken down in the desert and Sam volunteers Dean to fix it. Turns out it's owned by a drag queen on her way to (somewhere). I dunno about this one, it's kind of based on a weird dream I had about Dean and the actual Queen of England. Which might be also one way to take this idea.

  5. Pretty is as pretty does. Dean is the victim of a spell or potion that makes him irresitibly attractive. It's funny until it isn't. I've got about 800 words written of this one, but no idea where the story should go.

At th moment I'm leaning towards #1 but I honestly don't know!
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Yay! The big reveals have happened so now I can claim my ficlet. It didn't get many comments on the com, but the ones that were made were lovely, so a big thank you to those who read it and liked it.
Here's the link to the story on spnspringfling, but I'm reposting it here too, with a few minor corrections.

Shadow Boxing for keep_waking_up

Title: Shadow Boxing
Pairing: Gen (Sam & Dean)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: unbetaed, somewhat random
Word count: c1200
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Title: The Ship that Lost its Soul
Words: ~19600
Rating: R (mainly for swearing)
Pairings: Gen
Summary: Set in another universe where humanity is spread across the galaxy, the Winchesters roam far and wide in the American galaxy, hunting monsters in their spaceship, the Impala. Then Sam sacrificed himself in order to stop the apocalypse, steering Lucifer’s vessel into a black hole known as the Cage. Dean thinks Sam is lost to him forever, so it’s a mystery to be solved when Dean receives Sam’s frozen body in the post. Obviously Dean’s first priority is to unfreeze Sam, but nothing is ever that simple for the Winchesters.

For the 2017 sammybigbang. Big thanks go to my artist azziria for the lovely and perfectly appropriate art! You can check out the full set here – go and leave her all the love, because, like Sam, it's worth it.
And thanks also to my beta, jj1564 for the cheerleading as well as feedback and help spotting errors, and to excoyote who helped me out in early drafts! Any remaining cock ups are all mine.
 photo TSTLIS_header_option2_zps9pn235aq.jpg

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The Ship that lost its Soul

After the agony in stony places
The shouting and the crying
Prison and place and reverberation
T.S Eliot – The Wasteland

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
Emily Bronte

Chapter One
 photo TSTLIS_divider_option3a_zpswqogjkij.jpg
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Net Asset Value

Title: Net Asset Value
Words: ~9000
Pairings: Jared/Jensen, brief Jeff/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: A flashback death happens. Unbetaed!
Summary:  The Firm calls them assets, and treats them accordingly. The asset known as Michael Godson, whose real name is Jensen Ackles, thinks he understands the game, right up to the moment he realises he’s about to be liquidated in the only way the Firm knows.

Happy birthday zara_zee!!! Hope you like this...
AO3 link

He exists in the silence that’s waiting for the world to end.

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In lieu of a review of the year (which I might get round to when I've fulfilled some pressing deadlines) I thought I might join in the Snowflake Challenge.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner
So here we are, Day 1 and already outside of my comfort zone - self reccing!
The challenge is to chose three fanworks, so I've gone for fic - all short ones.

1: Quite often when I track back through my stuff, I don't even remember writing it. This short piece is one I'd totally forgotten. It's probably best classified as a gen cuddle fic. The boys dealing with Bobby's death. A Dreamless Sleep - on AO3/ on LJ

2: Sometimes when I track back, I find fics I have not only forgotten writing but that surprise me. Sometimes I'm not a bad writer at all, and manage to write stories I actually find amusing. LOL. The True Meaning of Turning Turtle - a little cracky fun. On AO3 / on LJ

3: And for my final fic, one that got no comments on AO3 but I thought was an interesting idea. 3k of Sam finding a solution to removing the Mark. The God Delusion - on AO3/ on LJ

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Title: Drowning
Words: 100
Summary: Sam's at Stanford, Dad's god knows where, and Dean's on the road.

Dean’s a mid-west boy. He knows straight roads and vast expanses of corn so intimately, he sings Oklahoma songs inside his head, where Sam can’t hear and mock. Not that Sam can hear him singing anyway, seeing as how Sam’s in California and Dean? Dean isn’t.

Dean drives, because that’s what he does. He kills monsters; sometimes they throw him around and he has to stop a while to patch himself up before he can slide back into his Baby, but that’s okay. He’s fine on his own. He is.

Sometimes, though, Dean dreams up an ocean to drown in.
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Did you hear the one about Dean Winchester owning a VW campervan? And that time the Queen of England was touring the US of A in her vintage VW Beetle and broke down in a gas station in Arizona? No? Funny, I thought it would have been all over the news at the time...

It was Sam who noticed her first; though really, she was a bit hard to miss. The love bug was bright orange, and had a giant sky blue flower painted on the trunk, and Her Maj was wearing a trouser suit straight out of 1967, also orange. And very flowery. And, as Sam was quick to point out, not really the kind of things you wear when you’re presumably travelling incognito.

Dean was inside the minimart paying for gas and snacks and by the time he returned to their campervan, Sam had already volunteered Dean as Royal mechanic for the duration of Queen Liz’s road trip.

Sadly, after that lovely moment – Dean’s face was a picture, believe me – the dream morphed into a strange holiday in Stansted Airport for the hubby and I, with bus trips, missing bags, and ridiculously lax security, so I never found out how Her Majesty got on with the Winchesters on the back roads of America.

Dreams, huh? Weird.

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Title: Unchain my Heart on the East Side Line
Giftee: raths_kitten
Gifter: amberdreams
Pairing/Characters: Jensen/Jared, minor OCs
Word Count: ~7300
Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Um - swearing, sex, the usual...

Summary: In which Jared is a lonely depressed guy recently moved to New York City. Jared is weighed down with guilt in a dead end job, and Jensen is a mystery to be solved.

Author’s note: For any New Yorkers, I’ve taken liberties with the life of City Hall station. It is visible from the Line #6 train that does a loop through there in order to turn round after terminating at Brooklyn Bridge. You can book an expensive and generally sold out tours of the station, so it’s not closed all the time. But for the purposes of this story, this station is inaccessible, and Jared is travelling on the #5 line.

Huge thanks to zara_zee for the swift and thorough beta which caught a lot of inconsistencies and daft mistakes!

Unchain my Heart on the East Side Line

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For the spn_j2_xmas secret Santa exchange

Title: You can never go home
Gifter: amberdreams
Pairing/Characters: Sam, Dean, Jess
Word count: c6300
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A bucket load of angst in the end. A/N: hopefully this will hit the spot for a few of alethiometry’s likes, some of which could double up as warnings – in particular - canon divergence; unreliable narrators; open/ambiguous/unhappy endings…

Thank you to kalliel for the speedy beta, which has improved this no end!

Summary: A retelling of the Pilot, where Jess goes with Sam and Dean to look for John Winchester and ghosts in Jericho. In the process Jess learns more about Sam and herself than she bargains for.

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Title: Not all healing is physical
Words: ~1510
Genre: Gen, fix it
Characters: Mary, Dean and Sam
Warnings: Reaction fic to S12E02 so spoilery
Summary: Castiel healed their injuries and left them to their own devices. After everyone should have gone to bed, somehow, all three Winchesters are still awake.

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My spn_cinema fic - oh boy, I struggled with this one, and it's unbetaed so apologies in advance! LOL

Title: A Good Jest (joke's on you)
Author or Artist: amberdreams
Movie Prompt: Beau Geste
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG13
Word Count or Media: ~6300
Summary:In a strange twist, a completed case and a snowstorm in Minnesota lead Sam and Dean to the Algerian desert in the middle of a deadly siege.

Notes: Warnings: Apparent/temporary character death. This fic bears only the sketchiest resemblance to the Gary Cooper movie. (Which might be just as well as I watched it when researching for this and it was pretty bad!)
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Possibly not my most successful/popular spn_summergen fill, but I did enjoy writing it!

Title: The Elm of False Dreams
Recipient: kalliel
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~5000
Warnings: Use of the F word. There might be a touch of gencest in here because the boys might be older, but they are still stupidly co-dependent.
Author's Notes: To Kalliel: I’ve tried to cover a few of your likes, and merged a couple of your prompts – you asked for anything about bees, and for some wet Winchester hazard – so I hope this fits the bill! Thank you to my lovely beta
ameliacareful for picking out my inconsistencies and making this offering so much better!
The headings are some of the different parts of the Underworld taken from Greek mythology, as is the title.

Summary: Dean and Sam are semi retired from hunting. Dean grows stuff, Sam keeps bees. It’s a story of domestic bliss until suddenly it isn’t.
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I wroted a fic - unbetad, unchecked, probably rubbish because I don't write fast usually... LOL. But anyhow, Jensen rock star and Jared the photographer is HERE, as is the comment fic meme if you want to play too!

Edited to add the comment meme link which I forgot yesterday :D

Let Us Know The Happiness Time Brings...
A Comment Meme for Jared Padalecki's Birthday
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I suddenly got the drabble bug today. It's been a while!

Drabble 1:
The only way to stop it is to jump off
SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word:  lock
Warnings: None
Summary: The Winchesters have all made decisions, made sacrifices based on the overwhelming love they have for each other. Sooner or later and over and over, they reach that tipping point…

Where is the pivot point? There on the seesaw, when you’re walking up the slope, at what point does the weight of the love you’re carrying become too much and the balance alter, locking into that steep, sudden downward motion that’ll tip you onto the ground? You’ll fight to stay on your feet, but the odds are that when the end of the plank hits, you’ll be thrown into oblivion.

You can’t work it out; the mathematics are beyond your capabilities, but as you feel your way uphill, inch by inch, your muscle-memory will sense the moment when it comes.

There’s a ghost in the kitchen
SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word:  lock
Warnings: None
Summary: A moment of domesticity in the Bunker.

Mary Winchester is in the bunker’s kitchen, making sandwiches.

It’s both familiar and foreign, watching the swift sure movements of her hands as she slices tomatoes, builds layers of fillings, cuts the crusts off…
She pauses, knife hovering, suddenly uncertain and lost. Dean knows she’s remembered her little boys aren’t babies any more. He leans forward wearing his best disarming grin to tuck a stray lock of golden hair behind her ear.

He steals a sandwich while she’s distracted, ignoring Sam’s vocal disgust about chewing with his mouth open. He’s just happy the sparkle’s back in Mary’s eyes.
“Thanks, Mom.”
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A Sam POV Season 11 finale coda in 100 words

Black Holes and Revelations

Sam, a detached observer, watches Mary Winchester’s first tentative steps in her new life.

What did it say about Dean that Amara dug deep into the scorched earth remains of Dean’s psyche and found, not a warrior and survivor, but a frightened four-year-old child that craved hugs?

And what did it say about Sam that he sees Dean’s barely contained joy at Mary’s presence, Dean’s eagerness to please her, his inability to understand her fear and discomfort, and yet felt nothing but the need to step back, keep his distance?

Even Mary could not fill the gap left by God.


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