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So this was mine - did any of you guess?

Title: Rocky and Bulwinkle, Winchester-style
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Last week I did Dean, so this week it's Sam's turn. The prompt was a word - villainous. So I had to try Samifer, and then I had to gif it. I'm still not very slick at this animation business but it's fun.
DW weekly-2 villainous-1.4 tease
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Found on tumblr while looking for something else, and though it's old, it's too good not to share. Source
 photo 1.png
 photo 2.png
 photo 3.png

 photo slash sheriff.gif
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I blame Jared.
 photo J2_Afternoon_Panel_SPN_Vegas_2017.gif
 photo JA_Vegas_wiggle_1.gif

Except clearly I need to make the first one again as I forgot to embiggen it.
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jj1564 found this in a vid on FB so I giffed it.
 photo reubentherexrabbit_zpsprqosqk0.gif

 Obviously it's Jensen, because here's human!Jensen from that Michael Muller photoshoot...
 photo JA-MM06-0012_zpsbs7dcta0.jpg
Rabbit source Here!
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This happened to me this morning, so I made a gif.
 photo you_know_you_r_a_SPN_fan_when.gif
I bet you've got examples of this kind of selective listening too, yeah? Please say yes, I don't want to be alone in my obessing... LOL
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j2_crack's Halloween Meme had this tempting prompt by  meus_venator
Jensen/Jared - undercover dragon
Jared was a struggling not for profit lawyer, and he was excellent at his job. He also happened to be a dragon. No, not the huge, size of a barn kind, well he could be that big if he willed it, but he could also take the form of a more human sized dragon if he wanted, which was what made Halloween one of his most favourite times of the year.
His only real 'tell' when he was in human form, was sometimes when he got laughing or got really uncomfortable he started to give off pink and purple sparkly smoke out his nose.
For more years than he can remember he'd been doing quite well in his undercover life, if a little lonely, but just weeks before Halloween a new guy moves into the apartment down the hall and all of Jared's well-meaning plans go out the window
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I had a good day today - started a possible drawing for RBB, went to see Kubo and the Two Strings (oh my lordy, so GOOD! If it comes on near you, GO! You won't regret it. An absolutely wonderful visual feast as well as a funny, moving, adventure story...), had dinner with one of our oldest Ipswich friends and found this delish B&W HQ pic of the boys.
If you click through to Flickr you should be able to download it at full resolution (1500x1300). I don' think these are new, but they've done a nice job with the originals. I just darkened the contrast a bit.Large image under the cut )
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So many years, and still going strong. I haven't been here for all of those eleven years, but my love for this show, for the fandom and for all of you has been one of the best things in my life since Season 4. So grateful for the whole damn lot of you! :DImages under the cut )
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Hope you have a wonderful birthday elsiecat! Maybe you will get some birthday kisses like this from Jensen this year... we live in hope, hey!
 photo kissy kissy.gif
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Oh gawd. The things I waste my time on... Linky HERE if you want to play with this headache inducing fun.

 photo animated 1.gif  photo animated 2.gif  photo animated.gif
And here's me.
 photo animated 3.gif
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Found this HERE on tumblr and it sums up in gif form what I thought when I first came across Silken's poetry - he's perfect for SPN.

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I have to squee somewhere as hubby won't understand, he would just give me a pitying look for getting excited about things that aren't 'real'! LOL


sammybigbang claims were today and firstly one of my top fave artists quickreaver claimed my minibang summary - which is jackpot number one...and then I found out that my first choice summary belongs to one of my fave writers indiachick.

So excuse me while I have a fuck yeah gif-fest

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Made from Mincon vids...
This sums up my feelings towards my Flisties
 photo J2_head_lean.gif
And this is just too naughty. Nibbly Jared, unfazed Jensen - says it all about their relationship, don't it? :D
 photo J2_licky_lick.gif
Hee hee Jared!
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 photo MexicanJen.gif
Found on Twitter as a vid so I made it into a gif because. Well look at it.
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I made a gif! Woo hoo! Ok, it's a bit jerky but - it moves! And I made it.
Wotcha think?
 photo demons.gif
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This gif, guys! Not only a really well executed digital painting but - chilling.Large animated image under the cut )
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Well that was an amazingly stressful H00:M00:S01. We sat poised with fingers on the send button, switching between the email screen and the Rome countdown clock like this
 photo catbackampforth_zps05e2da9f.gif

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Hope Jensen and his pocket rocket are having a great birthday... someone found this on tumblr and I think it clarifies whether Jensen was going commando that day! Sorry I couldn't resist...
 photo Jensenpocketrocket_zps0a81568f.gif


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