Apr. 30th, 2017

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If you're squeamish about insects and suchlike, don't read.

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I think Bhangra Bear is basically done. The white of the metal strut things looks a bit odd so I thought I'd paint them too but apart from that, it's just about finished. I've got to get approval before varnishing - no idea what their criteria are for signing it off but hopefully it will pass muster!

It's hard to get photos indoors, but I've taken a few to spam you with LOL.
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Ok. I had this idea a while ago about staging a mock lap dance in one of my double photo ops. I've even got some fake money to stuff in the lap dancer's pockets...

Originally I was going to do this in my Jared and Misha op, but I've got a lovely trashy Romance cover I want to try for that one now, so I'm thinking this could be my Jensen and Misha op. But WHO should I ask to be the lap dancer?

I want to get Jensen to do it but I'm scared of him LOL. So Flisties - do you think it should be Jensen or Misha?

Or should I do this in one of my J2 photos instead?


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