May. 10th, 2015

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Finally I got to see Jensen sing! So happy after so many times missing it... For your delectation, here's my video. Oh and bonus Tim Omundson on harmonica. Is there anything Tim the Magnificent cannot do?

Oh lordy, what a day. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is SO fecking attractive!!! And he full on grinned at me over his glasses in my photo op - I think I might have melted. I spent most of the day in a state of nerves and excitement, running from one insanely gorgeous man to another. It was ridiculous. Of course everything was rushed and I was in such a tiz, I can't tell you - a trio photo with JDM, Jensen AND Jared? So much hotness in one room, it's a miracle any of us got out of there alive!

Added to which I got a coffee lounge with the fabulous Sam Smith, the meet and greet chat with everyone but the Js, Misha and Mark (they ran out of time so our table didn't get to see Mark and the others weren't included).

I actually feel the equivalent of jetlagged this morning - I've not eaten much for the last two days (no time!) and sleep is not coming easy for all sorts of reasons - BUT today we get Genevieve as a guest, and I managed to chat to Jim Michaels at the Jason gig last night, and told him everyone was so thrilled she was stepping in after JDM has had to return home to his sick dog, and that she should totally do the J3 stage panel in JDM's place. I reckon they weren't thinking of giving her a stage slot with her being so shy and all, but with Jensen on one side and Jared on the other to look after her? It would be awesomesauce. We'll see!

Now I need to count up my cash to see if I've got money for photos with her today!
amberdreams: (Bum)

I will try and post something a bit more substantial and I have a TON of photos to got through but I have to show you the J3 photo op xlittleangx and I managed to get because - it's AWESOME!! Hee!

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