Jan. 15th, 2017

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It's everywhere...

Describe a scent that you love or loathe
Love - fresh mown grass; fried onions; freesias
Loathe - the dead fat smell of a butcher's shop; kippers; pig farms
Describe a visual experience that dazzled you
In the year 2000 at the end of the Olympics, we were on a boat on the river underneath the Sydney Harbour bridge watching the most fantastic firework display I've ever seen. Admittedly, I was hiding below decks with Denise Lewis's mum, with my fingers in my ears most of the time but wow. What a sight that was.

Describe an acquired or unusual taste
I'm told that liking parma violets, cherry lips and floral gums is not normal, and that rose lemonade is weird... But I love 'em. I draw the line at drinking the eau de Cologne that is gin though.

Describe a sound that frightens or comforts you
Frightens me - sudden loud bangs (and strangely, that doesn't usually include thunder)
Comforts me - music, silence, the sound of my hubby breathing in the night

Describe a sensation that is arousing or creepy
Arousing? Hum...I find words more arousing than sensations, is that odd?
Creepy sensations - when you get spider's webs on your face, the feel of unexpected sliminess somewhere it shouldn't be...


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