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amberdreams ([personal profile] amberdreams) wrote2017-07-12 02:57 pm

Drawesome - week 2 - Villainous

Last week I did Dean, so this week it's Sam's turn. The prompt was a word - villainous. So I had to try Samifer, and then I had to gif it. I'm still not very slick at this animation business but it's fun.
DW weekly-2 villainous-1.4 tease
Here's the final frame as a still picture
DW weekly-2 villainous-1.4
And here's some of the process:
I did it all in Photoshop, in spite of having lots of new lovely paper and pretty pens to try out. *sigh*
I used a cardboard texture as my virtual paper, and used a fuzzy brush for some shading, layered it, multiplied it, added a dash of colour burn and a few lines on top.
DW weekly-2 villainous-prog2
DW weekly-2 villainous-prog3
DW weekly-2 villainous-prog1
Then I futzed with this background from a Season 4 BTS shot of Sam because I liked the colours and the red sign. I used Sam's face in this pic as a rough reference for my Samifer's face too, though obviously the expression is different.
And that's about it. I layed up a bit more to add the red eyes and a bit of highlighting, then saved 4 different versions of the final pic to create the gif.

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