Oct. 23rd, 2015

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Sorry about the drabble spam! LOL

Yesterday's effort could have been either of them when I started writing it, but I do tend to gravitate towards Dean, so that was where it ended up. But this morning I was thinking about the difference between the two boys, in their numbness and disconnection, and so I had to write a Sam one too.

S11 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Episode 3: The Bad Seed
Warnings: Spoilerish for the episode.
Summary: Sam is lost.

Time was everything was crystal clear, full of certainty. He’d made tough decisions, cut through unbreakable ties with surgical precision, woven new ones that should’ve lasted forever.

But that new fabric went up in flames with Jess, and he and Dean had stitched themselves back together, stronger than before.

So why does he feel Dean’s so far away, so blurred at his edges, so hard to distinguish from the background wallpaper of saving people, hunting things?

Sam longs for Dean’s warm arm slung round his shoulder, Dean’s hand outstretched to pull him up.

He wants his brother (his life) back.


amberdreams: (Bum)
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] spnreversemod at Early Bird Deadline is today!

Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta

Hello, brilliant SPN/SPN-RPF artists! Signal boost: if you want to submit TWO pieces of art for the Reverse Bang this year, today is the deadline to get your first in. As long as it's October 23rd somewhere in the world, you're good. :D If you miss this deadline, no worries. The final date to submit art is October 30th, but then you can only submit one piece.

As expected, we have more authors than artists, so if your first piece is close to being finished, we'd love for you to submit it now! You can polish it up later. (If you have any question as to whether it's finished enough for an author to work with it, feel free to drop us a line at spnreversemod@gmail.com.)

The art submission guidelines can be found here.

Happy arting, gang!


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