Sep. 3rd, 2015

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Anyone fancy betaing a 1700 ficlet for me? I won't say what it's about here - PM me if you are up for it but want to know first.


So dreams...How come other people have sexy-times with Jared and Jensen in their dreams and I have - embarrassment? T'ain't fair, y'all!

So my dream went like this.

We were lucky enough to bump into Jared somewhere, in a social situation. So we were sitting in this pub or similar, around a table, chatting to him. Except dizzojay was behaving oddly, and started talking in stalkerish terms with this strange glazed expression, leaning forward and stroking his cheek and hair. He was getting very uncomfortable, trying to turn his back on her, shifting in his chair, but she persisted. It was like one of those slow motion disaster movie sequences, because not only could we see this happening and were cringing inwardly, but of course I had to make it worse!! LOL

For some obscure reason, I had something Jared had written – a book or something dream-logical that didn’t make sense because it was written in sand (shades of GISHWHES perhaps) – and I leaned across waving this thing in his face and asking him loudly why he’d said about being naked i here, and not that we wanted him to be naked, you know, but he did have a fabulous body and…
Oh the embarrassment! Then the dream morphed into something else and that was it.

So not only did I embarrass myself I never got to see Jared naked either!


On a different matter all together - useful guidance on self-editing HERE.


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