Jun. 18th, 2015

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Help out a fangirl in need!
Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] morganoconner at Buy my stuff, fund my education!
The next step in funding my fall tuition payment, since thus far commissions haven't gotten me far, is selling stuff. The list below is suuuuuuper random and not in any particular order, but I've tried to keep it organized-ish. Eventually, I'll hit ebay if I get no hits here, but ebay takes a sizeable chunk out in fees, which would be nice to avoid if possible.

All prices are negotiable. I've included pictures only for artwork, but I'm happy to take pics of anything else if you'd like them. Feel free to message or e-mail if interested in anything here. I prefer payment via PayPal, but I'm happy to accept a check or money order from anyone in the US if that's easier.

DVDs and blu-rays, video games, CDs )
Toys and figures )
Books )
Fandom-related Artwork )

Okay, that's all I've managed to get through for now. Hopefully something here will interest someone! And of course, if there's nothing here to interest you, but you'd still like to help me fundraise for school, you can find my fundraiser page HERE.

Thanks so much! ♥


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