Jun. 12th, 2015

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I remember watching these a long time ago - it's really interesting watching again and picking out all the differences in the script from the Pilot, especially in the representation of the Winchester's 'effed up' family... as well as how adorably young Jared was... aw...

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balder12 won one of my offerings in the fanworksauction auction for sylsdarkplace - and by the way it is not too late to donate even though the auction is now over. So balder asked for some art to accompany this rather beautiful story, and I was happy to oblige. Everyone is Trying to Get to the Bar has some wonderfully descriptive passages, with amazing imagery about Castiel's true form, and the nature of Heaven once you get outside of the human regions, and I thought I'd give one particular scene a go.

Initially I liked what I'd done, but now I'm not sure I'm happy with any of it! So I've stopped fiddling and will let you judge. And read the story, if you haven't already!

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