Jun. 1st, 2015

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Thank you, thank you everyone who's sent me birthday wishes today - i've been swamped in the lurve, and it's a beautiful thing. My LJ inbox was chocker, I had tweets, and Facebook goodies, and virtual gifts, and song spams and gifspams and all sorts of lushness and I am very grateful. Hopefully I have thanked each and every one of you individually, but in case I have not - THANK YOU!

I woke up this morning and could have made you a list of things NOT to do on your birthday - like

  • having a sniffle in the bathroom because you are missing your Dad, and then

  • weigh yourself on your Mum's bathroom scales and find you are two (yes TWO) stone heavier than you thought you were. (For you Americans, that's 28 pounds btw)

  • or end up waiting in most of the morning because the register office is incompetent and has mislaid your father's death certificates that are needed to finalise various financial affairs and they are supposed to be ringing you back...

So the stuff that y'all sent me was indeed a very cheering thing, as was the delicious mushroom pizza I had for lunch, and the big bar of Aero I scoffed this afternoon in definace of the bathroom scales' message of doom.

Tomorrow I return home and hope to be able to stay for longer than a couple of days this time. I need to have some down time so I can catch up on everything!


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