Apr. 29th, 2015

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Title: Beautiful Neighborhood
Pairing : Genevieve & Jared
Rating: R
Genre: RPF AU romance
Word Count: c9800
Warnings: There be no porn here, folks.
Written for the genteensybang
Summary: Set in Dark Angel verse.
Genevieve moves to an apartment in Seattle to take her dream job with KIPH TV. Her neighbours seem okay if a little weird. The one who interests her the most is Jared, but after several conversations via the dumb waiter shaft, Gen still hasn’t met him face to face.

Jared is a transgenic with too much tiger in his mix.  He firmly believes he’s a freak, no matter what his flatmate and fellow transgenic Jensen tells him. But then Gen moves into the apartment above theirs, and starts chipping away at his defenses. After a few days, Jared decides to ask Jensen to pretend to be him, so he can woo Genevieve by proxy. It is, of course, a stupid idea. 

ART by chomaisky – check out the fabulously beautiful art at her journal – you need to see this pic full size. Look at that glorious sky! Link to art master post coming soon.
A/N: Thank you to dollarformyname for a sterling beta, making sure my DA verse was shipshape as well as sorting out my SPAG errors and general senselessness.
banner by chomaisky

---- PART 1---- PART 2-----
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