Feb. 20th, 2015

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I wanted to write something Sam-based. This kind of is that.

Title: Bipolar
Words: 200
Warnings: Spoilers for S10E14 The Executioner's Song
Summary: Dean sees one thing, Sam sees another.

Dean sees one thing, Sam sees another. That’s how it’s always been – a unifying feature of their bond, and at the same time a divisor.

Dean sees Cain fall into darkness, willingly choose to pick up the mantle of murderer in order to do the right thing. Ridding the world of the taint of his sin. Dean sees his own fall as inevitable now. Cain drew the parallel, pointed out all the places where he and Dean touch; then the Blade sheared Dean’s hope away.

Sam sees Cain fail, but Sam understands something Dean doesn’t – that Cain is not a Winchester. Sam sees Dean living Cain’s life in reverse, but knows Dean’s heading towards a different ending, because Sam knows his brother. Dean has been shaped by love and loyalty all his life. Who knows what shaped Cain? It’s so long ago it’s lost in the mists of time. Whatever it was that froze his heart, Cain hasn’t lived the life Dean’s lived, or died the deaths Dean’s died.

Cain killed Abel at the start of his journey, and that crime, that pain, shaped the demon Cain became.

It’s these differences that will matter in the end.

Sam has faith.


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