Feb. 14th, 2015

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A message of love and support that can apply to everyone - if you are feeling low, play this and believe it's about you, because it's true.

I always loved Abby on NCIS, and who'd have thought Tony could sing too?
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Flipping zara_zee gave me the letter K - which ain't very loving at all! LOL And ephermeralk gave me G, so I'm doing both at once to confuse everyone.

Something I hate:
K = Karl Adolf Eichmann, Kale (and most things cabbage related, like sprouts...), kippers (pooh! the smell alone!)
G = believe it or not - excessive gore, men who grope, griping

Something I love:
K = The idea of kinaesthesia, kindness, Kahlil Gibran, King Arthur, kaleidoscopes, the saying 'kit and caboodle', kiwi fruit
G = the colour green, SPN's version of Gabriel, Gandalf, gretazreta's fics

Somewhere I've been:
K = Kent, Kelowna, Kendal, Kirby, Knightsbridge, Kesgrave, Keswick, West Kennett, Kings Cross, Knotty Ash, Kilarney...
G = Germany, Greece, Gateshead, Galgate, Garston, Galaway, Glastonbury... I've been through Gobowen too.

Somewhere I'd like to go:
K = Kimbolton, Kenilworth, County Kerry, Knock (both of them!)
G = Greenland, Gamble's Green (because - SPN connection of course!), Gibraltar, Gelsenkirchen (because it has to be said with a Scouse accent)

Someone I know:
K = kalliel, katwoman76, keep_waking_up...
G = gaelicspirit, galwithglasses, geckoholic...

A film I liked:
K = King of Hearts, Kingdom of Heaven, Kingsman, Kinky Boots
G = Galaxy Quest, Gallipoli (oh my heart...), The Graduate, Gone with the Wind

If you want a letter, just ask!


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