Jan. 21st, 2015

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I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do a fic-episode reaction initially, but the broken mirror scene (a nice shout out to Sam's Lucifer mirror scene, I thought) resonated, and so drabbles occurred.

Title: The Scales of Justice
Words: 200 (2 drabbles)
Summary: Dean's POV, followed by Sam's POV. No real spoilers for the episode.

The Scales of Justice

Dean’s mirror is cracked from side to side, reflecting his fractured soul. He looks at the worn features of a face he recognises as his own, but the man who stares back is nobody he knows.

Challenging, accusing, so full of rage.

He’s always had the face of a killer, but he’d taken comfort in knowing that the endings he dealt were righteous. Better his hand wielding the knife than some innocent – that way he kept some other soul out of Hell.

Now everything’s sullied. Even if the Mark is banished, Dean will never be forgiven.

Dean remembers Death’s judgement.


The river ends at its source.

Cryptic words from a lying mouth.  Even if this conundrum can be deciphered, would they be able to trust any solution offered?

Metatron. God’s Scribe and conniver; another angel who excels at deception, who revels in manipulation, and is probably better at it than any demon.

The green tiles in the bunker’s corridors reflect nothing, their empty silence offers no solution.

This river of blood began when Cain murdered Abel. Sam hopes fratricide isn’t the source they are searching for, though he’d die to save Dean if he had to.

Sam remembers Death’s compassion.



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