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Net Asset Value

Title: Net Asset Value
Words: ~9000
Pairings: Jared/Jensen, brief Jeff/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: A flashback death happens. Unbetaed!
Summary:  The Firm calls them assets, and treats them accordingly. The asset known as Michael Godson, whose real name is Jensen Ackles, thinks he understands the game, right up to the moment he realises he’s about to be liquidated in the only way the Firm knows.

Happy birthday zara_zee!!! Hope you like this...
AO3 link

He exists in the silence that’s waiting for the world to end.

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Title: Unchain my Heart on the East Side Line
Giftee: raths_kitten
Gifter: amberdreams
Pairing/Characters: Jensen/Jared, minor OCs
Word Count: ~7300
Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Um - swearing, sex, the usual...

Summary: In which Jared is a lonely depressed guy recently moved to New York City. Jared is weighed down with guilt in a dead end job, and Jensen is a mystery to be solved.

Author’s note: For any New Yorkers, I’ve taken liberties with the life of City Hall station. It is visible from the Line #6 train that does a loop through there in order to turn round after terminating at Brooklyn Bridge. You can book an expensive and generally sold out tours of the station, so it’s not closed all the time. But for the purposes of this story, this station is inaccessible, and Jared is travelling on the #5 line.

Huge thanks to zara_zee for the swift and thorough beta which caught a lot of inconsistencies and daft mistakes!

Unchain my Heart on the East Side Line

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Title: The Three Musketeers
Movie Prompt: Hee hee! oh guess what, it's The Three Musketeers
Pairing: None for the art
Rating: PG-13

jj1564 and I were going to work together on this one for spn_cinema, but sadly my partner in leather and lace had to pull out of the challenge. I'm hoping this piece will provide her with some inspiration to finish her story, because I want to read it!
Musketeers title-Jared crop

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I got to work with the lovely and talented non_tiembo_mala on this spn_cinema - a revisting of The Bourne Identity with Jensen as Bourne.
We both managed to get in a few muddles over posting dates and I confused her even more by sending her the wrong art all together, but yay! We made it.
Links to the fic - LJ and AO3
Banner with text
Bourne Banner-1.1
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I missed yesterday because I was busy trying to finish off another Knight design, but this is the image I thought of for yesterday's theme of transport, so I'll post as if I met the target LOL.
And yes, it is a little nekkid faerie Jensen. In case you were wondering.Read more... )art spammage ahead )
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j2_crack's Halloween Meme had this tempting prompt by  meus_venator
Jensen/Jared - undercover dragon
Jared was a struggling not for profit lawyer, and he was excellent at his job. He also happened to be a dragon. No, not the huge, size of a barn kind, well he could be that big if he willed it, but he could also take the form of a more human sized dragon if he wanted, which was what made Halloween one of his most favourite times of the year.
His only real 'tell' when he was in human form, was sometimes when he got laughing or got really uncomfortable he started to give off pink and purple sparkly smoke out his nose.
For more years than he can remember he'd been doing quite well in his undercover life, if a little lonely, but just weeks before Halloween a new guy moves into the apartment down the hall and all of Jared's well-meaning plans go out the window
Images under the cut )The wings are from
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The first of two art posts for the wipbigbang, celebrating writers finishing their shit! Yay!
I was lucky to snaffle herminekurotowa's J2 kidnap fic A Long Quiet River - lots of hurt Jensen plus a mystery, what more could a girl ask for?
Summary: Jensen meets Jared in unluckiest circumstances - as a kidnap victim. But who is the kidnapper?
Click on the banner to go read the story!
hermina banner 600
Here's a larger version without the text.
Guess what? It's an image intensive post! LOL )
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I struck gold with both my spn_meanttobe fics this year, and here's the first of the two, zara_zee's awesome biker fic, Jensen's Choice. LINKY to STORY!
 photo 0ZZ.gif
Due to poor planning on my part, and overloading myself, I ended up with just two main pieces which I then cannibalised into a set.
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spnspringfling reveals and masterlist are up! blackrabbit42 asked for: J2, Sam/Dean or Smith/Wesson and prompted
a: Awkward but sweet first times
b: One of the pairing is a prostitute. NO OC's please
c: panties
This is my offering!

Title: Not quite the 4th of July
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Unbetaed, swearing, schmoop, Chad Michael Murray.
Summary: Chad organises a surprise for Jared's nineteeth birthday party. Things don't go as planned...

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For no reason other than I just uploaded a ton of pics from my computer stores onto Flickr, here's some of my collection of very youthful Jared with some very questionable wardrobe choices...LOLPicspam follows... )
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For all you lovers of non AU RPF, a new community!
Plus to kick it off, a comment meme...fic and art welcome.

The J2 Shenanigans comment fanworks meme
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So I was feeling fed up and thought I'd have a play, see if I could turn Jensen to stone...
Jensen Pygmalion1 copy

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My first of two spn_reversebang artings, and this was my first completed art submission too. I was lucky enough to get snaffled by morrezela, who then said she wanted to write one of my favourite tropes, amnesia fic. So double yay!
Click on the banner to go read the story
Alternative art Links: AO3 | Tumblr
Fic Link(s): LJ | AO3
Ninja J banner-1
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Many happies to the Bag Lady (ha ha!) herminekurotowa, here's a little Jensen as a thank you gift!

2015 herminak b'day-1

Hope you are having a fabulous day!
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No last minute panic here, nope. Me and cherie_morte paired up to deliver a J2 version of Gounod's Faust for spnopera. cherie is posting a bit later on, I'm posting now because I'm going out later. STORY LINK COMING SOON!
Forever & a Day title-1
The prompt was Faust (by Gounod): Trading his soul to the devil Méphistophélès, Faust transforms back into a handsome young man and the two go off in search of beautiful women and adventure.

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I couldn't find a male superhero-maker on that site so had to mash together Prince Jensen with down-at-heel country boy Jared for dreamweaver37 's birthday!
Bored Prince Jensen of Bunkertania escapes from the tedium of the castle routine and bumps into Jared Padalekitus, poor scholar and seventh son, seeking his fortune. Or something.
dreamweaver borthday prince
Sadly the make a Prince game didn't offer the ability to flip the figures or change the background so I had to do a quick smudge fudge!

Plus I had to have a play with the latest superheroines and made these two kickass girls.
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I signed up for the wipbigbang intending to finish a WIP as well as arting for someone else's completed WIP - and failed to finish anything! But at least there's art for lotrspnfangirl's J2 love-in-the-face-of-disaster fic - Crash Into Me.
Click on the banner or Here to read the fic.
Crash draft-1.1

Main picture - a scene illustration

more art and process stuff under the cut )

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For the first of my two art fills for the marvellous spn_j2_bigbang,I was lucky enough to snag spnloverja's murder mystery/thriller Touched by Death. I love me a good mystery!
You can read it here (or click on the banner).
Banner spnloverja-2
large images under the cut )
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My first art post for spn_meanttobe. Yay for all the romance! Check out firesign10 yummy rich young Jared and bodyguard Jensen HERE - because who could resist such a delicious combo? I know I couldn't....

guardian of my heart banner
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