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So this was mine - did any of you guess?

Title: Rocky and Bulwinkle, Winchester-style
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The meme was stolen from just about everyone, and as LJ is being totally weird at the moment, I can't tag anyone anyhow. Which is my question - is anyone else having problems posting and editing? Once I've posted I can't go back and edit because the visual editor view comes up empty even though the HTML code is still showing.

Anyhow, the meme..

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Season 6

Feb. 8th, 2017 02:01 pm
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Rewatching Season 6 Episode 16 - damn, I miss Rufus and Bobby! The CW definitely missed  a trick not making those two their spin off show. Just think, we could have had Rufus and Bobby sassing each other on hunts while Jody and Donna did the same but different - it would have been kickass and hilarious, and the Winchesters could have dropped in occasionally so that Bobby could call them idjits and Jody and Donna could talk about them taking their shirts off. Awesome!
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I couldn't think of a fancy title for this design, but I've loaded it onto Redbubble regardless. If anyone's looking for Christmas ideas or thinks they know anyone who'd be interested, here's a blatant plug...Click on the pic to visit my Redbubble site. Obviously I don't expect anyone to buy anything! LOL I'd be grateful for any shares though. Oh and today there's a 20% discount with the code PERFECT20Read more... )
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This was a fill for this prompt by madebyme_x over at ohsam's triple play challenge - it's potential morbidness was hard to resist, so I didn't!
Warning: major character deaths
The three points were:
1. A field of wildflowers
2. Dean
3. It's time to say goodbye

Oh Sam tripple-1-1 crop
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A long, long time ago, I signed up for the wincestbigbang, and was lucky enough to snaffle smalltrolven's story, Vangelis
Sadly I also signed up for too many things all at once, so all I managed for this was one scene. smalltroven deserved more, sorry me dear.
Click on the banner to read the story!
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Yep, it's November 2nd and so it must be time to hurt our giant boy again...

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Sketchbooking class was fun last night though I'm not sure I ended up with the kind of page I was supposed to - well it didn't look much like anyone else's, any way. But I enjoyed myself.
The idea was to explore how a page could provide future inspiration and also to look at fitting a number of different unconnected images onto the page. Steve brought this box of miscellaneous oddments again, and some pcitures from magazines, and I ended up with the wee vase, a fox and a lacrosse match. When I'd finished with those three, I got another couple of pics to fill the spaces, and then we ran out of time.Read more... )
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Title: Not all healing is physical
Words: ~1510
Genre: Gen, fix it
Characters: Mary, Dean and Sam
Warnings: Reaction fic to S12E02 so spoilery
Summary: Castiel healed their injuries and left them to their own devices. After everyone should have gone to bed, somehow, all three Winchesters are still awake.

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I see there is a discussion on tumblr which I can't hack into because it's frigging tumblr, so I'm asking the question here instead. Maybe de_nugis, indiachick et al can chip in?

Is the opening scene between Sam and Toni so disturbing because of the sexual aspect of it? Does the sex part actually matter? I'm shallow enough to have enjoyed the visuals even while part of me was equally disturbed and disbelieving.

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Dear blackrabbit42 I hope you are having a better day than Sam and Dean...pic inside the cut! )
Bunny Happies to you!
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Posting time snuck up on me for this one, so apologies to glovered that I ended up doing something experimental and retro at the same time. I hope it works to give you a taste of the horror vibe from the fic!
spn horror banner-small
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Another cheery subject for Inktober Day 9 - the theme was broken. So here's a fallen angel - he can be whomever you want. Lucifer, Castiel, Gadreel...
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Ok, this is a bit of a cheat, but here's yesterday's Lost, together with today's Rock. And ta da! I'm caught up!
inktober 7&8 lost rock

I was daring (for me) using the other page to my Dean and hopefully I didn't mess up.
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Nothing much to say about this one. Dean crept in there again, funny that... It's a day late as I didn't get to it yesterday. I do have an idea for today's challenge, but my eyes are tired and the day has turned out very is dull and grey, so I may not get to it.
Out of interest, this is displaying larger than life: I used my wee A6 sketchbook for this one. So far biro is definitely my fave ink medium.large image under cut )
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My spn_cinema fic - oh boy, I struggled with this one, and it's unbetaed so apologies in advance! LOL

Title: A Good Jest (joke's on you)
Author or Artist: amberdreams
Movie Prompt: Beau Geste
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG13
Word Count or Media: ~6300
Summary:In a strange twist, a completed case and a snowstorm in Minnesota lead Sam and Dean to the Algerian desert in the middle of a deadly siege.

Notes: Warnings: Apparent/temporary character death. This fic bears only the sketchiest resemblance to the Gary Cooper movie. (Which might be just as well as I watched it when researching for this and it was pretty bad!)
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Looks like I might be on a roll for SPN-related fills...
Hungry - and the reason Dean never grew as tall as Sam.
inktober 4 hungry
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This happened to me this morning, so I made a gif.
 photo you_know_you_r_a_SPN_fan_when.gif
I bet you've got examples of this kind of selective listening too, yeah? Please say yes, I don't want to be alone in my obessing... LOL


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