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Ok you are going to think I'm extra nuts now, but I'm stupidly excited because I found this thing in Photoshop I never knew existed and it's ALMOST like the blender brush in PaintTool Sai. Those of you who know PS inside out are going to think I'm ridiculous not to have found this before but wheeeee! I painted this and it turned into youn Sammy, and he decided to wear eyeliner, while enjoyed pushing the colours around his face. Ok the hair isn't wonderful (or very hair-like but it was the rest I was more interested in).
Sammy mixer brush-1
It's not high res because I was on a small file when I started playing then cropped it some more. But I'm going to play with this mixer brush some more now. Squeee!
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I mentioned this the other day but forgot to say why it was so, so good.
Here's one of the trailers to give you a taster, but it really doesn't do the film justice. It's so beautiful to look at, as well as full of gentle humour, pathos and emotion.

I admit, it took me a little while to adjust to the faces - they use a very angular, sharp-featured template for the human characters that I found a bit weird. But the stop animation is fantastic, the colours and visuals so engaging, and the story is absorbing. I loved the mixture of magic and real life, the fact that Kubo is basically his mother's carer and such a strong character that we have to be reminded occsaionally that he's only a little boy. The ending was both uplifting and heartbreaking, and it's well worth sitting through the credits to see the fabulous art work behind the constructions and creatures in the film itself.

Gah. Now I'm kicking myself that I didn't go and see it again while it was on at our cinema.
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I just got back from being inducted as a volunteer Pig Trail Blazer (basically standing around town pointing people in the direction of the next pig), and I found out my Swinions pig is going to be slap bang in the middle of the town centre, on the Cornhill!!!! MY PIG! OMG! He'll be up on his pedestal in the one place in town where EVERYone goes, so everyone will be able to see all my wobbly lines and where I forgot to give one of them a snout. And my name will be on the plinth. I'm simultaneously freaking out and doing happy dances.

I can't believe it!

The project manager told us that there were 235 designs entered, from all around the country, and those were whittled down to 80, then the final 39 that eventually got commissioned. Apparently they had to drive blank pigs all over the place so the artists (most of whom are professional artists) could paint them - one of the artists was in Liverpool and I think he said another was in Scotland! At least I saved them petrol costs, LOL!

But still. The Cornhill!!
Just to give you and idea, here's the Cornhill on a non market day. That French-looking building in the centre is the Town Hall.
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I struck gold with both my spn_meanttobe fics this year, and here's the first of the two, zara_zee's awesome biker fic, Jensen's Choice. LINKY to STORY!
 photo 0ZZ.gif
Due to poor planning on my part, and overloading myself, I ended up with just two main pieces which I then cannibalised into a set.
image heaviness under the cut )
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Yep, it's that time again - little fat hairy hobbit meets tall handsome actor types.

Me and dizzo had the same idea but I cheated and borrowed a folding stool from my friend (who's even shorter than me!) and tried for a reverse height prom photo - trouble was, even standing on the stool (maybe a foot tall?) I still had to stand on tip toes to see over Jensen's head. And he was bending his knees too!!! Oh and added to which, when I put the stool down what happened? Yeah, both of them climbed on it and I had to fight the buggers off for possession of it. Maybe that's why Jared has his "I lost my stool" expression... LOL!!!

So remember A16 and the little girl in Jensen's coffee lounge who asked why Dean never ages? This led to a discussion on Twitter about Jensen being Dorian Grey, which led to me stealing the idea and getting this photo.
This is the second take because on the first attempt he turned too far round to look at his portrait, so you can't really see it's him. The best bit was on the first take, I was the last one in the room, they were just about ready to pack up, so I got Jensen all to myself. I showed him the mocked up oil painting and reminded him about A16. He got quite animated and then said he'd bumped into Reeve Carney in the hotel and completely fanboyed over him, because he loves Penny Dreadful, it's virtually the only show he watches. So that was rather awesome. :D
I've got a few more to share but I'll post them when I get back from my day out in the city!
And finally here's the first part of the Jensen & Misah panel which will explain the influence innuendo...

As Millie would say - love your faces!

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Finally uploaded - yay! This is a drive by share as I need to toddle down to Misha's panel - the room is half empty and there are hardly any people queuing for questions, it's kind of surreal. I asked Jared and Jason two questions in the end because so few people were lining up it was embarrassing!
Anyhow hope you enjoy this - Jailbreak with Jensen, Rob, Tim, Richard, Jason and the inimitable Laura from JIB staff.

By the way, I just spoke to Jason at the autos about the concert and asked how much rehearsing they'd done because it was so flippin' slick, and he said they discussed it at 2pm that afternoon and worked it out from there. Incredible.
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Oh my god , guys. Seriously, I can't tell you how fucking fantastic this whole convention has been. Honestly the best EVER. I just got back from the Jailbreak and the concert was amazing. Laura, Rob, Richard, Tim, Jensen, Jason - they fucking knocked it out of the park. Every song was just wonderful, they even kept the stage lighting bright so people could take brilliant pictures, and Jared and Gen came to watch Jensen's bit then stayed while the whole room cheered for Daniela and the announcement that there will be a JIB8 next year.

Then we waited outside for the coaches to arrive and we had the best laugh I've had for ages thanks to me mishearing herminekurotowa's retelling of her M&G where she told Jared she loves his beanies. I thought she said she told him she loves his penis. Sorry, you probably had to be there LOL!!!

Anyhow. Youtube and the slowest internet in the world means loading my vids from the concert will not happen tonight, so in the meantime, here's the second half of Jensen and Misha's panel, together with the closing ceremony. Watch out for Gen still being high, and Jensen throwing himself on the floor to lick up some more spilt "apple juice"...

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Knackered! And that was mostly from laughing so much. Everyone is on stellar form - the J2 panel was fabulous and hilarious, but then the highlight of the day had to Jared's panel getting trashed by Rob'nRich, who brought Genevieve on to tell that train story - the real truth. Honestly, I had SO much trouble videoing because I was laughing so hard, and trying not to make too much noise and spoil the soundtrack. The hotel wifi continues to be the slowest of the slow and I know loads of people will already have shared their vids but bollocks to it, I'm persevering and that vid will be loaded! As will the complete J2 panel and some other snippets. Flickr can't seem to cope with even small batches of photos being loaded up so that might have to wait until I get home.

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Just got back from the new format Cocktail party - such a weird set up and no better for us than last year in terms of talking to the guests, except this time we could at least see that they were all present. I sat on a sofa with Mark Sheppard and we ended up talking about my previous job, Paul and how long we'd been together (Mark was impressed by our 36 years LOL!) and then I asked him how fatherhood was suiting him this time round which meant we then spent the rest of the time looking at pics of his new baby on his phone. That at least put a smile on his face! When Daniela came to take them away Misha came over and grabbed my hand, saying how sorry he was he had to go already and he hadn't even said hello yet. So I asked him if this was inappropriate touching (because he'd suggested this is what the evening would be about when they'd all arrived at the start) and we agreed we'd count it and tick that off the list. I think from the huge goofy grin on his face he was a wee bit pissed.

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What a hectic weekend! This is a drive-by post while I'm waiting for my roomie xlittleangx to wake up so we can toddle down to breakfast and is part squee, part moan...

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So ages ago I entered that competition to paint a giant pig and yesterday I got a call to say they had a sponsor for my Swinions design! So yay! The only drawback? It has to be painted by 30th May, and I'm now away from tomorrow until 27th so I'll have a massive three days to get it done when I get back from Italy. Just as well it wasn't a complicated design and there are only a few colours involved! LOL!
This is the one
swinion side 1-1 copy

I'm all packed for A16, bag full of god knows what, decisions semi-firm about what to do for photo ops, a list as long as my arm of extras I have to try and get for friends who won't arrive until late on Friday and the knowledge that there will be something I've forgotten. But soon I'll be hanging out with so many flisties its utterly awesome. Can't wait!
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Just had to jot down a few words about Captain America Civil War. Warnings for overuse of parentheses.

First off - I loved it. Second - it wasn't quite what I expected in terms of the aforementioned title. I'm not at all familiar with the comic books so had no preconceived ideas outside of the snippets from the trailers, but that was a good thing. The ending was therefore surprisingly satisfying.

One of the best parts of today's viewing was sitting next to a family with a four year old boy and his seven year old sister, both dressed in blue tee shirts with #teamcapn on the backs. There were certain fight scenes which had the pair of them in hysterics, giggling, and they all stayed right to the very end of the credits to see the wee extra clips, which showed me they were truly dedicated little geeks. Oh and I loved that the cinema staff were dressed up in costumes too - there were even a couple of girl Captain Americas and an overweight Iron Man.

I'll put this next comment under a cut in case someone thinks it's spoilery (I don't think it really gives anything away, but I could be wrong!)

possible spoilery comment )
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I succumbed, I've bought my ticket for Friday and this Loki vid has me even more pumped now! Got to say, her trailers and better than the official ones. Trailer-level spoilers (obviously)
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So much deliciousness, so little time...

[ profile] spn_masquerade
The Spectacle of Sin: Round Opens March 5th
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Just had to come over here to SQUEEEEEEE!

Jared is coming to Asylum16!
Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 19.53.38
jj1564 milly_gal dizzojay sasha_dragon - spread the merriment!

 photo wallace hands.gif
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I have to squee somewhere as hubby won't understand, he would just give me a pitying look for getting excited about things that aren't 'real'! LOL


sammybigbang claims were today and firstly one of my top fave artists quickreaver claimed my minibang summary - which is jackpot number one...and then I found out that my first choice summary belongs to one of my fave writers indiachick.

So excuse me while I have a fuck yeah gif-fest

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Echoing dizzojay - what a wonderful little get together in London we had today!

Thank you herminekurotowa for the fabulous Dean shoulder bag - I still can't believe it's handmade, you should sell these on Etsy if you aren't already doing so. Even my hubby was really impressed!

Hopefully we will be able to do something like this again - it was really great to meet big_heart_june, alexisjane, deceptivemirror, andiivalo, deanshot, the_rant_girl and riyku in person! So sad jj1564 didn't make it after all, and that milly_gal couldn't come. Next time, ladies, next time!
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Okay, we had confirmation already that we had a pass of some description, but given that they received a thousand requests for Angel Passes and there are only 315 of them, and all Angel passes has been allocated to emails that arrived at precisely 14:00:00 the odds were not in our favour so.... SQUEEEEEEE - WE GOT OUR ANGELS
angel pass1
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 photo a14JDM.jpg

so frigging excited I can't even...
jj1564 have you seen the news????
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In celebration of Sam's birthday, the sammessiah AntiChristmas started posting today, and imagine my surprise to see the first post there is a gift for me! Squee!
It's by the wonderfully imaginative cassiopeia7 and shows Sam playing poker for Dean's soul. So you know you have to go and check it out right away, don't you...and leave cassiopeia7 LOADS of love, because it's an awesome fill!


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