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This feels like too many posts in a day but never mind.
Let me talk about Wonder Woman.
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S12E14 The Raid

Aaaaaaah Bobo Berens, how I love thee! Now that? That was so interesting!

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Public service announcement - this is a completely feelings driven reaction, don't expect in depth analysis! Or sense.

Up front - I enjoyed this one but ... there's always a but.


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For everything I was thinking and couldn't express anywhere near as well, read indiachick's reaction. Then append it with my ugly sobbing over the ending, because for some reason that scene with Dean, Sam and Mary kind of broke me. And even though I totally felt for both Dean and Mary, it was Sam's face that cracked my hard shell.

Is it just me or is Jared totally knocking this season out of the park?

Yeah, so there was that.

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Title: Not all healing is physical
Words: ~1510
Genre: Gen, fix it
Characters: Mary, Dean and Sam
Warnings: Reaction fic to S12E02 so spoilery
Summary: Castiel healed their injuries and left them to their own devices. After everyone should have gone to bed, somehow, all three Winchesters are still awake.

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Season 12, Episode 2 : Mama Mia insta-reaction

Well, that was quite the roller coaster of emotional reactions!
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River Song is fecking awesome.

 "The last time I saw you, the real you — the future you, I mean — you turned up on my doorstep, with a new haircut and a suit. You took me to Darillium to see the singing towers. Oh, what a night that was! The towers sang and you cried. You wouldn't tell me why, but I suppose you knew it was time. My time. Time to come to the Library. You even gave me your screwdriver; that should've been a clue." ~ River Song ("Forest of the Dead")

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Don’t Stop Believing

Episode Reaction Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Episode:  S11E09
Warnings: Spoilers for the episode.
Summary: Between them, the Darkness and the Devil might just break the Winchesters into pieces.


Dean should have known better.

Deep inside him fear was building like water behind a dam. What if the reason Amara didn’t steal his soul was because she already owned it? What if he’d already lost?

It’s not that he really believed an ordinary steel blade would work against an elemental force older than the universe. It’s just that he had to do something, try anything to assert control, pretend he retained some ability to think and act independently, that he was still fighting on the right side.

He did know better, but it didn’t stop him wanting to believe.


Sam should have known better.

Why had he thought that God, silent for so long, would suddenly decide to speak directly to him? It’s not that he’d thought he was something special, not at all, but he might have hoped, just a tiny bit. The calm that came with the delusion was such a comfort, he hated to let it go.

But now he had to face the truth.  It was Lucifer in the cracks, leaking through the hairline fractures in his Cage and through the gaping fissures in Sam’s mind.

Now he knew better, and he finally stopped believing.


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Title: What Goes Around Comes Around
Words: 100
Warnings: Spoilers. Obviously.
Summary: Amara knows all about betrayal and the power of patience.
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I thought I would carry on attempting at least a drabble per episode, even though this one wasn't all that inspiring for me. Please note, this is how I feel about Dean and Sam at the moment, it doesn't necessarily reflect what the show thinks it's giving us.

S11 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Episode 3: The Bad Seed
Warnings: Spoilerish for the episode.
Summary: Dean is disconnected.

Time was he felt too much, too deeply. Made bad decisions (feeling so faithless, lost under the surface), drove too hard, too far, until he fell off the edge of the world.

Now he’s straining for every emotion (just caught in the undertow), failing to reconnect with his brother, whether with anger or hurt or that all-consuming love that led him to Hell.

He sees the fear in Sam’s eyes when the truth about the Book and Rowena comes out, but all he feels is numb. He’s on autopilot, fighting solely through instinct, without the passion that defines – defined – him.

A/N lyrics & title from Linkin Park - Numb
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Spoilery for the episode, obviously.
Bonus video from this week's episode thanks to iTunes - apologies the last 13 seconds are missing, this is because I'm a cheapskate and only downloaded the trial version of the ripping software. Though as it worked so well I might think about buying it in future. Maybe.

To fill you in on the missing bit - Jensen says about the support group he has, not just for doing his acting job but when he directs it really does show itself, and it's a beautiful thing. He's very thankful for it. Then it goes to him saying "...and cut!"
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I don't know why, but this episode felt more satisfying than the season opener. Anywho - drabbling!

Title: Running on Empty
Words: 3 x 100
Summary: A drabble each for Dean, Crowley and Sam
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So it might not have been the best season opener ever, I might not have been totally grabbed by the heart strings or invested at the time - but thinky thoughts still ensued so...drabble.

words: 2 x 100
warnings: Season 11 premier spoilers

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I've only read one reaction post so far and apologies to anyone who is full of squee because I'm not. I hope this isn't a downer post either - I'm just uncertain.

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Title: The God Delusion
Words: ~3000
Warnings: Open ended, Gen-slashy, spoilers for episodes to date, unbeta'd

Summary: The only way for Sam to remove a God-level curse? Why, he'd have to become God...

Fill for thursdaysisters's prompt on citrusjava's Episode 17 meme - way late, and therefore now influenced by Episode 18 too.

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S10E13 Halt and Catch Fire - maybe 6 out of 10?

This isn’t really a reaction or a review, more a few observations.

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It seems that, for all my grumbling, this episode gave me the FEELs. So here's drabble #2 which is a cheating double.

Title: all I need's a whisper in a world that only shouts
Warnings: Dream sequence, spoilers

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What now, folks? What next for our boys? Maybe this.
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