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Originally posted by [ profile] spnreversemod at Coming soon!
Hello everyone! :)
comingclean 2017 SPN RBB banner-Mary
Just a head's up that thespn_reversebang is preparing for action!

The full schedule for 2017 will be revealed later this month, but right now we would like to announce that we'll open up sign-ups on AUGUST FIRST!
So, artists: start brooding on ideas (don't panic yet; you'll have plenty of time to be creative after signing up:) and the rest of you authors and supporters get those pompoms ready!

And spread the word!

Your mods
amberdreams, quickreaver & beelikej
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The first of my two artings for 2016's spn_reversebang

Art Title: Seeing is believing, right?
Prompt Number: S2008
Artist: amberdreams

Yay, the story has arrived!

Author: jasmineisland LJ LINK

 photo Snake.gif

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So very happy (and relieved, I won't lie LOL) that both my spn_reversebang pieces got claimed in the first round today - and I'm dead chuffed and excited to be working with two such talented writers!! ashtraythief snagged my J2 spaaaaace prompt, and jasmineisland was brave enough to claim my weird possibly blind Powers!Sam/possible Powers!Dean one.

I can't wait to hear what they might come up with for both of them!
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Calling all artists!

Originally posted by [ profile] spnreversemod at One week left for Early Birds!
Hello everyone, this is a friendly reminder that the The Early Bird deadline this year is Sunday, October 30th. All other art will be due Friday, November 18th.

To submit your prompt, here is a Submission guide! It's a guide from 2014 but it's still valid.
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Well, not really woes, more throes of indecision. I've got a bunch of ideas rattling round in my head and I just don't know what to go for. What's going to tempt my lovely authors this year? What visuals are going to spark those synapses and get the old creative juices flowing?

Do I go for one of each - an SPN and a RPF prompt? Or try and be more open, and offer pics that would be suitable to either genre?

I'm toying with a possible powers!Sam which could also be a powers!Dean pic, depending how you look at it. But  I've got this idea about smoke and voodoo which is more about the picture I want to draw than the story I might get. And then there's the kind of fics I'd love to tease out of RBB - like superheroes or war stories, or spaaaaaaace...

What to do, what to do!!?

Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta
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You know you want to, author or artist or beta...we don't mind, just come and play!

Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta

Art rec!

Aug. 31st, 2016 09:17 pm
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It has come to my attention that this marvellous piece from last year's spn_reversebang by ms_doomandgloom only has two comments! Ridiculous! I hope my Flisties will take a gander and be blown away by this gorgeousness! Click on the banner to visit the artist's page and admire the lovely Meg in all her glory.
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Art Title: Living tattoo
Prompt Number: E3001
Artist: amberdreams

Fic Title: The Age of Foolishness
Author: de_nugis
Fic Link(s): LJ | AO3

My second RB art was claimed by de_nugis (again! How did I get so lucky?) and she's written such a charming story...I can't wait to read the finished article.

I admit, I'm not that happy with the art I did for this - I don't think it does the story justice, but it is what it is.
First, the banner
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My first of two spn_reversebang artings, and this was my first completed art submission too. I was lucky enough to get snaffled by morrezela, who then said she wanted to write one of my favourite tropes, amnesia fic. So double yay!
Click on the banner to go read the story
Alternative art Links: AO3 | Tumblr
Fic Link(s): LJ | AO3
Ninja J banner-1
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Just had to post to say what a happy bunny I am - I submitted two pieces of art to spn_reversebang this year, and for the third year running, one of my pieces was snagged by de_nugis! What are the odds?
And as a bonus, my RPF piece was claimed by morrezela, who I've also worked with before and it was a pleasure. I'm SO LUCKY!

So lots of happy dancing going on here right now. Especially combined with Jensen coming to A16 and almost everyone I wanted to get a ticket had done so before they sold out today!

 photo jensenJIBdancing.gif
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It's worth checking out the pretty even if you haven't signed up to write - though if you haven't, why not?? :D

Wonder if anyone will spot my artings....

Originally posted by [ profile] spnreversemod at 2015 Art Previews are Here!
Today's the big day! All you eager authors out there get to peek (and be tempted by) some wonderful art! We've decided to do it a little different this year; we're test-driving using Flickr as our hosting site for the images. It's a wonderful viewing platform and allows for gorgeous expansion of the images. Let us know what you think.

NB in Flickr click on the image to read the information about the picture and find any links to gifs and vids.

If we've inadvertently forgotten anyone or you see a problem, shoot us a PM or email us at ASAP. (We're only human! I swear. No angels or demons here. Might be a shifter or two, though. Not sure.)

Remember, no reposting anywhere else without permission of the artist. A few of the images may not be safe for work, so view with care. Claims will commence Saturday, November 7, 10:00 am EST.

So, without further ado, the 2015 SPN RB art!

SPN Art | RPF Art | EITHER Art

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Signups are open and it's time to reverse your Bang!

Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta
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spn_reversebang number 2 - did you all hear me squealing with delight when I saw one of my entries had been claimed by de_nugis AGAIN?! Two RBBs in a row - woot!
You will want to read this story more than once, I promise. Click on the banner to savour the deliciousness. Or HERE
de nugis Tenancy banner

So - to the artings. (NB alternate art link on AO3)

This was the original prompt and starting point for the story
2014 RBB 2 small
I left it completely open as to whether Sam knew what was going on in his hair or not, and how those little critters got there. And what they might be!
jar divider 2000
This became a divider, but this represents the first time Sam encounters the creatures.
Poor Dean isn't sure what to make of it all...
de_nugis Dean nil Bird 1
Some detail from the pics
crow detail
bunker dragon square
This idea was blatantly stolen from Harry Potter's Mischief Managed Map...
bunker map Sam square
And the process part:
The original picture of Sam was drawn partly in pencil and partly in PS6, which was a tactical error because I never quite managed to blend the two parts properly. Basically the hair and the critters were in pencil, photographed then added to the rest of Sam in PS. The background is a photo of a Celtic gold-plated disc, from Auvers-sur-Oise, with a texture applied to give it those subtle colours.
The map was constructed from a plan of UIC Campus which I stretched and distorted using GIMP because I haven't worked out how to do that in PS yet, then laid over a texture called papyrus from I used that one in the jar of creatures divider too, because it it so lovely. I drew the footprints and the scrolls and wrote on those in PS, and I drew the wee dragon in pencil on paper and photographed him to add him to the overall pic. Dean, and the critters in the jars, were drawn in biro on paper then photographed, and the jar was a Soviet mayonnaise jar photo I found on an image search. Ta da!

The drawings:

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I struck gold in spn_reversebang this year, snagging three awesome writers! This is the first of my three art posts, for the talented chiiyo86.
Click on the banner to go and read the clever and original story...
Harbinger banner 1000
To the arty farty stuff. NB first one is naked Dean.
Image intensive post!! )
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Ok, we've opened art prompts up to a total of three per artist for people who've done an early bird submission and I've done 2 prompts so far but of COURSE I have to do a 3rd.


So far I'm toying with a

  1. Merman J2 Au

  2. Possibly something cowboys which could be J2 or Sam & Dean

  3. US CIvil war SPN AU

  4. Something else

Any ideas, votes, prompts???


Sep. 1st, 2014 10:26 pm
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The sign ups have begun! Go and say you will art or write or beta or maybe all three! I liked all our banners so click on your fave to get over there.

Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta

Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta

Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta

Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta

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Originally posted by [ profile] spnreversemod at Get Pumped, Get Prompts!


It's almost that time again! We're on the verge of the big SPN RBB shindig, so to kick it all off, we’re borrowing a little appetizer from the generous [ profile] sirona_gs over at the [ profile] avengers_rbb and hosting a 'Get Pumped, Get Prompts' post.

Use this opportunity to squee and discuss what you, as authors, would love to write, what inspires you in a piece of fanart, as well as what we artists are jonesin' to create! Post all your prompts and chat with the artists here. (This is, of course, no guarantee your suggestions will show up on Claims Day, but personally, I could use a little inspiration so I figured maybe others could too.)

Be kind, be respectful, get excited!

Sincerely, your 2014 mods: [ profile] amber1960, [ profile] lightthesparks, [ profile] quickreaver and [ profile] sophiap

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Title: Aetos Dios

Author: keep_waking_up
Artist: amber1960
Total Words: 13,580
Genre(s): SPN Canon AU,
Beta: deceptivemirror
Pairing: Dean/Sam, OMC/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Word Count:
Warnings: non-con touching, discussion of hallucination, abduction, temporary memory loss, character death (not the boys)...
Summary: AU after 8x06.  Sam and Dean still weren’t speaking when they moved on to their next case.  Sam felt like someone was watching him and he kept seeing this strange eagle everywhere he went.

Read it HERE

Aetos Dios by keep_waking_up photo Zeusbanner2_zps55be05bd.jpg
Warning - there are spoilers for the story in the art.
Lots of large images under the cut! Plus some spoilers for the story... )
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Title: Knit the ravell’d sleeve of care

Author: Amber1960
Betas: blackrabbit42 & jennytork Thanks for your helpful suggestions and advice my dears! All remaining errors, be they of judgement or typos, are mine own.
Total Words: c5200
Genre(s): SPN Gen,
Rating: PG-13

Warnings:  Mild spoilers for Season 9, Episode 7 Bad Boys
Summary: Dean meets up with twelve year old Sam in a wood, where he finds himself in the middle of a hunt from 1995 which seems to have gone badly wrong. But everything is not as it seems…
Pinch hit based on this prompt picture by foolsdance
foolsdance photo fooldanceRBBpic_zpse3c183ce.jpg
There is no artist masterpost, as unfortunately the mods and I haven't been able to get any response from foolsdance

Knit the ravell’d sleeve of care

I have come to the borders of sleep, 
The unfathomable deep
Forest where all must lose
Their way, however straight, 
Or winding, soon or late;
They cannot choose.
Edward Thomas, Lights Out

Dean remembers this.  He remembers telling that crazy fucker Gordon about it too … So. I pick up this crossbow. And I hit that ugly sucker with a silver-tipped arrow right in his heart.

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