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It's the lovely jj1564's birthday today! Woot! Love ya, my dear!
2017 JJ birthday pie-1
Pity Dean couldn't behave himself though...
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To aerynsun5, balder12 and frozen_delight - hope you all have awesome birthdays full of good things!

Sorry I didn't have time to do pressies for you all but here's a little thing for aeryn...

aerynsun bday cats-1
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jj1564 found this in a vid on FB so I giffed it.
 photo reubentherexrabbit_zpsprqosqk0.gif

 Obviously it's Jensen, because here's human!Jensen from that Michael Muller photoshoot...
 photo JA-MM06-0012_zpsbs7dcta0.jpg
Rabbit source Here!
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Yeah, another post, sorry!

What is your favorite "food" holiday?
Ones in Rome where I can get the best gelato. Nach.

Do you prefer ham or turkey (or tofu turkey)?
None of the above. I'll have cheesy potato bake please. Or roasties.

Do you anticipate or dread seeing your relatives for the holidays?


When do you start listening to Christmas carols (for real, you can tell us)?

I don't. The only two carols I like are In the Bleak Midwinter and the Coventry Carol.

How are you feeling right now with regards to the upcoming holiday season?

I think my skin is turning green as I type. Yup.
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There's a few of you ole ex-Colonials on my Flist so here's a little fun SPN thanksgiving gift to y'all.

Poor Dean, perhaps this was the wrong day to get bewitched?
dean turkey-1

And in the spirit of thankfulness generally - thanks to everyone on my Flist for being such a great bunch of peeps.
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Dear blackrabbit42 I hope you are having a better day than Sam and Dean...pic inside the cut! )
Bunny Happies to you!
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...far too much. But just look at this and remember - I'm standing on a stool. It's about a foot tall. Jared is nearly kneeling on the floor and Jensen had to bend his knees as well, and I can still only just see over their heads. This fucking cracks me up so much. They are so TALL! I'm so short!

(And don't say a word, sillie82,you wouldn't understand! LOL)

I know I posted this before, but I was sorting through my JIB ops today so I could order the jpegs, and this is just too funny.
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I've missed so many birthdays lately - apologies, dear Flisties! But today I thought - I've got a bit of time, I should do a little something for madebyme_x, because they are always so nice.

Then these happened and I don't know what they are or why I thought trying this was a good idea, but um.  Happy Birthday anyway. LOL

Snow Leopard Jensen

images of strangeness under the cut )

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Oh gawd. The things I waste my time on... Linky HERE if you want to play with this headache inducing fun.

 photo animated 1.gif  photo animated 2.gif  photo animated.gif
And here's me.
 photo animated 3.gif
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I'm happy to report we have survived a crisis in our household this evening. Paul brought home some cute little Scottie-dog-shaped shortbread biscuits the other day, and tonight I decided to open the packet, grabbed a handful and popped the rest in Paul's biscuit tin - WITH HIS DIGESTIVE BISCUITS. So go on, tell me how many of you knew that this was a terrible breach of biscuit etiquette? You should have seen Paul's look of horror and disgust. HOW COULD I NOT KNOW SHORTBREAD MAKES DIGESTIVES GO SOGGY?

So now the wee shorties are decanted safely into an empty tin of Quality Street and Paul has gone to have a nice relaxing bath to recover from the trauma.
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I have no resistance in me, I had to do this even though I don't really like Funko Pop figures...LOL
funko pop me
I also then felt compelled to compensate for the fact that the generator (HERE) failed to offer green eyes as an option, and while I was rectifying that, added my mole, flushed cheeks and a sutiable logo on my t shirt. What a bleedin' time waster I am. And I'm still irritated by the fact that they didn't have any hair option close to mine. At least there was a Jayne hat to cover up the wrong hair. LOL
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yeah yeah I coudn't resist - even after wasting however long it was yesterday on creating a mermaid!Dean and Mermaid!Me then losing the finished pieces... LOL
These doll things are very addictive.
So here's my Merman SPN AU.
Someone explain (or better yet write the porny merman fic that explains) how my two boys are going to have intercourse...!!
And yeah, I also couldn't resist adding Mer!Me to the pic - well a girl can dream, right?
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Inspired by spn_bunker and carafindel's mad libs I thought I'd try the drabble-o-matic again. This is what I got. I'm so childish this made me cry laughing.
Please, do try a few of your own!

The Battle For The Sprinkler

Under the bed, Dean swung his sprinkler. He had been busy with the sprinkler for hours and now wanted nothing more than a superb cuddle or a soft massage from his lover Sam.

He said this last thought out loud, and all of a sudden his scintilating Sam appeared at the door, grinning silently.

"Put down the sprinkler," Sam said cleverly. "Unless you want me to swing that sprinkler on your pinkie finger."

Dean put down the sprinkler. He was squishy. He had never seen Sam so demonic before and it made him sorrowful.

Sam picked up the sprinkler, then withdrew a book from his elbow. "Don't be so squishy," Sam said with a demonic grimace. "A hedgehog bit my winkle this morning, and everything became hard. Now with this sprinkler and this book I can cleverly rule the world!"

Dean clutched his blue winkle gracefully. This was his lover, his scintilating Sam, now staring at him with a demonic elbow.

"Fight it!" Dean shouted. "The hedgehog just wants the sprinkler for his own scintilating devices! He doesn't love you, not the superb way I do!"

Dean could see Sam trembling gracefully. Dean reached out his pinkie finger and touched Sam's elbow cleverly. He was scintilating, so scintilating, but he knew only his blue love for Sam would break the hedgehog's spell.

Sure enough, Sam dropped the sprinkler with a thunk. "Oh, Dean," he squealed. "I'm so superb, can you ever forgive me?"

But Dean had already moved under the bed. Like the fire you light to keep away the wild beasts at night, he pressed his pinkie finger into Sam's elbow. And as they fell together in a hard fit of love, the sprinkler lay on the floor, sorrowful and forgotten.
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I had to update my previous post about my Dad getting set for his annual Hockey dinner.
Here's the before...
Dad ready for his West Derby Vets dinner
And here's the after - in Liverpool's Anglican cathedral with Dad's little sister, Margaret.
Dad & Marg Feb 2015
Who is just telling him that is the most money anyone's ever paid to visit her - because Dad had either got the day wrong or gone to the wrong venue!!! Mum couldn't believe it - they'd had to get a taxi from Shrewsbury to Liverpool because Dad is too doddery to manage the several changes of train required (and they hadn't told me about this in time for me to travel up there to assist). So they'd just spent £200 to go visit my Aunty.

You have to laugh!
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 photo MexicanJen.gif
Found on Twitter as a vid so I made it into a gif because. Well look at it.
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I was trying to think of something to take to Jus in Bello to get signed and then I suddenly thought of my Labours of Sam red figure vase idea and shazzam. I was part way there after all - I already had nekkid Sam/Herakles, and Felicia would make a good Artemis, right?

Image under the cut )

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I finally got round to putting the lights on the tree and stuff today so here's the obligatory festive fireplace photo - yay, it alliterates (phonetically anyway).pics under the cut )
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For those of you that go in for it - though I don't see how it can be happy, and I'm in Sam's corner here...but rather than be a Halloween Grinch, I'll play nice.silly pictures under the cut )
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Blame the J2 Non AU Renaissance Boathouse thingy Here. Not strictly for a prompt, but tebtosca did mention the zip line so...
1zip line crop
large NSFW image under the cut )
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Ok I didn't have a completely wasted day cleaning the house, because I managed to do this daft little pic for sigrundora to get signed when she galivants off to the States next week, the lucky duck.
large image under the cut )


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