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Originally posted by [ profile] spnreversemod at Coming soon!
Hello everyone! :)
comingclean 2017 SPN RBB banner-Mary
Just a head's up that thespn_reversebang is preparing for action!

The full schedule for 2017 will be revealed later this month, but right now we would like to announce that we'll open up sign-ups on AUGUST FIRST!
So, artists: start brooding on ideas (don't panic yet; you'll have plenty of time to be creative after signing up:) and the rest of you authors and supporters get those pompoms ready!

And spread the word!

Your mods
amberdreams, quickreaver & beelikej
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I meant to do this the other day and allowed myself to be completely sidetracked, then forgot! Doh! Such a bad case of internet-brain... especially as I’m really excited to share this with you!
My story is called Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness, and here’s a line to hopefully tempt y’all to subscribe to the book:

Mists SPN short stories teaser-1
Check out the #seasons teasers tag on twitter and tumblr to read more lines from all the other fabulous authors. You can find out more about the project, which hopes to raise lots of money for charity, HERE!
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Spread the word! Dean needs some love! (And hurt, and abuse and porn and...)

Originally posted by [ profile] hideurdemoneyes at Dean Winchester Big Bang Sign Ups Open!

Sign-ups are open for the 2017-2018 Dean Winchester Big Bang!

Author Sign-up

Artist Sign-up

Beta Sign-up

This is a Bang to celebrate the complex, amazing, heroic eldest Winchester brother.

Sign-ups are open now and will run until July 1st.

Ship fics are welcome, Gen fics are totally welcome - the important thing is that the main focus of the story is Dean himself.

As it was last year, there are two different bangs - Big (minimum 10k and 2 pieces of art) and Mini (minimum 5k and 1 piece of art).

The rest of the rules/FAQ can be found here.

I do have an updated schedule posted to the blog, with check ins and all that - but posting will begin in February of 2018.

There will be some changes to the event to make it run more smoothly than it did last year, including more email communication.

If you have any questions at all - feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

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glovered discovered this great page on DW aimed at helping us all stay connected in spite of the exodus from LJ to DW. Such a good idea! You can go and add your name here. And why not share it while you're at it!
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I have five favourite fandom challenges and it's time for number 2! Summergen is here again- cue the Beach Boys, ice cream and sunshine!

Sign-ups May 1 – May 16 - Click the banner for details!

*Runs off to think of some prompts*
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Originally posted by [ profile] hugemind at The new TOS
It would be really helpful, if someone who actually knows the section of law mentioned in the new TOS posted to say what the new TOS really means. I have no idea what might result, but the new TOS states that Russian laws now rule and I have a really bad feeling about things. For example, there is this one ominous and bolded part in the new TOS (8.4) that for popular communities, "Community (the Community’s page) within 24 hours, the Community Owner shall be subject to Article 10.2 of the Federal Act of the Russian Federation No. 149-FЗ if more than three thousand Internet users access". Also, people who made comments in communities are according to 8.5 "subsidiarily liable in respect of Community Supervisor’ actions" whatever the heck that means. 9.1.3 says to mark as adult content everything that estimated by the Russian law is not suitable for kids. I don't much about them laws, but I do know that this means all same-sex content regardless of nature of the content (i.e. not just NC-17 or PG-13).

So I think that based on the above especially community owners really need to sit down and consider their option on what to do now. Especially owners of fic communities where people have posted fic in the community or ones that have unlabeled adult content (esp. same-sex), really need to make decisions based on the current incomplete information both to protect themselves and the people who have commented there. One specific example is the kink memes. Those could be lost soon and whatever the TOS mean, it could be also not good for the comm owner. It would probably not be a bad idea to save your absolute favorites from them.

If things start to go down, they may go down quickly as people may opt to be on the safer side and f-lock/delete/disappear. I urge everyone to consider the nature and extent of the content they have posted in their personal LJ/communities they own. To have at least some breathing room and not lose things dear to them/others, I recommend opening a dreamwidth account now and importing all your entries there. The process might take a bit time if many people are importing at the same time, but it is very simple to do and runs in the background after you tell it which parts of your LJ stuff you want to import (entries, comments(!), tags etc.). For communities, the community owner has to create a new comm at dreamwidth and then they can also import the community from LJ. Very simple but from what I see you need have accepted the new TOS for the import process to be able to verify your lj credentials. You can also automatically cross-post your entries from dw to lj and run both of them in parallel. The problem is that some communities have been abandoned and the owners are not around to import them. If you know these kind of communities, contact the people running them ask them to consider importing the content to dreamwidth.

Back things up somehow (dreamwidth, LJ export tool whatever) if you don't want to lose them, and if possible, grab at least your top five fave fics/posts you know are not available outside LJ. Backing up is always a smart thing to do, and I hope that this is not needed, but if it is, at least your content will not be lost. Don't fiddle too much with the style settings or anything that can be straightened out later. Rebuild your friend network the best you can, so there will be ways to get the word out where you are and what is going on. Spread the word that the TOS situation should be monitored carefully and the time to act with back ups is right now. Consider that communities that have become large databases of information (like [ profile] spnstoryfinders, [ profile] spn_j2_bigbang or the kink memes) might be gone soon if not for the new TOS then for people reacting to the TOS.

Maybe a new dw comm could be helpful to inform fannish people of their options, get people in contact with LJ community owners, and organize campaigns to back up content. Or maybe there already is one in which case, please link me. I don't want to panic anyone but just to recommend people to be prepared and ready to move to another platform if we suddenly receive a word that it is the absolute best thing to do. In that case we can then leave in organized fashion. Personally, I have imported my LJ (with comments) to DW, exported my LJ entries as XML using the export tool, imported also [ profile] spnematography to dw (under the same name), exported those entries as csv files, and I will try to figure out what more to do after I get back from work.

I am at dreamwidth and AO3 under this same username and over at twitter as underpurplesky. Feel free to friend me and/or leave me your information so I can friend you if I already haven't. I might be moving, but I am not leaving the fandom.
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Have you got a masterpiece on the back-burner? An amazing idea half-finished? Need a nudge to GET STUFF DONE?
Here's your chance to finish something, and get art as a bonus too.

Join us at [ profile] wipbigbang
Sign up March 24-April 7 and Finish Your Sh**!

This is a Big Bang with one goal in mind: to clean out your drafts folder. These are stories that were unfinished for whatever reason, that authors returned to and completed, and the art that goes with them! All fandoms welcome!

Any fandom, any trope, just join up and finish your sh*t.
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Originally posted by [ profile] frozen_delight at SPN Short Story Collection Book Project
Signal boost for a fanfic collection project organised by


SPN fandom readers and writers

Hey, guys! We’re trying to put together a project for our fandom’s readers and writers, where we’ll be collecting 100 writers to each create a short piece of fic or poetry (gen and canon-compliant) that will then all be compiled into a book that people will be able to get for themselves, with net profits going towards a charitable cause. If you’re interested, you can check out this post for more detailed information, or take a look at our blog pages!

About | FAQ | Theme Info | Submission Guidelines | Sign up as a writer

In the meantime, if you’re at all interested or know people who might be, please reblog this post to spread the word! We want to get as many people as we can on board with this to make it the best final product it can be.


i don't know about everyone else, but I'd love to have a book containing your amazing writing, dear flisties, so consider giving this a go! And spread the word.

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Originally posted by [ profile] springflingmod at 2017 Sign-Ups Starting Soon!
Darling Spring Flingers - this is your three week and two day warning:

Sign-ups for this year’s rapid-fire, double-blind Supernatural exchange [ profile] spnspringfling open FRIDAY, MARCH 17th 2017!

Dig out your glitter, gather your flower petals, and ready yourself for your (AND OUR!) very, very favourite month of the year! Please share this post and inform your friends!

For notification purposes - @spnspringfling on Twitter and supernaturalspringfling on tumblr!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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SIGNAL BOOST - if you aren't interested right now, please share!

Originally posted by [ profile] excoyote at Excoyote (brokenlittleboy, transgendersam, theo, etc.) is doing commissions + Patreon!


I can create fanfiction and original fiction of all genres, running from 1,000 words to 100,000+. I’m a practiced gifmaker, and I can make gifs, gifsets, and colorful graphics of all kinds, including ones that come with their own playlists! This past yr I wrote 200k+ of original work and made 200+ gifs.

I’m running commissions because I recently got into the school of my dreams, Stanford, but I haven’t been given any financial aid. Without it, I can’t afford to go. I’m happy to create anything and everything to help raise money for college. I don’t know if my family’s situation will be the same in a year, so this money makes all the difference.

If it’s more your thing, I’m also running a Patreon page with goodies for pledgers!


My writing can be found here (fics, poems and misc.) and here (AO3). Some pieces you may know: Merry Sexmas, Sammy & Don’t Throw Me Overboard, Baby

My specialties include wincest, j2, and Sam-centric fanfiction, but I am willing to do everything! I’m capable of crack, smut, angst, fluff, realistic, AUs, etc. Any rating or content is fine with me. 1,000 words is $10 as a base price, any more words or plot specifics are negotiable. For example, a 20k Wincest fic Space AU with specific twists and kinks would be $45. I can deliver in chaptered installments or one final product, and it can be put on my AO3 or a private PDF. Under 5k can be completed in 24 hrs. Each additional 2k is +1 day. Longer pieces are better suited to installments because they take more time.


I have one book up on Amazon called Jay’s Epiphany. It’s realistic LGBT romance fiction and listed at 99 cents if anyone is interested. The rates and word counts for original fiction are the same as fanfiction. Original fiction I cannot publish on AO3 so it is only available as a doc or a PDF. The time needed for fiction is the same as fanfiction.


You can check out all of my work here, and my gifs here. Some pieces you may know: one, two, three. Individual gifs are $2, and gifsets, graphics, and playlists are between $4 and $15 depending on complexity. Everything can be completed within 24 hours unless I’m swamped, never more than 3 days.

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting me! I only accept PayPal, and inquiries and payments (upfront, please) can be sent to or my tumblr. I also accept donations <3. If you’re not interested in a commission, reblogging and liking this post supports me just as much. The commission request form is below the cut!

Read more... )

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Signal boost!

Originally posted by [ profile] milly_gal at Pimping Commissions. Need a little help.

We're struggling again this month, work missed off 26 hours out of my pay packet and are refusing to send me the excess until my next payday. We're very close to the line again this month so wondering if anyone would like a piece from me to help tide us over. My mother is now allowing me to use her PayPal account which can be given on request, or alterntively a bank transfer will work. We can also accept Western Union Money orders now.

Pre-warning, there are some NSFW pictures in the albums.
Galleries and explanations )
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To all my arty farty flisties!

Originally posted by [ profile] themegalosaurus at Still seeking artists!
Just a reminder that we're still registering artists for this year's SWBB up until the end of the day. If you want to pimp us out to your artistically inclined pals... please do! All the details on this post, here.
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For someone who's been around in Fandom forever, and finds herself in dire straits.

I know it's a bad time of year to be asking for money, but what's #SPNfamily for if you can't ask for help when you need it.

Originally posted by [ profile] digitalwave at Emergency help for a friend and fellow fan...

I know you may have seen some of Mandy's posts about this but [ profile] a_phoenixdragon's family situation gets more dire by the day. Last month Mandy lost her job because they had an unexpected car breakdown which caused her to miss work. Her hubby was working but his salary alone wasn't enough to cover their regular expenses on top of the car repairs. Mandy has been trying to find work but the holidays are a tough time to be unemployed.

Because of everything piling up they weren't able to pay their December rent and now this month's rent is due as well. They've just recently gotten their eviction notice from their apartment manager. In order to not lose their home they have to pay last month, this month and the 'cost' of court filings for the apartment complex. Their normal rent is $700.00 per month so, at best, they're looking at needing $1600.00.

We're going to be calling every organization, every church, that we can think of here in Louisville that might be able to help. I know that this is a bad time of year, a lot of them are already tapped out. But, I have to try. I can't just stand by and do nothing. What worries me the most is that they have two little guys and it looks more certain every day that they'll lose their home without some kind of miracle happening.

Mandy is a good, kind person who is doing her best to provide for her family. Thankfully, she's even got the prospect of a new job. One of the temp agency's she's registered with has called about a position that would start this Sunday. But, even if she's lucky enough to get it, any pay she earns wouldn't be soon enough to help them keep their home.

She shouldn't be facing something like this alone. Please, please, if anyone would like to help, even if it's just a couple of dollars, her PayPal address is

Most importantly, if you wouldn't mind, help me pass the word about this along. I give blanket permission for you to share this post wherever you can. The more people that see it, the better chance we have at getting her some help. I don't want them to end up homeless with two little boys depending on them.

*hugs you all tightly*

You can also read this entry on Dreamwidth (comment count unavailable comments)
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Reposting to boost the signal!
Originally posted by [ profile] amberdreams at Fanworks auction for bt_kady
The lovely herminekurotowa has started a fanworks auction as follows:

Cancer belongs to the worst news a person could get.

bt_kady just had a hysterectomy, and they found tumors in the organs. Hopefully, the biopsy will show that it didn't spread yet. Nevertheless, Kathy has to expect a boatload of medical bills that she won't be able to pay. She has a Gofundme page where you can donate directly, or you can help by participating in the auction, and/or spreading the word among your friends.

I've put in two offers, both the same. Here's the links to mine:
offer #1
offer #2

And here's the main link to the auction if you need more detail or want to make an offer of your own.
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Originally posted by [ profile] spnreversemod at Art previews are up!
The big day is finally here! All of you eager authors out there get to peek (and be tempted by) some wonderful art!

If we've inadvertently forgotten anyone or you see a problem, shoot us a PM or email us at ASAP.

Remember, no reposting anywhere else without permission of the artist.

A few of the images may not be safe for work, so view with care. Claims will commence Saturday, November 26, 10:00 am EST.

So, without further ado, here is the 2016 SPN RB art!

SPN Art Part 1 | SPN Art Part 2 | RPF Art | Either Art

Password = "artpreview"
(Since the post is password-protected, art cannot be reblogged)
SPN | RPF | Either

Note: Do not submit claims to this post.
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The lovely herminekurotowa has started a fanworks auction as follows:

Cancer belongs to the worst news a person could get.

bt_kady just had a hysterectomy, and they found tumors in the organs. Hopefully, the biopsy will show that it didn't spread yet. Nevertheless, Kathy has to expect a boatload of medical bills that she won't be able to pay. She has a Gofundme page where you can donate directly, or you can help by participating in the auction, and/or spreading the word among your friends.

I've put in two offers, both the same. Here's the links to mine:
offer #1
offer #2

And here's the main link to the auction if you need more detail or want to make an offer of your own.
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Originally posted by [ profile] spnreversemod at Only two days left!
Calling all artists! Don't forget the deadline for submissions is nearly upon us!
We've got a load of fabulous art already tucked away, waiting for the mayhem of claims day - but as usual, we have more writers signed up than artists, so every piece between now and close of play on 18th November is going to be welcomed with open arms!

Spread the word, let's get cracking with those paintbrushes, Photoshop apps, manipping, knitting, papier mache or whatever medium you fancy!
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I couldn't think of a fancy title for this design, but I've loaded it onto Redbubble regardless. If anyone's looking for Christmas ideas or thinks they know anyone who'd be interested, here's a blatant plug...Click on the pic to visit my Redbubble site. Obviously I don't expect anyone to buy anything! LOL I'd be grateful for any shares though. Oh and today there's a 20% discount with the code PERFECT20Read more... )


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