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I love this, it fits beautifully for the beginning of the dying of the year.
Go leave the author some love, float over there like falling leaves. :D

Originally posted by [ profile] z_publicizes at Seasonal
Summary: Vaguely later seasons, Sam POV. Autumnal.

Rating: G

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So this exists, for real, in Texas....
Sad Sam Fireworks
I think Sam would be less sad and more freaked out, to be honest. Clicking on the pic will take you to the original photo by Brent Moore on Flickr.
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I'm sure this idea has been around for a while, but I only just saw it, and as the only pics I could find were crappy quality, I made my own. Kudos to the folk who thought of it though, because it's fecking genius.Read more... )
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I kind of feel I should apologise - I keep gifting you with not very good art because I fail at planning ahead and so end up doing your birthday pressies at the last minute. Oh well. It's green, and it's Sam so I hope you forgive the scrappiness my dear quickreaver! LOL
Have a wonderful birthday with lots of cake and indulgences.
2017 QR bday Sam crop
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Many happies my lovely friend, chomaisky - you wanted more Nightwing and he somehow turned into Sam (or Jared).
2017 Sijing Jared Nighthawk-1 crop
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I wanted to do more fills for ohsam Sammy's birthday celebration, but so far this is it, and it didn't work how I'd wanted it to. Never mind hey!
Title: Pinnacle
Character: Sam Winchester
Rating: Gen
Genre: AU (is that a genre?)
Prompt: aliferous

Coloured version
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The first of my two artings for 2016's spn_reversebang

Art Title: Seeing is believing, right?
Prompt Number: S2008
Artist: amberdreams

Yay, the story has arrived!

Author: jasmineisland LJ LINK

 photo Snake.gif

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I thought I'd have a go at digital painting again, very experimental. I wish I could do something more brushstrokey and loose. Maybe I'll get there if I practice more.

Anyhow here's the start of a Sam portrait. Or Jared. But probably Sam.

Sam painting experiment-1
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner
Day 7: In your own space, create a fanwork.

I wasn't going to do this one but I got fed up of my unco-operative Sammy BB, so I thought I'd have a go on PS with a scratchy brush. Et voila, Sketchy Sam.drawing under the cut )
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For the spn_j2_xmas secret Santa exchange

Title: You can never go home
Gifter: amberdreams
Pairing/Characters: Sam, Dean, Jess
Word count: c6300
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A bucket load of angst in the end. A/N: hopefully this will hit the spot for a few of alethiometry’s likes, some of which could double up as warnings – in particular - canon divergence; unreliable narrators; open/ambiguous/unhappy endings…

Thank you to kalliel for the speedy beta, which has improved this no end!

Summary: A retelling of the Pilot, where Jess goes with Sam and Dean to look for John Winchester and ghosts in Jericho. In the process Jess learns more about Sam and herself than she bargains for.

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I'm so lucky with my authors lately :D. For kevinbb I pulled firesign10 out of the hat, and as always, she's an absolute pleasure to work with. This is the banner for her story, Third.
The art is SFW but be warned, the story isn't!
Third-banner 640
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For everything I was thinking and couldn't express anywhere near as well, read indiachick's reaction. Then append it with my ugly sobbing over the ending, because for some reason that scene with Dean, Sam and Mary kind of broke me. And even though I totally felt for both Dean and Mary, it was Sam's face that cracked my hard shell.

Is it just me or is Jared totally knocking this season out of the park?

Yeah, so there was that.

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Title: Not all healing is physical
Words: ~1510
Genre: Gen, fix it
Characters: Mary, Dean and Sam
Warnings: Reaction fic to S12E02 so spoilery
Summary: Castiel healed their injuries and left them to their own devices. After everyone should have gone to bed, somehow, all three Winchesters are still awake.

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Ok you are going to think I'm extra nuts now, but I'm stupidly excited because I found this thing in Photoshop I never knew existed and it's ALMOST like the blender brush in PaintTool Sai. Those of you who know PS inside out are going to think I'm ridiculous not to have found this before but wheeeee! I painted this and it turned into youn Sammy, and he decided to wear eyeliner, while enjoyed pushing the colours around his face. Ok the hair isn't wonderful (or very hair-like but it was the rest I was more interested in).
Sammy mixer brush-1
It's not high res because I was on a small file when I started playing then cropped it some more. But I'm going to play with this mixer brush some more now. Squeee!
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My spn_cinema fic - oh boy, I struggled with this one, and it's unbetaed so apologies in advance! LOL

Title: A Good Jest (joke's on you)
Author or Artist: amberdreams
Movie Prompt: Beau Geste
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG13
Word Count or Media: ~6300
Summary:In a strange twist, a completed case and a snowstorm in Minnesota lead Sam and Dean to the Algerian desert in the middle of a deadly siege.

Notes: Warnings: Apparent/temporary character death. This fic bears only the sketchiest resemblance to the Gary Cooper movie. (Which might be just as well as I watched it when researching for this and it was pretty bad!)
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A Sam POV Season 11 finale coda in 100 words

Black Holes and Revelations

Sam, a detached observer, watches Mary Winchester’s first tentative steps in her new life.

What did it say about Dean that Amara dug deep into the scorched earth remains of Dean’s psyche and found, not a warrior and survivor, but a frightened four-year-old child that craved hugs?

And what did it say about Sam that he sees Dean’s barely contained joy at Mary’s presence, Dean’s eagerness to please her, his inability to understand her fear and discomfort, and yet felt nothing but the need to step back, keep his distance?

Even Mary could not fill the gap left by God.
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The second of my two art posts for the spncasefic challenge is here!  My art is for hit_the_books' story The Hitchhiker. Read it HERE on AO3!
Sadly I only had time for two pieces on this one - a banner:
hitchhiker banner-1.2

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Taking a break from all the things I should be doing, I've done this work, inspired by kassidy62's moving alternative Season 4 vignette for the quicky_bang. You can read the fic here - it's only 1000 heartbreaking words long.
NB this is an interpretation not a literal scene from the fic but I hope you still like it, kassidy62!
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Title: Sam I Am
Author: amberdreams
Artist: quickreaver
Words: ~12k
Rating: NC17
Warnings: mental illness, hallucinations, a dash of incest, angst
Characters: Sam/Dean, Castiel, Meg, OCs
Summary: An alternative to the Born Again Identity. Here Castiel doesn’t immediately think of the idea of transferring Sam’s madness onto himself. As a result, Sam's brain is still fried. He escapes from the Westville asylum wing by himself, steals a car and drives until he runs out of road in Idaho. In the parking lot of a motel in a small town, Sam finds a kind of peace for a while.

Acknowledgements: All the thanks and love to my betas, ameliacareful and firesign10, they made this fic so much better! Many thanks also to the sammybigbang mods for creating and wrangling this challenge. You are awesome, chaps!
The art is by quickreaver so you know it's going to rock, right? Well, what are you waiting for - go and check out the ART MASTERPOST HERE.
quickreaver sam i am banner

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