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A fly by post from the middle of athletics and GISHWHES

[ profile] spn_cinema
Claims for authors, artists, vidders, podficcers and fanmixers go up Saturday August 26th @ 10am CST!
Visit the community for more information:
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I  know lots of you are busy Gishing this week, but just in case...

Originally posted by [ profile] beelikej at Look at all these FICS on offer for a Quicky!
Such a variety of genres and characters (pairings and gen!) on offer to play with at the Submit & Claim post! Below is a list of all the stories that are still available AND THE AWESOME ART THAT WAS ALREADY CREATED!

See a fic you're interested in to make art for? Click on the link to find out more! They're all short stories, so you can find out really fast if they tickle your fancy:) To claim a fic for arting, simply comment on the author's offer, make contact and get creative!

The Pirate's Debt - pirate!Jared, fancy!dress!Jensen ART here!
Singing For Absolution - Deaf!Dean, Caring Frustrated!Sammy
Yours Sincerely, Wasting Away - the Winchesters got old ART here!
You know, Lassie would have brought me a key - Dean, Sam and a bunch of kittens
Scrambled, Extra Crispy - sweatpants!Dean in hospital, exasperated Sam
Imaginary Spaces - mpreg!Jared with a toddler, neighbour!Jensen
Bobby's Boys - Cas delivers deaged Dean and Sam on Bobby's doorstep...
Looks Like We Made It - Dean/Victor schmoop with monsterkilling Winchesters:)
Warm Hand In Mine - evil Vampire!Dean, trapped Sam
SLUG, or The Day Wyatt Hatfield Gave Up Hunting, Probably - casefic with motorcycle Sam and a giant slugmonster!
And She Was - temporarily genderswapped!Sam, amused Dean
This Thing of Darkness I Acknowledge Mine - Dean has an encounter with Death...
The Lad That Loves You True - Dean, long-haired Sam, and Sam-dog
Familiar Faces - Dean runs into Victor Henriksen, who turns out to not be as dead as he thought he was.
Wrong Time, Wrong Place - Sam/Gabriel meet during a bank robbery
Strange Attraction - Castiel/bloody and unconscious!Meg

(If you end up just rolling around in the fics on offer, be sure to leave some love for the authors, okay;)
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Got a short fic you've always wanted art for? Now's your chance to snag some! quicky_bang is looking for story submissions, anything under 4k words!

[ profile] quicky_bang
Join the Quicky_Bang with short stories, art and love:)
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Signal boost!

Originally posted by [ profile] milly_gal at Pimping Commissions. Need a little help.

We're struggling again this month, work missed off 26 hours out of my pay packet and are refusing to send me the excess until my next payday. We're very close to the line again this month so wondering if anyone would like a piece from me to help tide us over. My mother is now allowing me to use her PayPal account which can be given on request, or alterntively a bank transfer will work. We can also accept Western Union Money orders now.

Pre-warning, there are some NSFW pictures in the albums.
Galleries and explanations )
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Originally posted by [ profile] meus_venator at Reminder: Prompts still open at Kettle of Trouble - j2_crack Halloween Comment Meme 2016
It's that time of year folks! Scaring Time!
And what better way to celebrate the hordes of ghouls, goblins and witches about to descend on us than with a [ profile] j2_crack Halloween Meme! So, join the party, give us a prompt, or create something in fic, art, or vid, to celebrate Jared and Jensen and the Kettle of Trouble. And remember: we support J2 as well as any J with another character. Please put your pairings in the title box.

Please feel free to share this post to spread the news and drop on by to post some boo-licious prompts or fills of your own!
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If any of you are Shakespeare fans, you might be interested in this - The Globe Theatre in London is liverstreaming A Midsummer Night's Dream for free this Sunday at 6pm BST
All the details are HERE and here's a trailer to whet your appetite!
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I know there's a lot going on but this one is so cool - a minium of 1000 or a piece of art about any film you like (as long as it hasn't already been snaffled up!)

Originally posted by [ profile] cinema_mod at ROUND 7 CLAIMS!!!!!!!!1


Rules and How to Claim

Please use the following form to claim your film:

Claimed Movies )
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Originally posted by [ profile] beelikej at In between artprojects? Do a MM Quicky for August!

Final reminder! You can sign up for the MatchMaker Challenge until August 5 HERE. <---- CLICK!!!
Choose between a double date or an immediate match with a surprise short story and make art within three weeks!
Currently there are still fics available in both SPN and RPF. First come, first served;)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to roll around in all the glorious art that has already been made.

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...and sign up for

[ profile] spn_cinema
Claims for authors, artists, vidders, podficcers and fanmixers go up August 6th @ 10am CST!

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Originally posted by [ profile] beelikej at Fancy a date with an author?
Woohoo, sign ups for July have only just been opened and the Matchmaker Challenge is already a succes! The first art was posted earlier this week and there are more matches getting ready for their dates \o/
There are still fics available for artists who are looking for an inspirational challenge: Sign up for a Speed Date or a Blind Date with an author here and receive a mystery short story to create art for!

Spread the word! Here's a promo-banner you can use:

And here's a code for the banner with additional text and links:

We also have a Tumblr post you can like or reblog :-)
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So there's this - a brand spanking new, much needed SPN Horror challenge...

And then there's one of my favourite veteran challenges too. A wealth of riches...

Sign-ups May 10-24 - Click the banner for details!

So excited!
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Originally posted by [ profile] milly_gal at Is anyone interested in an arts&crafts exchange?!

My Mama's a huge crafter, and as such she's a part of a large group of lasses who do birthday exchanges of cards each year. I also do a pen pal art exchange with a friend who lives in Australia.

I was wondering of any of the lasses on the flist would be interested in me starting up an Art Exchange?

The idea would be to all put our names down, and I pair up people to send each other crafty/arty things. Whether that's paper craft or cards or paintings, or just simple sketches. No one will be a 'pair' it would be say me sending [ profile] amberdreams something and [ profile] amberdreams sending [ profile] bflyw something and [ profile] bflyw sending [ profile] beelikej something (as an example! lol). Does that make sense?!

So, who's interested?!?

Everyone loves getting *real* mail that doesn't have red lettering or stupid bumf all over it?!?
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Looking for the perfect summer pastime? You found it!

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Originally posted by [ profile] blackrabbit42 at Pimping- Tricycleman Rebirth: fic and art challenge
 photo Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.27.06 AM_zps36tdrqa8.png

Sign-ups are now open for the Tricycleman Rebirth fic and art challenge. Fic only has a 500 word minimum, so it's the perfect low-pressure way to dip your toes into this shared world community. You can learn more about the comm HERE, and sign up for the challenge HERE.

Come and play!

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So it might not have been the best season opener ever, I might not have been totally grabbed by the heart strings or invested at the time - but thinky thoughts still ensued so...drabble.

words: 2 x 100
warnings: Season 11 premier spoilers

Read more... )
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Signups are open and it's time to reverse your Bang!

Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta
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Yes it's that time again...
and I can't decide with of dephigravity 's beautiful banners to go for so here's my faves.

[ profile] spn_masquerade
The Parade of Perversion: Round Opens September 5th

[ profile] spn_masquerade
The Parade of Perversion: Round Opens September 5th

[ profile] spn_masquerade
The Parade of Perversion: Round Opens September 5th
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Awesome! Can't wait to see what people come up with....
Originally posted by [ profile] spnoperamod at Posting starts tomorrow!


Apr. 8th, 2015 09:20 am
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Spread the word, boost the signal - new gaming challenge coming soon!
With four sexy as hell banners by the talented chomaisky
no title
Also, to whet your appetite even further, thursdaysisters has written a short macabre Mark of Cain game... you really need to check it out!
Dead Man in the Freezer
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NEW! cho is thinking of starting a new challenge based on gaming plots which sounds dead cool. Check out her post and let her know if you are a) up for it and b) what month would suit you best!

Originally posted by [ profile] chomaisky at The posting period for spn game challenge
Ok I messed up the poll box and don't know how to put it back. That poll button turned grey.
in July? August? September? October?
Choose whichever suits your schedule best! Tell me in the comments!

I'm working on a list of games which are easy to be adapted to spn/cw real person aus. So even if you don't have gaming expereince you can still pick out something that draws your attention and write the hell out of it.

Here's a vid I found on YouTube which is a montage of game trailers. Just imagine the boys and their gorgeous ladies in any of these scenarios.


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