Jul. 11th, 2017 10:57 pm
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Somebody please explain to me WHY anyone would want to do this to themselves.Read more... )
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The view from our breakfast room in Lincoln...Read more... )
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We arrived in Lincoln mid afternoon and laboured our roundabout way up to the old Bishops Palace to find our rather marvellous accommodations...
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Yesterday we went to Stonham Barns for a mini history festival with several re-enactment groups. We could only stay half of the day as Paul had to get back to Dad-sit so his brother could have a bit of a break from the appalling miserable git, but we still managed to fit in four displays and walked round the whole encampment.

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Argh! I'm all for bee conservation but it's a bit much when the same bloody bumble bee stings you not once but three times! Once in the park, once when I got home and hadn't realised the stupid bee was clinging to my top (having presumably accompanied me round Iceland to get tonight's dinner) and once on my toe while I was (oh the irony) looking up online to see what type it was, thinking it was safely occupied in the space between the window and the secondary glazing.
And of course my toe is too small to use my Aspivenin vacuum thingy. Grrrr and likewise OW!
Bumble bee - precise identity still unknown - is now outside in the bushes. He's lucky I didn't swat him.
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Photo Op tales from JIBcon 2017

NB there are a couple here I already posted but I wanted these all together so just scroll on by any repeats...

I had too many photo ops this year. I’d gone a bit nuts buying them, because I knew it was my only chance to see our boys this year, and I was desperate to make the most of it. So I’d managed to snaffle one single with Brianna, two singles with Jensen, two with Jared, two J2s, the trio (J2 & Misha), a Jared and Misha double and apparently, two Jensen and Misha doubles. I was mystified by that last one for a while, until I remembered that for JIB7 I missed out on the Jensen Misha. So all I can think is that when I got my prophet pass and they offered me the chance to buy sold out photo ops, I had it in my head that I’d failed to get the Jensen Misha, so bought another. Yeah, yeah, I know – clearly I have more money than sense.

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Photo ops

May. 21st, 2017 12:16 am
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Oh boy today was hectic and so much fun, and it's nearly midnight, and I'm trying to back things up, edit photos, upload vids to Youtube and --- argh!

So here's a couple of my photo ops so far - I need to take photos of my others because my fave isn't here, ie. Jared leaning on me... I'll get that photographed tomorrow sometime.

Jensen didn't quite embrace me like I'd hoped but he did give me a pat on the back before I exited the room. He said something too but I was too flustered to catch what it was. But hey, look at those adorable pixie ears!

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May. 11th, 2017 09:03 am
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Such a pretty town! And so quiet inside the walls. There are cars and traffic, but mostly it's the rattle of bicycle baskets and the sound of chattering school parties that fill the air. Up on the massive walls there's a wide road but no cars except for one polizia car and a gardening truck. And lots and lots of walkers, joggers and cyclists!

I took a bunch of photos, and as usual the whole album is here if anyone is really interested. Scroll down for Lucca. But for now, it's mini Pic Spam Time!

First a wee vid - Panning round the Piazza Anfiteatro - the ex Roman ampitheatre
Looking round the ex-ampitheatre
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May. 10th, 2017 08:52 am
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I'm so childish. I want to caption things with lines like - Pisa, a piece of piss. Moving swiftly on - I arrived late afternoon and after unpacking, I walked into town across the railway lines (don't worry, there's a subway!). The place I'm staying is really nice, only two years old so it doesn't show on google street view, but at first sight the area looks a little rough. There's a scrap yard or something almost next door and a wall full of the messy kind of graffiti. But it was really quiet last night, and the walk into town is so easy, it's awesome.

Anyhow. Picspam time! Artyfarty and random shots with bicycles follow, so be warned.

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On my way!

May. 9th, 2017 07:05 am
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Just to say - I'm on my way to Bella Italia, the internet future is uncertain so apologies in advance if I miss posts and fail at commenting for a couple of weeks. I hope I'll be able to catch some things, and to post photos and convention reports when I can, but the Hilton wifi in particular sucks big hairy balls.

So ciao for now, my lovelies.
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 Listening, or rather inactively listening to the radio at 6am while falling back to sleep does give rise to some interesting and weird dreams! Mine started off with an inspection of the crater caused by the US MOAB, but it was somewhere most definitely not Afghanistan, seeing as how it had lush green vegetation and black tufa rocks. So from that, I'd say it was one of the Azorean Islands I had in mind. That and Clarence's jungle! Our horrified inspection was brief and not very traumatic because we then wandered into a small town and were greeted by the cutest little fat puppy ever. He was a solid pointy faced little feller with a pointy whirly-gig tail, though, strangely, I noted that his otherwise normal tan fur had a kind of oily, petrol-like, multicoloured sheen.

We moved on and went inside a complex of wooden buildings that were a cross between a conference hotel and a craft shopping centre. For some reason, we were then looking at a buffet of home-made food, and Angela had brought some stuff that looked like cake but turned out to be some kind of open sandwich with beetroot and a cheese I'd never heard of. Very tasty! Then that morphed into clearing up plates and other catering debris from different rooms, while gazing through the windows at a swell of glassy water that threatened to overwhelm the building. It was beautiful - all turquoise and gleaming in the sun - but also terrifying! Luckily, I was distracted by a souvenir shop, and another adorable pupster who wasn't furry at all because he was actually knitted!

Then I woke up to hear the radio had been talking about taking dogs to work, as well as the bomb and sport and the like. So that's where all the puppies came from. Hey ho, brain.
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Today was spent travelling up to Norwich. We were on a mission to deliver our six ducks to the Break charity at a business networking event.
Me and Lois at Ipswich station, duck-transport-ready!pic spamming post is probably too long to be interesting... )
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My boy is such a romantic sweetie. He sent me this from work, and left me some mint choc crisps on my chair.

How Do I Start?

How do I start?
What do I say?
I love you and you take my breath away?
Do I say hold me tight, keep me warm all through the night?
So how do I start?
I start like this: hold me, love me, teach me, move me, motivate me to do something great.
Now that I’ve started, how do I end?
I end like this
By Denise Branham & not by me unfortunately & I’m not sure I can do something great

I think he did enough putting up with me for 37 years this year (poor bugger!), especially after I apparently kept him awake half the night last night with my clogged up cold, snoring. LOL
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Just putting this here as a little light relief... I think the little French boy was about the same age as I was, around two years old.
1962 French boy tin bath classic
That expression on his face just cracks me up every time I see it.
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Had a nice few days up in Shrewsbury visiting Mum with Paul - though Paul wasn't happy as he has possible shin splints and couldn't run. Because of the shin splints, Paul was trying to keep weight off his leg as much as possible, so he didn't come with me and Mum when we had a day out in Church Stretton in the (very shallow) snow. We managed to pick the right day for this, it was virtually the only day that week where it didn't rain!
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Um. Okay.

Snowflake Challenge Day 8
In your own space, make a list of at least 3 things that you like about yourself.

This is hard. Trying to do this without qualifiers is very, very hard. Take it that each statement has an unspoken qualifier saying I like to think that I'm...

  1. ...generous

  2. ...independent of spirit

  3. ...reasonably intelligent

Phew. There, it's done!

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My best friend up in Liverpool has been diagnosed with a Grade 3 Astrocytoma.Read more... )
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Sorry to bore you with my eye but I'm kind of fascinated (while still worried until it's totally healed). Anyhow, when I went to bed last night it was looking pretty nasty and red, so it was a relief to find it calmed down this morning, and not even gummed stuck (apparently that can happen). Hopefully it will continue to be nice and calm.

it's a bit achy - mainly I think reacting to bright light, so I've toned my screen right down and dug out my Dad's Oakleys to wear when I go out to meet my cousin for lunch. I've set reminders for the six times a day drops and will try and remember when I should be takng the 4x drops and the 5x antiviral tablets out of those six reminders. Fun fun!

image under the cut - nothing grisly )
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Mum's garden is looking glorious, and her vegetables are growing well. So well that she is affronted at their abundance. She came to me with two fistsful of broad beans and a look on her face that rivalled Sam Winchester for bitch-faced exasperation. "Look at this, MORE beans! Isn't it ridiculous?" Her face said. I restrained my reply of - you planted the little green feckers, you must have expected this! and just agreed when she said she'd maybe take some when we go see my aunties tomorrow. She already got rid of four bags full of beans yesterday, leaving them on the driveway with a please help yourself notice.

Myself, I'm affronted that she's already given away bags full of gooseberries instead of saving them for me! LOL


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