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I signed up for the DCU bang, so I'm exploring some new characters (but since one of them was played by Jensen, I feel I'm not straying that far!)
I'm also doubling up on [community profile] drawesome's week 7 challenge, which was to do something related to the 5th interest in my profile - athletics.
P1450786 crop

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We were up early this morning and down on Felixstowe beach before 07:30 so set up for the Christmas Day Dip to raise money for the hospice. I reckon there were over three hundred nutty folk willing to either dress up or dress down and take the plunge, and they certainly drew the crowds.
Here follows a picspam
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This is probably too much for a Sunday morning but thanks to ash48 posting this article on Facebook about American democracy and the rise of dictatorships, I'm here, musing again. I mused on FB too but then I thought it was probably a bit much over there, so I'm moving my musing to it's proper home. LOL

This article is very interesting if not also a little (no a lot) scary. it postulates (ala Plato) that too much democracy, too much equality, leads to the rise of tyranny. Of course, if you look at history, you can see how this has played out in different civilisations at different times. Not necessarily out of democratic government bases but where there have been similar sets of circumstances. The Roman Republic and the rise of the Imperial system, for one.

Part of me wants to scoff at the thought that there can be such a thing as too much freedom while another part is nodding - yeah, I can see this. Too much freedom can lead to chaos and anarchy. There have to be rules, people need guidelines or the strong will trample the weak because they can. But ack, I want the middle ground to succeed! Is there no real middle ground that allows tolerance to thrive without leading to Plato's blackest outcomes?

Art spam

Oct. 26th, 2016 03:42 pm
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I never caught up with Inktober, so I think I'll just keep the prompt list and gradually fill up my little book as I get inspired. In the meantime, my weekly sketchbooking course continues. This week there was no class because it's half term, so I met up with Debbie, the lady I first met on the free walking sketching day.

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Somewhat predictable, maybe? Especially after going through a pile of old schoolbooks this morning. Horses used to be one of my staple doodles.
And no SPN flavour today!
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I just found out (a bit late) about this drawing challenge called Inktober. There seem to be several prompt lists so I might try some different ones, but this is the 'official' one from the guy who started it off.Read more... )
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It's been a while since I did a meme, so what the hell.

Snagged from sillie82, here's the list of questions for you to answer:

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Haven't been around much recently - real life, huh? This was all good things though (apart from me dragging a bed onto Paul's toes and crushing them, that is). So here's everything in bite-sized chunks.

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I'm probably not in the best state of mind to give you an enlightened, intellectual review - I just got back and my hands are still shaking.

So this is an emotional reaction post - Anthropoid has a weird name, but that is because this is the name given to the covert operation to assassinate Reinhart Heidrich in Prague in 1942. I deliberately didn't read up the history beforehand, but I think even if you knew the outcome and the ins and outs of it, this would still grip you tight and have you hoping, right up to the very end, that something different was going to happen.

The tension really starts ramping up from the assassination attempt onwards, prior to that the film is about establishing the characters and leading into their plans, debating whether this is such a great idea, and thinking about the likely consequences of success. Then after the assassination attempt, the story turns to what happens next, and how the immediate future pans out for all the characters we've met so far.

Don't go see this if you are feeling fragile - though it might help put your life in perspective. As my hubby said as we walked home, " I thought I had a bad day..."

The only actors I recognised were Cillian Murphy as one of the leads, Ben Wishart in a minor role and Toby Jones, but everyone was excellent. I do recommend it - such a strong, understated cast and script, so well filmed. It felt completely real.

Now I'm going to take some deep breaths and calm myself.
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NASA have created some awesome retro Space Travel posters to download for free! How cool is that?
I think this is my fave
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Yup, it's another too-long set of questions to answer! Hurrah!

Stolen from a bunch of other people all old enough to know better.

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Just a drive-by to apologise for being largely absent - Gishing is swallowing up my week, and I doubt I'll ever catch up with all your posts. Especially as I also need to finish my second BB art work, and read two long awaited Big Bangs PDQ!

But I wanted to come on to have a whinge. Then a moan/squee.

How come even online, I can still feel like the boring kid in the corner that never gets included in the cool kids' discussions? How come those horrible feelings from schooldays can linger when over forty years have gone by? I guess I'm just not cut out to be interesting enough that people want to email me to chat about stuff. You'd think at some point we'd grow out of this crap, wouldn't you. *sigh*

However, I refuse to let these stupid feelings of inadequacy get me down.

Gishweek is going rather well! Though I've failed to persuade my dentist surgery that they need a string quartet in the surgeries to calm their patients down. Which is sad, especially as I know other teams will manage that one. It's bugging me because I know two dentists, one in the US and one in Australia, and I have one friend in a string quartet and another whose kids are in the local Youth Orchestra, so it felt as though I should have been able to finagle it somehow.

Now I'm off to create an album cover featuring an animal rock star. Byeeee!

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I actually got off my fat backside and did something today. I'd signed up for this free event a while ago and was poised on the brink of chickening out, but forced myself to go - and of course I really enjoyed it. It was a walk round Holywells Park and Landseer Park (which I'd never realised were so close together before), and they provided a sketch book and pencils to use. The idea was we would stop every now and then and draw something, but I think I spent more time talking than drawing! The woman I talked to most mustn't have been too put off though, as she suggested we meet up to do some sketching again sometime soon. Which is a nice idea - I need to get out more and to use actual art materials instead of sitting on the sofa using PS6 all the time.

So anyway, here's the results of the stroll'n'sketch:

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What it says on the tin. It's strangely beautiful (though I could have done without the fancy effects, I think it is fascinating enough just watching the flow of the dance with the tattoos and the veil.
Obviously as the dancer is nekkid, this is NSFW!

NAKEN from David Strindberg on Vimeo.

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Finally got to see the film so I can read other people's reactions now!

What did I think of it? Well, the time went quickly, I enjoyed it while I was watching but it left me empty. I have no desire to go and see it again, and no real sense of engagement with it.

My main problem was that it totally failed to give me anything new.

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Travels in Italy with my mum and my hubby - not a match made in heaven! But we've survived thus far, and tomorrow I see them off to the airport in the hopes Paul won't be too impatient with my Mum's slowness and deafness!

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Originally posted by [ profile] morganoconner at Morgan Sells Stuff (Again)
Helloooooooooo flist! So my summer courses are all paid for, go me! But the books I need for organic chemistry are HELLA expensive, even used, and I'm going to have a tough time scrimping that amount together by the time I need them. So it's time for another clear-out of the extra stuff I've somehow accumulated. (Much of which was donated by my best friend's collection of stuff bound for eBay, because he is a good soul who still likes me for some crazy reason. :D)

I will ship ABSOLUTELY anywhere, just let me know what you're interested in and I'll get you a quote.

Thanks so much, guys! Love and hugs to everyone. ♥

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Really Random Fandom-Related Collectable Stuff, including Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, Teen Wolf )

More to be added later, possibly? But for now this seems like a good place to start. Sales or signal boosting are both appreciated! Thanks everyone! ♥
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Had a morning out with the hubster, making the most of the sunshine as the forecast for the next few days is drear. So herewith, a wee picspam of Lackford Lakes.
Nuthatch - so chuffed with this one!picspam under the cut )
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A lyrical meme snaffled from fairyniamh
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

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Snagged from sw0rdy

Put your music player on shuffle, and write down the first line of the first twenty songs.
Post the poem that results.
The first line of the twenty-first song is the title.

This is my word

Another stop sign, another headlight
I’m staring at tears on the pages.
Drowning in you, asking nothing, aching,
If I said I was sorry would you forget the things I’ve done?

No, you don't have to wear your best fake smile
The branches have traded their leaves for white sleeves
I’ve waited a hundred years
I’ve been left out alone like a damn criminal.

Winding your way down on Baker Street
Oh quiet down, I've had enough
Drifting apart, getting harder to hold you
I’ll take you with me over the water,

Killed by drones
Oh I think I landed in a world I hadn’t seen.

If you're not the one for me,
Guess it's true, I'm not good at a one-night stand.
I've got a really bad disease
Put your coat on, this city trembles.

I will leave my heart at the door
Sleepless nights and endless days.


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