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I've submitted my second art for spn_reversebang with a day to spare because tomorrow I'm out all day - taking Mum to Liverpool to see Rachel (my bessie mate) and my aunty Margaret. I confess, I'm really happy with this second piece! I had a lot of fun with it. Can't wait for claims on 26th...and finding out what my authors want to write! Of course it means going through the trauma of the claims process first, but hopefully this time someone will snap up my piccies straight away. LOL

Other good things today - Mum and I went for a walk into town by way of the weir this morning so we could watch the salmon leaping. Of course, every time I saw one jump out of the raging torrent, all I could think of was Salmon!Dean... Sadly, no bears. We did see five salmon though, and survived the pouring rain too. Apparently just ten miles north of us they had a mini hurricane which brought down trees and power lines. Luckily, apart from one strong gust of wind that sent Mum tottering, we saw none of that.
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I had no clue what to do for this one then suddenly this came to me.
Not really geeky unless you imagine this is Were!Jared, howling for his Jensen.Read more... )
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It's been a while since I did a meme, so what the hell.

Snagged from sillie82, here's the list of questions for you to answer:

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Just a drive-by to apologise for being largely absent - Gishing is swallowing up my week, and I doubt I'll ever catch up with all your posts. Especially as I also need to finish my second BB art work, and read two long awaited Big Bangs PDQ!

But I wanted to come on to have a whinge. Then a moan/squee.

How come even online, I can still feel like the boring kid in the corner that never gets included in the cool kids' discussions? How come those horrible feelings from schooldays can linger when over forty years have gone by? I guess I'm just not cut out to be interesting enough that people want to email me to chat about stuff. You'd think at some point we'd grow out of this crap, wouldn't you. *sigh*

However, I refuse to let these stupid feelings of inadequacy get me down.

Gishweek is going rather well! Though I've failed to persuade my dentist surgery that they need a string quartet in the surgeries to calm their patients down. Which is sad, especially as I know other teams will manage that one. It's bugging me because I know two dentists, one in the US and one in Australia, and I have one friend in a string quartet and another whose kids are in the local Youth Orchestra, so it felt as though I should have been able to finagle it somehow.

Now I'm off to create an album cover featuring an animal rock star. Byeeee!

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A lyrical meme snaffled from fairyniamh
1. Put your music player on shuffle.
2. Press forward for each question.
3. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

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Well I'm pretty flaky anyway. Since I forgot all about the Fanfic challenge meme I created earlier this month, I think I'll sign up for this one and see how it goes. I should get one or two done, any how, right?

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Thanks to fairyniamh for the heads up!
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So I found a book meme somewhere yesterday, and thought I'd do it, then I had a better idea. So here's a new version, focused on fanfic instead of books (though if you want to snaffle it and do books instead, knock yourself out)

Holiday Fanfic Daily Challenge
Answer a question a day
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Because I should be doing something off my Things to Do Bingo card, of course I've found something else to waste time on.

Snagged from the charmng viviansface (and others). Give me a question or several, and I'll do my best to answer within a reasonable timescale.

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Life bingo

Oct. 14th, 2015 04:25 pm
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Stolen from a bunch of folk and is basically another procrastination opportunity. I don't do things on a list, I don't do my other bingo cards, so this combination of the two isn't likely to be any different!! Ha ha ha!

Get a Life Bingo
novel edits kevinbb art Gobbling Goblins sw0rdy's joystick art sniper Jensen fic
ring Michelle crimson petals art repack suitcase for A15 Auction art for Tif Sam&Dean in space fic
Pigs go wild 2 spn_j2 xmas gift the usual doss
Free Space
J2 alien zoo fic email Sr Mary K
book Liverpool hotel reversebang art2 boxed salad for A15 ring Mal Oh Dear Dave's Chums edit
hoover Mum's stairs book Bologna hotel novel sequel Pigs go wild 3 Pigs go wild 1
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Reading some of my lovely flisties comments about how hurt they have been by dreamweaver37 deception, or how they are feeling foolish for giving him their trust - I think there is something very important you should all bear in mind.

Don't feel bad! We all believed him (or wanted to). The only reason I had any doubts was down to having been taken in before by that micamonroe (who apparently is tragically dead according to his still live LJ). When that happened I looked up this syndrome and it is a thing - people often have multiple online identities (though how the hell they keep up with them all I have no idea) and can even use one ID to reinforce the others. Mostly they are harmless but sometimes theycan be malicious - like that woman on Twitter who has a serious personality disorder and has threatened people in real life (my friend Dave being one).

In this case, I think dreamweaver wasn't malicious, he/she was just looking for attention/reinforcement, maybe a feeling of importance? Who knows.

Whatever the reason, please don't feel bad about this - Think of it this way - any emotional investment we had in this person's story was still real because we genuinely thought here was someone who was doing good things that merited our support. The fact that these things may not have been real doesn't negate our sympathy or empathy or any words of support we might have spoken. The fact that the recipient didn't deserve it doesn't mean our actions were worthless. Our own goodness and thoughtfulness in putting together messages of love doesn't change, neither does the intent behind the messages. So his child wasn't real and we mourned - we've mourned fictional characters before and it's good to feel. Human beings need to feel.

We are still good people who had good thoughts and tried to do good things. That is a truth that his lies cannot change.

And don't let it stop you being kind in future. It's a small risk we take that has a huge impact. Loving someone is always a risk - we can't really get hurt if we don't love.

Um, I'll stop moralising now LOL
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Adventures with chomaisky Part II took place today when she took a day out of her busy sightseeing schedule to visit my place of residence. She suffered through her first (and probably last) cheese scone, got fed more history than she knew what to do with, met Mabel the tawny owl and a pond full of mallard, cormorants, Canada geese and (appropriately) Mandarin ducks, survived the heaps of junk round my house and came face to face with a woolly mammoth.

I don't know about young cho, but I'm bloody knackered! Ha ha ha!
Here we are saying goodbye at the station - maybe one day I will make it to China.

The hubster took this photo, hence the looking down from on high angle, though yes, cho really is that much taller than me so...fair dos.
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It's a funny old world, ain't it? Thanks to Supernatural, last year I met a totally charming chap called Dave (aka Dave Padacockles on Facebook). Dave is a classical cellist, and has his own string quartet, who play at weddings and suchlike - and Dave came all the way from Manchester, where he's based, to play at my Dad's funeral - for free - which was just so lovely of him, it still brings tears to my eyes.

So anyway, his Mum got re-married yesterday (coincidentally it turned out Dave's home town is where I live now), and his quartet had a recital this afternoon in a village hall just over the river from us. So of course I had to go - it was the least I could do after Dave's unsolicited kindness (a Jared photo op at A14 was a small token thank you!).

So we just had an afternoon of culture - Mozart, followed by Frank Bridge, tea and home made cake in the interval, then Schubert's quintet to finish. (And before you ask, yes, he'd brought along an additional cellist to make up the five!)

Anyhow, for anyone interested, here's my friend Dave's quartet playing the Londonderry Air. I admit, it brought a tear to my eye too.
Upload Music Files - Audio Hosting - Dave's Didsbury Quartet - Lo... (link opens in a new window)

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So my #AlwaysKeepfighting shirt finally arrived and I think they heard about me putting on weight because...
Yeah, it's nearly twice as wide as me. Ha ha ha! So now I need to find a crop top or something similar to wear underneath it because the arm holes come down to my waist.
I take it that LJ's outage this afternoon was so they could add these stupid buttons to my posting page (that I've deleted because I don't want to repost to twitter or tumblr thanks very much. Or have someone else repost? Dunno if that is a thing?). Huh.
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Because I'm procrastinating (what's new!) here's a meme snagged from FB that I will probably suck at. Have I even seen 50 bands in my lifetime?

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Flipping zara_zee gave me the letter K - which ain't very loving at all! LOL And ephermeralk gave me G, so I'm doing both at once to confuse everyone.

Something I hate:
K = Karl Adolf Eichmann, Kale (and most things cabbage related, like sprouts...), kippers (pooh! the smell alone!)
G = believe it or not - excessive gore, men who grope, griping

Something I love:
K = The idea of kinaesthesia, kindness, Kahlil Gibran, King Arthur, kaleidoscopes, the saying 'kit and caboodle', kiwi fruit
G = the colour green, SPN's version of Gabriel, Gandalf, gretazreta's fics

Somewhere I've been:
K = Kent, Kelowna, Kendal, Kirby, Knightsbridge, Kesgrave, Keswick, West Kennett, Kings Cross, Knotty Ash, Kilarney...
G = Germany, Greece, Gateshead, Galgate, Garston, Galaway, Glastonbury... I've been through Gobowen too.

Somewhere I'd like to go:
K = Kimbolton, Kenilworth, County Kerry, Knock (both of them!)
G = Greenland, Gamble's Green (because - SPN connection of course!), Gibraltar, Gelsenkirchen (because it has to be said with a Scouse accent)

Someone I know:
K = kalliel, katwoman76, keep_waking_up...
G = gaelicspirit, galwithglasses, geckoholic...

A film I liked:
K = King of Hearts, Kingdom of Heaven, Kingsman, Kinky Boots
G = Galaxy Quest, Gallipoli (oh my heart...), The Graduate, Gone with the Wind

If you want a letter, just ask!


Feb. 10th, 2015 12:35 pm
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Okay okay. I'm calm. Really. I just started watching Constantine because I thought it might be fun. I watched the first episode and it wasn't totally terrible. The story was ok, the characters vaguely interesting. BUT I was struggling with John Constantine's accent. What was it supposed to be? Irish? British? A tiny bit Scouse at times? I dunno. I looked up the actor - he's Welsh. So perhaps a touch of Taffy in there.

I start watching Episode 2 - set in a Welsh mining town in Pennsylvania (stretching my credulity already here, but okay, if you can have a Welsh-speaking enclave in Patagonia, then why not in the USA?). Bar scene, Constantine talking to a local yokel. Says he was born and brought up in Liverpool. OMG!!!! He IS supposed to be a Scouser. Fuck me sideways, but that has to be one of the worst Scouse accents EVER. Even I could do better than that.

I will try and carry on watching but I don't know if I can get past this. First Patrick the Irish witch, then Crowley's supposed Scottish son and Rowena the Scottish witch in SPN - what is it with US TV that won't allow these poor actors to use their own PROPER accents????

Breathes deeply. I'm fine.
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It's back and it's just as lovely as ever! Woo hoo!

Keep an eye out for sign ups, you won't regret it.
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Snagged from jj1564 because - positivity rules, dudes!

List 10 things you are loving, right now, this very moment:

  1. A good friend who left all social media a while back has decided to rejoin the madness! Yay for accessibility!

  2. Drawing Jared as Taran and Jensen as Princess Eilonwy - because.

  3. Sunshine!

  4. The minty taste of my chewing gum (yeah, small things)

  5. The excitement and anticipation of Reversebang reveals

  6. The anticipation of seeing the National Theatre's Frankenstein tonight at the cinema, with Mr Cumberbatch

  7. Reading Your children will come at you with knives by steeplechasers - it's really cool

  8. Seeing the SPN cast and crew being silly in the photobooth from last night's party

  9. Rob Bennedict

  10. The afterglow of a nice lunch with my cousin Michelle and old friend Mal.

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Snaffled from quickreaver

Pick your five favourite TV shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions. Don't cheat!
Read more... )


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