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We arrived in Lincoln mid afternoon and laboured our roundabout way up to the old Bishops Palace to find our rather marvellous accommodations...
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My mum got me a huge tin of Inktense coloured pencils and they are lovely! I'm just playing with them in the hour of daylight we got today (hate December for the shortness of the days) and I haven't tried watercolourifying them yet. Part of me doesn't want to, because I love the texture, but then again what's the point of watercolour pencils if you aren't brave enough to add water? LOL
Anyhow. Here's where I'm at so far. Thanks, Mum!see the pics )
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Mum's garden is looking glorious, and her vegetables are growing well. So well that she is affronted at their abundance. She came to me with two fistsful of broad beans and a look on her face that rivalled Sam Winchester for bitch-faced exasperation. "Look at this, MORE beans! Isn't it ridiculous?" Her face said. I restrained my reply of - you planted the little green feckers, you must have expected this! and just agreed when she said she'd maybe take some when we go see my aunties tomorrow. She already got rid of four bags full of beans yesterday, leaving them on the driveway with a please help yourself notice.

Myself, I'm affronted that she's already given away bags full of gooseberries instead of saving them for me! LOL


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