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Now, where was I? Oh yes. 7. A song to drive to and let's do 8. A song about drugs or alcohol while we're at it.
song meme
7. Driving songs - so many to choose from! By random selection, let's have this one. To be played at top volume and sung along to at the top of my voice, while trying to remember that thumping the steering wheel might set off the airbag.

8. The song about drugs/alcohol had to be my first love. The Beatles.
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I fell by the wayside but there's no obligation to do one a day so I shall dip back into this as and when.
song meme
Number 6: A song that makes you want to dance...
So hard to narrow it down, and weirdly, most of the tracks I thought of were actually slow!  Must be my age, I'm more into swaying than bopping these days. So you might find this an odd choice.

PS is anyone else having weird things happen with Youtube? Mine seems to have reset itself to the Youtube format from years ago. *sigh*
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The meme was stolen from just about everyone, and as LJ is being totally weird at the moment, I can't tag anyone anyhow. Which is my question - is anyone else having problems posting and editing? Once I've posted I can't go back and edit because the visual editor view comes up empty even though the HTML code is still showing.

Anyhow, the meme..

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Day 5 - a song that needs to be played loud.

Well Verdi's Dies Irae has to be dialed up to 11, for sure. So loud you can feel those timpani in your sternum and all the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.
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Day 4
song meme.jpg
This one is nigh on impossible because I am VERY good at forgetting - I forget things I want to remember, so there's not much chance of remembering a person I've actually tried to erase from my mind.
So what to do? Then JJ reminded me of a nasty pair of people I worked with in London, and that led me to thinking about a guy who also worked there who introduced me to the Stone Roses when we were in the same office in Ipswich back in the early 90s, and voila! I have my song for the day.
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Day 3
song meme.jpg
This is a timely prompt - I need some sunshine on a rainy day right now.

The video is so 90s! I have no memory of this singer at all, but I often have the chorus in my head when it rains on a summer day.
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Day 2
song meme.jpg
My song with a number (well, several, actually!), in honour of Tom Robinson who we saw on stage yesterday singing this very song with Martyn Joseph and Steve Knightley...

He looks a bit older now... LOL

Song meme

Aug. 28th, 2017 10:11 am
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Stolen from dugindeep...

Here's the meme:
song meme.jpg

and here's my song with a colour (black is all colours combined, after all). This is still one of my all time favourite Keane songs; it's so haunting.

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More things you didn't want to know about me LOL
Snaffled from dizzojay

Do you make your bed? What for?

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Filthy enablers quickreaver and dephigravity are to blame, and get to pick my first two squares (if they so desire). I think I will probably mostly art if I do any at all. Probably. Maybe.

Book meme!

Jun. 19th, 2017 09:25 pm
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Because, even though I'm not reading proper books like I used to, I can't resist talking about books!
Stolen from septembers_coda

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I might add another question of my own:
Is there any room in your house that doesn't have at least one book in it?
My answer at the moment is yes, currently there are no books in either of our two bathrooms. Otherwise, every room has books.


Jun. 7th, 2017 10:33 pm
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I had another set of questions I was going to do but I think I'd done that one before, and this one was new to me so... gratuitous boring info about me. Snaffled from jdl71

Class of 1978
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milly_gal and jj1564 posted this and now I'm going to have to do the meme but I can't let it go as it is, because it's wrong on two counts, so here's the meme corrected. (Argh and sorry(not sorry)!)

A Musical Acrostic (note, not a pseudonym!)

Rules: Write out your username in song titles (use each song/artist once). (NB, NOT your URL because that would be silly and include a bunch of numbers as well as livejournal).

And God Created Brixton - Carter USM
Make it Rain - Ed Sheerhan
Bitter End - Rag'n'bone Man
Emphasis - Sleeping at Last
River (The) - Tom Chaplin
Dance me to the end of love - Leonard Cohen
Radio Africa - Latin Quarter
Energy Never Dies - The Script
A.I. - One Republic ft. Peter Gabriel
More Heart, Less Attack - NEEDTOBREATHE
Say Something - A Great Big World with Christina Aguilera

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Yup, I couldn't resist. Thanks jj1564 for distracting me from what I should be doing! LOL

Movies I love:

A random one: Cool Hand Luke
Action: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Drama: The Sting
Western: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
Horror: None! I don’t do horror…
Comedy: Life of Brian or Trading Places
Romance: House of Flying Daggers
Noir : Blade Runner
Disney : Brave (or maybe Old Yeller)
Sci Fi : Serenity
Animated : Wallace & Grommit
Superhero : the Captain America ones
War : King of Hearts or Das Boot
Exploitation : had to look this up! Apparently Spaghetti westerns count, so I’ll go for the Man with No Name
Muscial : Moulin Rouge
Historical : Troy
Shakespeare : Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead
Bad : I dunno. If I thought it was bad I wouldn’t love it, right?
A Childhood Favourite:  True Grit
A Teenage Favourite: Romeo and Juliet (the Zeffirelli version)
A Franchise : Avengers
A Trilogy : Lord of the Rings
A Guilty Pleasure: Stardust (though I don’t feel guilty about it!)
Recently Seen: Hidden Figures
Favourite of this Year: Kubo and the Two Strings
Favourite of All Time: Princess Bride


Feb. 17th, 2017 11:01 pm
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Haven't done one for a while and saw this on dizzojay's journal.

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Snagged from harrigan, whose quotes were pretty awesome.

Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 117. The second sentence will be your life for 2017.

Mine's from The Long Earth by Terry Pratchet and Stephen Baxter.

Some dreams were new, and at the same time very, very old...

Hmm. It's going to be an interesting year then!
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Yeah, another post, sorry!

What is your favorite "food" holiday?
Ones in Rome where I can get the best gelato. Nach.

Do you prefer ham or turkey (or tofu turkey)?
None of the above. I'll have cheesy potato bake please. Or roasties.

Do you anticipate or dread seeing your relatives for the holidays?


When do you start listening to Christmas carols (for real, you can tell us)?

I don't. The only two carols I like are In the Bleak Midwinter and the Coventry Carol.

How are you feeling right now with regards to the upcoming holiday season?

I think my skin is turning green as I type. Yup.

Art Rec10!

Nov. 14th, 2016 03:19 pm
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This is a different format for an art rec post - and I haven't forgotten I said I was going to do an art rec post every month and only managed two!

sillie82, quickreaver and I were talking about memes and art and stuff and quickreaver came up this idea: the ArtRec10 meme! Give us links to ten of your favorite pieces of SPN/RPF fandom artworks. Could be on LJ, tumblr, deviantart, wherever. We know there's lots of faves, but try to pick a few. Let's make today a little more beautiful! Couldn't we use that right now?

Topics may overlap — for instance, your h/c fill may be digital — but we'd like to see ten unique reccs, if you can manage it. Also, be sure to provide a link to the original art, so folks can leave love for the artist. If you choose to post the images, mind the image sizes and be sure to put it all under a cut.

Here are mine, trying not to repeat any from my Feb and April rec posts...
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Everyone's been doing this so you know me, I can resist anything but temptation.

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