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Hope you had a lovely birthday 999alena!!!
We missed you on Saturday. Hope we can meet up again soon.
2017 Alison bday-1
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I woke up to the news of 19 young people killed at a concert in Manchester arena. I'm feeling sick to my stomach and saddened beyond words, so I'm posting a chunk of last night's utterly magical concert as an antidote to sadness and the horrible, wrong and sometimes downright evil that people can do.

My heart goes out to the families and friends of the murdered, and to those injured.

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Too good not to share - sorry the vids are over exposed - I have no idea what I did with my camera settings so couldn't fix it yet. I need to see if Youtube can edit it, but as it took nearly 24 hours to upload I'll wait till I get home! LOL

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I did this header for our FB site, Supernatural Seriously Awesome, so thought I might as well post it here too. You can't have enough Jensen, after all.
2017 JA birthday banner-1
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I blame Jared.
 photo J2_Afternoon_Panel_SPN_Vegas_2017.gif
 photo JA_Vegas_wiggle_1.gif

Except clearly I need to make the first one again as I forgot to embiggen it.
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jj1564 found this in a vid on FB so I giffed it.
 photo reubentherexrabbit_zpsprqosqk0.gif

 Obviously it's Jensen, because here's human!Jensen from that Michael Muller photoshoot...
 photo JA-MM06-0012_zpsbs7dcta0.jpg
Rabbit source Here!
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Title: Unchain my Heart on the East Side Line
Giftee: raths_kitten
Gifter: amberdreams
Pairing/Characters: Jensen/Jared, minor OCs
Word Count: ~7300
Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Um - swearing, sex, the usual...

Summary: In which Jared is a lonely depressed guy recently moved to New York City. Jared is weighed down with guilt in a dead end job, and Jensen is a mystery to be solved.

Author’s note: For any New Yorkers, I’ve taken liberties with the life of City Hall station. It is visible from the Line #6 train that does a loop through there in order to turn round after terminating at Brooklyn Bridge. You can book an expensive and generally sold out tours of the station, so it’s not closed all the time. But for the purposes of this story, this station is inaccessible, and Jared is travelling on the #5 line.

Huge thanks to zara_zee for the swift and thorough beta which caught a lot of inconsistencies and daft mistakes!

Unchain my Heart on the East Side Line

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Yay, my posting day for the inaugral j2_reversebang has arrived! My prompt was claimed by the lovely amypond45, who wrote this engaging story - click on the banner to go read it on LJ! AO3 link here.
Last chance banner-1 b&W
One NSFW pic near the bottom of the post! )
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I wanted to try a clean line style drawing so started this one without any references - which is why he's ended up not awfully Dean/Jensen-like. Never mind. I've inked the outline now and am wondering what exactly to do next with him.
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I got to work with the lovely and talented non_tiembo_mala on this spn_cinema - a revisting of The Bourne Identity with Jensen as Bourne.
We both managed to get in a few muddles over posting dates and I confused her even more by sending her the wrong art all together, but yay! We made it.
Links to the fic - LJ and AO3
Banner with text
Bourne Banner-1.1
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These are the first ones I've seen that are reasonably HQ and some bugger on tumblr has cropped Jared off. Fecking people and their fecking shipping wars. Sigh.

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Aug. 8th, 2016 09:32 am
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Apropos of nothing at all - Jared's pert little bum!
J2 pee
when the man puts it out there, we are not going to avert our gaze now, are we.
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The first of two art posts for the wipbigbang, celebrating writers finishing their shit! Yay!
I was lucky to snaffle herminekurotowa's J2 kidnap fic A Long Quiet River - lots of hurt Jensen plus a mystery, what more could a girl ask for?
Summary: Jensen meets Jared in unluckiest circumstances - as a kidnap victim. But who is the kidnapper?
Click on the banner to go read the story!
hermina banner 600
Here's a larger version without the text.
Guess what? It's an image intensive post! LOL )
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Fangasm posted some gorgeous photos from Pittcon taken by @mamaprior, and I couldn't resist some edits.
Warning for hotness and large images!Image intensive! )
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If you want to browse in a leisurely manner through a LOT of photos, my flickr albums are HERE.
Now I'm going to picspam y'all. Be warned! I took FAR too many photos of Jensen, a ton of Jared, not so many of Misha but quite a few of Rob. Because ROB! That man is so freaking adorable.
Case in point...
Image heavy! )
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I bet you're fed up of hearing about JIB but hey! I've got more to say and more to post so feel free to skip on by... *grin*

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Yep, it's that time again - little fat hairy hobbit meets tall handsome actor types.

Me and dizzo had the same idea but I cheated and borrowed a folding stool from my friend (who's even shorter than me!) and tried for a reverse height prom photo - trouble was, even standing on the stool (maybe a foot tall?) I still had to stand on tip toes to see over Jensen's head. And he was bending his knees too!!! Oh and added to which, when I put the stool down what happened? Yeah, both of them climbed on it and I had to fight the buggers off for possession of it. Maybe that's why Jared has his "I lost my stool" expression... LOL!!!

So remember A16 and the little girl in Jensen's coffee lounge who asked why Dean never ages? This led to a discussion on Twitter about Jensen being Dorian Grey, which led to me stealing the idea and getting this photo.
This is the second take because on the first attempt he turned too far round to look at his portrait, so you can't really see it's him. The best bit was on the first take, I was the last one in the room, they were just about ready to pack up, so I got Jensen all to myself. I showed him the mocked up oil painting and reminded him about A16. He got quite animated and then said he'd bumped into Reeve Carney in the hotel and completely fanboyed over him, because he loves Penny Dreadful, it's virtually the only show he watches. So that was rather awesome. :D
I've got a few more to share but I'll post them when I get back from my day out in the city!
And finally here's the first part of the Jensen & Misah panel which will explain the influence innuendo...

As Millie would say - love your faces!

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Finally uploaded - yay! This is a drive by share as I need to toddle down to Misha's panel - the room is half empty and there are hardly any people queuing for questions, it's kind of surreal. I asked Jared and Jason two questions in the end because so few people were lining up it was embarrassing!
Anyhow hope you enjoy this - Jailbreak with Jensen, Rob, Tim, Richard, Jason and the inimitable Laura from JIB staff.

By the way, I just spoke to Jason at the autos about the concert and asked how much rehearsing they'd done because it was so flippin' slick, and he said they discussed it at 2pm that afternoon and worked it out from there. Incredible.
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Knackered! And that was mostly from laughing so much. Everyone is on stellar form - the J2 panel was fabulous and hilarious, but then the highlight of the day had to Jared's panel getting trashed by Rob'nRich, who brought Genevieve on to tell that train story - the real truth. Honestly, I had SO much trouble videoing because I was laughing so hard, and trying not to make too much noise and spoil the soundtrack. The hotel wifi continues to be the slowest of the slow and I know loads of people will already have shared their vids but bollocks to it, I'm persevering and that vid will be loaded! As will the complete J2 panel and some other snippets. Flickr can't seem to cope with even small batches of photos being loaded up so that might have to wait until I get home.

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