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Even Paul said this was 'quite' good. :D
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I've submitted my second art for spn_reversebang with a day to spare because tomorrow I'm out all day - taking Mum to Liverpool to see Rachel (my bessie mate) and my aunty Margaret. I confess, I'm really happy with this second piece! I had a lot of fun with it. Can't wait for claims on 26th...and finding out what my authors want to write! Of course it means going through the trauma of the claims process first, but hopefully this time someone will snap up my piccies straight away. LOL

Other good things today - Mum and I went for a walk into town by way of the weir this morning so we could watch the salmon leaping. Of course, every time I saw one jump out of the raging torrent, all I could think of was Salmon!Dean... Sadly, no bears. We did see five salmon though, and survived the pouring rain too. Apparently just ten miles north of us they had a mini hurricane which brought down trees and power lines. Luckily, apart from one strong gust of wind that sent Mum tottering, we saw none of that.
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...far too much. But just look at this and remember - I'm standing on a stool. It's about a foot tall. Jared is nearly kneeling on the floor and Jensen had to bend his knees as well, and I can still only just see over their heads. This fucking cracks me up so much. They are so TALL! I'm so short!

(And don't say a word, sillie82,you wouldn't understand! LOL)

I know I posted this before, but I was sorting through my JIB ops today so I could order the jpegs, and this is just too funny.
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I had a good day today - started a possible drawing for RBB, went to see Kubo and the Two Strings (oh my lordy, so GOOD! If it comes on near you, GO! You won't regret it. An absolutely wonderful visual feast as well as a funny, moving, adventure story...), had dinner with one of our oldest Ipswich friends and found this delish B&W HQ pic of the boys.
If you click through to Flickr you should be able to download it at full resolution (1500x1300). I don' think these are new, but they've done a nice job with the originals. I just darkened the contrast a bit.Large image under the cut )
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You know you want to, author or artist or beta...we don't mind, just come and play!

Rules & FAQ
Sign Ups: Artist | Writer | Beta
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As most of you know, I'm not officially doing the 100 days, but here's a random happy post covering a number of days and topics!

pic spam and burble under the cut )

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Fangasm posted some gorgeous photos from Pittcon taken by @mamaprior, and I couldn't resist some edits.
Warning for hotness and large images!Image intensive! )
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Not only is it blythechild's birthday, but it's also a certain giant moose's birthday, so we can celebrate double trouble!
Many happies blythe, hope you like strong, muscular, agile blokes like this one
James Whitside side balance

And Happy Birthday Mr Padachuckles, in all your incarnations.
2016 Jared Bda banner-1.2

May you both live long and prosper.

Happy post

Jul. 18th, 2016 07:41 pm
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I'm not doing the photo a day for 100 days, I did that already and don't want to bore everyone, but I remembered how nice it was to deliberately search out the happy, so thought I'd maybe do a random happy post instead.

A friend shared this on Facebook, and it's too lovely not to share it here. Not only is it a beautiful visual of two gorgeous young men, and a delightful and fascinating dance, it's a moving and tender declaration of love.

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Something cheering for the weekend - for me anyway! LOL
My piggie is safely on the Cornhill in the rain; three kids passing by got the joke and one had her photo taken with him already.
And here's a bigger kid having her photo taken.piggie pics under the cut )
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I just got back from being inducted as a volunteer Pig Trail Blazer (basically standing around town pointing people in the direction of the next pig), and I found out my Swinions pig is going to be slap bang in the middle of the town centre, on the Cornhill!!!! MY PIG! OMG! He'll be up on his pedestal in the one place in town where EVERYone goes, so everyone will be able to see all my wobbly lines and where I forgot to give one of them a snout. And my name will be on the plinth. I'm simultaneously freaking out and doing happy dances.

I can't believe it!

The project manager told us that there were 235 designs entered, from all around the country, and those were whittled down to 80, then the final 39 that eventually got commissioned. Apparently they had to drive blank pigs all over the place so the artists (most of whom are professional artists) could paint them - one of the artists was in Liverpool and I think he said another was in Scotland! At least I saved them petrol costs, LOL!

But still. The Cornhill!!
Just to give you and idea, here's the Cornhill on a non market day. That French-looking building in the centre is the Town Hall.
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So Genevieve was there, and Daniela managed to get her to do a double photo op with Jared, as well as autos.Read more... )
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Finally uploaded - yay! This is a drive by share as I need to toddle down to Misha's panel - the room is half empty and there are hardly any people queuing for questions, it's kind of surreal. I asked Jared and Jason two questions in the end because so few people were lining up it was embarrassing!
Anyhow hope you enjoy this - Jailbreak with Jensen, Rob, Tim, Richard, Jason and the inimitable Laura from JIB staff.

By the way, I just spoke to Jason at the autos about the concert and asked how much rehearsing they'd done because it was so flippin' slick, and he said they discussed it at 2pm that afternoon and worked it out from there. Incredible.
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Oh my god , guys. Seriously, I can't tell you how fucking fantastic this whole convention has been. Honestly the best EVER. I just got back from the Jailbreak and the concert was amazing. Laura, Rob, Richard, Tim, Jensen, Jason - they fucking knocked it out of the park. Every song was just wonderful, they even kept the stage lighting bright so people could take brilliant pictures, and Jared and Gen came to watch Jensen's bit then stayed while the whole room cheered for Daniela and the announcement that there will be a JIB8 next year.

Then we waited outside for the coaches to arrive and we had the best laugh I've had for ages thanks to me mishearing herminekurotowa's retelling of her M&G where she told Jared she loves his beanies. I thought she said she told him she loves his penis. Sorry, you probably had to be there LOL!!!

Anyhow. Youtube and the slowest internet in the world means loading my vids from the concert will not happen tonight, so in the meantime, here's the second half of Jensen and Misha's panel, together with the closing ceremony. Watch out for Gen still being high, and Jensen throwing himself on the floor to lick up some more spilt "apple juice"...

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Sorry about the art spamming but I wanted to post this before I toddle off to the ice hockey with the hubby this weekend, and I know I won't have any time to do any more until next week.

So I've now done J2, Rob, Gil, Richard and Tim. Still to do are Mark Sheppard on his drums, Jason Manns and Misha.

See pic )
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Had a morning out with the hubster, making the most of the sunshine as the forecast for the next few days is drear. So herewith, a wee picspam of Lackford Lakes.
Nuthatch - so chuffed with this one!picspam under the cut )


Mar. 17th, 2016 09:39 pm
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I usually leave these kinds of posts to other more competent picspammer/searchers but ... how have I never seen this Season 4 Episode 1 behinds the scenes pic of Jensen

S04E01 JA handprint&nip

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I just read my gift-fic and it's perfect! Lots of angst, emotion, tension and full of love, it's totally wonderful. Jensen is stuck on earth, Jared is lost in space... Superglue - go read it now!

There are a couple of others I've really loved so far, though really just about everything I've read/seen so far I've been impressed by...

  1. Dean has a strange dream in Strange Love. This one is just so perfectly Dean - as he walks through the dream corridor, finding a version of Sam in every room. It tugged at my heartstrings in the best kind of way.

  2. Rufus and Bobby in Heaven - Last Call. This has Rufus' voice down pat, and his POV is excellent, as is the writer's vision of heaven.

But go and check out everything spnspringfling has to offer, because as usual, the standard is pretty damn awesome.
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How heart-warming is this?

There's an article here too.
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Just to say - here in the UK Valentine's Day is for lovers, not for general love-ins with any old body. Which isn't to say I don't love y'all, of course I do! But perverted as I might be in many other ways, I have no desire to get romantic with any of you! Ha ha ha!
However - THANK YOU to anon who sent me a virtual hug! Most kind.
But here's what the hubster got me, because he is a closet romantic.Read more... )


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