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Hope you had a lovely birthday 999alena!!!
We missed you on Saturday. Hope we can meet up again soon.
2017 Alison bday-1
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I kind of feel I should apologise - I keep gifting you with not very good art because I fail at planning ahead and so end up doing your birthday pressies at the last minute. Oh well. It's green, and it's Sam so I hope you forgive the scrappiness my dear quickreaver! LOL
Have a wonderful birthday with lots of cake and indulgences.
2017 QR bday Sam crop
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Many happies my lovely friend, chomaisky - you wanted more Nightwing and he somehow turned into Sam (or Jared).
2017 Sijing Jared Nighthawk-1 crop
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It's the lovely jj1564's birthday today! Woot! Love ya, my dear!
2017 JJ birthday pie-1
Pity Dean couldn't behave himself though...
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I did this header for our FB site, Supernatural Seriously Awesome, so thought I might as well post it here too. You can't have enough Jensen, after all.
2017 JA birthday banner-1
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Two things have come to my attention. One - it's emmatheslayer's birthday, and Two - she might have a fondness for Matt Cohen.

So without further ado, here's some pics of Matt.
So young!

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Many happies JC!

Have some angelic Puccini to celebrate. Maybe we could have an opera revival sometime!

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Many Happies to one of my favourite Interweb peeps - dear quickreaver - you are a lovely lady, and I hope maybe one day I can give you a real hug.

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A very special lady has a birthday today - so special that my mini!Dean, who spends most of his time tucked up in his special green patchwork liripipe, insisted on emerging to make a birthday card for her.
2016 June Dean mini
Many happy returns to you, my lovely friend!
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Many happies my dear dollarformyname, I hope you are having a wonderful day!
Have a wee arty photo of an angel with a tickling stick from my Italy trip in lieu of something less artistic by me... :D
Actually, I think it might be a saint rather than an angel - clearly I need to look this up!
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Sorry this is a day late indiachick, hope you had a lovely day! cassiopeia7, hope you don't mind me stealing Buzz's body! LOL
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Hope you have a wonderful birthday elsiecat! Maybe you will get some birthday kisses like this from Jensen this year... we live in hope, hey!
 photo kissy kissy.gif
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Many Happies bflyw, hope you had a wonderful, fun filled day!
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Sorry I didn't have time to make you anything, so here's a Top-Knot!Sam/Jared picspam instead. Hope you have a lovely day becc_j!
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I wasn't sure I'd have time to to do a fill for tricycleman but - it's septembers_coda 's birthday tomorrow (not today - idjit!), so I thought I should make a bit of an effort. For her charming love story Seeing Everything, here's Leo and his fairytale castle for Monalisa.
Happy birthday my dear!
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Many happies to the lovely wendy , long may you continue Banging for the pleasure of all!
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I couldn't find a male superhero-maker on that site so had to mash together Prince Jensen with down-at-heel country boy Jared for dreamweaver37 's birthday!
Bored Prince Jensen of Bunkertania escapes from the tedium of the castle routine and bumps into Jared Padalekitus, poor scholar and seventh son, seeking his fortune. Or something.
dreamweaver borthday prince
Sadly the make a Prince game didn't offer the ability to flip the figures or change the background so I had to do a quick smudge fudge!

Plus I had to have a play with the latest superheroines and made these two kickass girls.
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Many happies to the lovely and mega talented quickreaver. Your presence is a boon and a blessing in our lives!
Here's a birthday Sammy/Saint Sebastian for you - hurt purely for your pleasure.
chomaisky recommended I fiddle with it and helped me gain this final, contrasted version, but I've included the earlier versions for giggles, and because it looks like a sequence.Read more... )
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A very happy birthday to the lovely and talented de_nugis
I hope your day is full of fun things - like Sam's hair!
de_nugis 2015 bday1 crop
I should have said - this is an extra pic inspired by de_nugis's super fic for my RBB art...round and round we go!
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Imaginary heroes are the best.
 photo DeansbirthdaySSAcover.jpg


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