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I kind of feel I should apologise - I keep gifting you with not very good art because I fail at planning ahead and so end up doing your birthday pressies at the last minute. Oh well. It's green, and it's Sam so I hope you forgive the scrappiness my dear quickreaver! LOL
Have a wonderful birthday with lots of cake and indulgences.
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Mum's garden is looking glorious, and her vegetables are growing well. So well that she is affronted at their abundance. She came to me with two fistsful of broad beans and a look on her face that rivalled Sam Winchester for bitch-faced exasperation. "Look at this, MORE beans! Isn't it ridiculous?" Her face said. I restrained my reply of - you planted the little green feckers, you must have expected this! and just agreed when she said she'd maybe take some when we go see my aunties tomorrow. She already got rid of four bags full of beans yesterday, leaving them on the driveway with a please help yourself notice.

Myself, I'm affronted that she's already given away bags full of gooseberries instead of saving them for me! LOL
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Two posts in a day! I thought some of you might be interested to see my Mum's garden. I probably should have done this vid in the morning when it was proper sunny all over, instead of this evening but never mind, hey. As you will gather from the background noise, there is a main road just over the field at the bottom of the garden, hence the constant traffic.

It's unedited and five minutes is probably too long but there you go!


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