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I kind of feel I should apologise - I keep gifting you with not very good art because I fail at planning ahead and so end up doing your birthday pressies at the last minute. Oh well. It's green, and it's Sam so I hope you forgive the scrappiness my dear quickreaver! LOL
Have a wonderful birthday with lots of cake and indulgences.
2017 QR bday Sam crop
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I got home to three parcels - Paul had messaged me while I was away with a plaintive "are you ever going to stop shopping?", so I knew I had stuff waiting, but one of the parcels was a lovely surprise from kalliel! Woot! Which also meant I could pretend the fake fish I ordered for a JIB photo op which arrived too late to take could be passed off as part of the parcel. Sorry about that, kalliel, but I really didn't want to go into the whole explanation of Salmon!Dean and get another eye-roll. you should have seen his face when he saw the inflatable grenade launcher pic and the giant doughnut... ha ha ha!

So THANK YOU, my sweet kind friend. The wee shark is very cute, and I am very excited to try out those embossing pens!

2017 from Mika (Kalliel)
And this was certainly more exciting than my Posca pens which was the other parcel. Now I have a year to decide whether to take the fish (which is not a salmon and would have to be disguised) to JIB9...
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I got a surprise package today - a lovely SPN necklace from milly_gal! Thanks me dear, I was well jingly all day wearing all my bling! Excuse the messy hair, and I'm rubbish at selfies too. Ha ha!
Now I really must make the effort to get to the post office and get your (very late) birthday present sent.
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Title: Unchain my Heart on the East Side Line
Giftee: raths_kitten
Gifter: amberdreams
Pairing/Characters: Jensen/Jared, minor OCs
Word Count: ~7300
Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Um - swearing, sex, the usual...

Summary: In which Jared is a lonely depressed guy recently moved to New York City. Jared is weighed down with guilt in a dead end job, and Jensen is a mystery to be solved.

Author’s note: For any New Yorkers, I’ve taken liberties with the life of City Hall station. It is visible from the Line #6 train that does a loop through there in order to turn round after terminating at Brooklyn Bridge. You can book an expensive and generally sold out tours of the station, so it’s not closed all the time. But for the purposes of this story, this station is inaccessible, and Jared is travelling on the #5 line.

Huge thanks to zara_zee for the swift and thorough beta which caught a lot of inconsistencies and daft mistakes!

Unchain my Heart on the East Side Line

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It was nice to have something fun to art for - so cheers to kcscribbler for the adorable de-aging fic written for zelda_addict in the spn_bigpretzel Spring Fic Exchange! (And for the reminder that we were posting today!)
Story link coming very soon.

The art is slightly spoilery for an incident in the fic, so be warned. I should probably warn for flashing images and arachnophobes beware too...

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I didn't want to get too far behind with my [community profile] snowflake_challenge so here's my Day 4 fanwork creation, a pic I'm doing for my lovely friend and JIBLand future roomie, dean_hugs_sammy.
When it's finished, it will be a banner for her fic, Battle of the Nations.
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Go read costsofregret's fabulous spn_j2_xmas fic Heart Shot HERE. It features Jensen as a seasoned assassin with Jared as his protegee, and it's awesome. Tense, exciting, funny and everything I could have wished for. Double the hurt, double the fun, that's what I always say...
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I wasn't sure I'd have time to to do a fill for tricycleman but - it's septembers_coda 's birthday tomorrow (not today - idjit!), so I thought I should make a bit of an effort. For her charming love story Seeing Everything, here's Leo and his fairytale castle for Monalisa.
Happy birthday my dear!
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It's as finished as I can get it, I think! Now I have to frame it for Mal before our Christmas lunch tomorrow. I hope the poor old boy is feeling better, he had a stinking cold last week when we met up and shouldn't have been driving.
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It's spn_j2_xmas time! My secret santa gift is for oddishly
Hope you like it!
Dystopia for Oddishly crop
Summary: The worst thing is the silence that surrounds them.

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Spoilery for the episode, obviously.
Bonus video from this week's episode thanks to iTunes - apologies the last 13 seconds are missing, this is because I'm a cheapskate and only downloaded the trial version of the ripping software. Though as it worked so well I might think about buying it in future. Maybe.

To fill you in on the missing bit - Jensen says about the support group he has, not just for doing his acting job but when he directs it really does show itself, and it's a beautiful thing. He's very thankful for it. Then it goes to him saying "...and cut!"

ART: Stay

Oct. 18th, 2015 08:46 am
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LOOK AT THE BEAUTIFUL ART done for me!!! I'm still in Asylum so can't stare at this all day like I want to, but I thought I'd share so all my flisties can stare instead.

Originally posted by [ profile] apocalipskiss at ART: Stay
Title: Stay
Pairing: J2 or Wincest
Rating: R
Note: Fanworks Auction for [ profile] amberdreams. I was struggling a lot about the color, personally I like the second one more, but I guess the first one is more fit the request? I hope you like it.

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Once upon a time quickreaver and riyku set up a special community for the lovely, talented petite_madame, aimed at showing her some love after a shitty year. There is some awesome art and fic on there, go check it out!

My contribution was inspired by THIS picture of Jensen as Harley Quinn. So I thought...this would make Jared the Joker, right? Herewith a little story and some art.

Ficlet beta'd by sophiap and septembers_coda. Art beta'd by quickreaver. Inspiration - petite_madame's wonderful art.

Joke, what Joke?
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Taking a leaf out of big_heart_june's lexicon - go read this right the fuck now!

The World Has Lost its Wonder.

Warnings: violence, strong language, angst-like-whoa, horror, non linear narrative
Author's Notes: I used a couple of prompts- the Richard Siken one, which I thought was beautiful, and the prompt about Dean and reapers. I hope you like this. Thanks, K, for the quick beta!
Summary: Sam and Dean are on a bloody, meandering road-trip post the Darkness. In a murderous world, the only way to get by is murder--and the only way it's going to end is in blood

Weirdly, I hadn't been looking for my gift-fic up till now, because for some obscure reason, I thought it had been posted right near the start. No idea why I thought that, but I suppose it saved me being disappointed up until now, doesn't it!! So it was a lovely surprise to see my name there, and an even better surprise to find my summergen author has written me the perfect fic. It just hits so many of my buttons it's unreal.

Thank you dear Anon. I have a couple of ideas as to who you might be, but as I'm notoriously bad at this guessing game I'll just sit back and wait for the reveals!
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A long, long time ago, there was a charity auction and expectative (poor bugger) won some porny art from me. He kindly said he was happy with not so explicit porn, and cute was ok, but in spite of his user-name and tag line. I don't think he anticipated waiting so long for me to do anything at all!!  So sorry it's taken me forever, Tom! (Oh and tifaching, I haven't forgotten I owe you too!)
-tom Sam'n'Dean tease
Anyhow, here it is, the finished article. I hope you like it.Large NSFW images under the cut )
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Yesterday I got to meet the lovely chomaisky in person in London - how awesome is that? Even better, we are meeting up again on Thursday when cho is coming to mine to sample the delights of my little town. So clearly my cunning plan to bore her to death by taking her round the Magna Carta exhibition in the British Library didn't faze her at all.

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Banners for Brothel Boy - Masterpost HERE!
I'm not sure either of these work that well, jj1564 - let me know if you think they are suitable.
If you click on the pics it'll take you to Flickr where you can either download them whatever size you want or just snag the HTML.
Black background
Brothel Boy jj1564-1
White background
Brothel Boy jj1564-1 white
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A Dean-centric Wish List/Wish Fulfillment Party!

[Click on the image to go to the event.]
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Today is the birthday of a very special lady, jj1564.

Many Happies June! It's been a pleasure making your acquaintance this year!
Have some celebratory nipple...
June b'day-1
And I should have said - thank you to elsiecat for the gorgeous photos of this precious moment!.
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A very, very long time ago, there was a fanworks auction, and stripytights bid for something arty from me. One option she gave me was Sam staring out of a window, so of course I've ended up doing Jared in a beanie. Obviously.
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