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I meant to do this the other day and allowed myself to be completely sidetracked, then forgot! Doh! Such a bad case of internet-brain... especially as I’m really excited to share this with you!
My story is called Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness, and here’s a line to hopefully tempt y’all to subscribe to the book:

Mists SPN short stories teaser-1
Check out the #seasons teasers tag on twitter and tumblr to read more lines from all the other fabulous authors. You can find out more about the project, which hopes to raise lots of money for charity, HERE!
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The lovely herminekurotowa has started a fanworks auction as follows:

Cancer belongs to the worst news a person could get.

bt_kady just had a hysterectomy, and they found tumors in the organs. Hopefully, the biopsy will show that it didn't spread yet. Nevertheless, Kathy has to expect a boatload of medical bills that she won't be able to pay. She has a Gofundme page where you can donate directly, or you can help by participating in the auction, and/or spreading the word among your friends.

I've put in two offers, both the same. Here's the links to mine:
offer #1
offer #2

And here's the main link to the auction if you need more detail or want to make an offer of your own.
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The Warwick Rowers are at it again, raising money for their Sport Allies programme aimed at challenging homophobia.

Check out their video and then visit the website featuring cute naked boys and get details of their latest Crowdfunder.
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As part of GISHWHES (the best part really, in my view), all teams have been asked to help fundraise for Syrian refugee families in dire straits.
I don't care which team you donate under, or if you donate via Random Acts, but if you have a few dollars spare, this is the best of causes.

It's a sad, sorry world, so let's make it a little bit better for someone, hey?

HERE's the link to my Team's page. If you can't afford to give anything, please spread the word.


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Warwick rowers are back on the fundraising trail, getting naked to raise money for Sport Allies - here's a sample of the bonus content from last year's calendar, and a vid of their 2015/16 campaign. Visit their crowdfunder page to get involved!

nsfw pics under the cut )
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Help out a fangirl in need!
Originally posted by [ profile] morganoconner at Buy my stuff, fund my education!
The next step in funding my fall tuition payment, since thus far commissions haven't gotten me far, is selling stuff. The list below is suuuuuuper random and not in any particular order, but I've tried to keep it organized-ish. Eventually, I'll hit ebay if I get no hits here, but ebay takes a sizeable chunk out in fees, which would be nice to avoid if possible.

All prices are negotiable. I've included pictures only for artwork, but I'm happy to take pics of anything else if you'd like them. Feel free to message or e-mail if interested in anything here. I prefer payment via PayPal, but I'm happy to accept a check or money order from anyone in the US if that's easier.

DVDs and blu-rays, video games, CDs )
Toys and figures )
Books )
Fandom-related Artwork )

Okay, that's all I've managed to get through for now. Hopefully something here will interest someone! And of course, if there's nothing here to interest you, but you'd still like to help me fundraise for school, you can find my fundraiser page HERE.

Thanks so much! ♥
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The lovely morganoconner came out of her Supernatural retirement to write me a ficlet! And it's lovely - Sam and Dean in their fifties in the Bunker. Summary: There's something going on with Dean, and all Sam can do is brace himself for the fallout. It's called When shadows all keep breaking free

Read it here - and if you like it, leave a donation to morgan's college fund raiser. Edited to say - if you want to leave her a prompt, she's writing ficlets and you can then donate...
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Tomorrow is a fundraiser for the fight against cystic fibrosis and the plea is to take a selfie wearing something yellow - yay! a Yelfie!

So here's mine a tad early as I have to go to London on an early train tomorrow for a work meeting, and won't have time to post before I go. Also I can't wear my one and only yellow piece of clothing for the meeting because, guess what, it's an SPN shirt! LOL

So anyhow, if you are UK-based and in the mood, donations are by tweeting #CFyelfie and texting 'CFYL14' £3/£5/£10 to 70070.



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