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I haven't done this for a while but for my own reference if nothing else, here's some BB recs so far...
zara_zee's Gladiator, A Love Story
riyku's Fair Winds and Following Seas
clefink's Muse FM
cherie_morte's Shipwreck Between Your Ribs
But as I'm sure everyone was going to read those anyway given that they are all such awesome BB veterans, so how about one possibly less well known
shadow_cat's Untitled Superheroes - that is a pretty damn good superhero romp and I enjoyed it a lot.

Non BB recs - El Dorado by nigeltide. I'm in the middle of this one at the moment and it is really very good. It's an SPN western AU and creates a wonderful sense of the period. Sam and Dean are apparently unrelated and become acquainted early in the fic, and the story so far is a slow burn, watching their relationship develop from Dean's POV. I'm waiting to see if it turns out they are brothers, though so far it looks like it could go either way. Well worth a read!

And a late addition from summergen Children of the Ressurrection
It's a perfectly lovely outsider POV set in season 8, and the outsiders are so well drawn you are pulled into their story quite happily. Winchesters are a bonus!
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 Well bum. I was halfway through a rec post on DW when I stupidly closed the tab. With LJ when it offers to restore from the draft, it works. It doesn't work with DW. All I got back was the title! Argh! *sigh* Starts again...

I have been so busy with weekends away, gallivanting at sci fi conventions and ice hockey, which has meant I've been very remiss over spnspringfling. It's high time I did a rec post, and I'm slipping this in just before the reveals.

Obviously I'll start with my lovely art gift, In Another Life. I can't remember my prompts but I love what this artist did with the idea of another universe where things would be different for our boys, I was also really interested to read other people's comments, because there were different interpretations of the picture. Which is one of the things I love about reversebangs - the way that every picture does tell a story, but that story can vary so much depending on the POV...

I know there were more flings I loved than I'm listing here, but here are a few I remembered to bookmark. In no particular order:

Hear Me : I'm a sucker for a good End!verse fic, and this is certainly a good one.
a rabbit as king of the ghosts : this one sums up the appeal of Springfling in the way it drew me into a pairing I wouldn't normal read (or consider) and made it work. Plus it has some wonderful insights into Sam's psyche that I loved.
we are all somebody's monster : this one is almost a perfect Sam and Dean fic, and the look inside Dean's head is marvellous. I love that after all these years, people are still writing fic that is so inspiring.
Will the Circle be unbroken? : I love the flow of this one, the imagery, the emotion. it's another perfect Sam and Dean fic.

Starcrossed : the artist is obvious and the art is glorious.

There were many more but I don't have time to go back through and I didn't make a note of them at the time, dammit - so apologies if yours isn't here. Hopefully I did remember to comment on all the ones I read. Oh and thanks to anyone who read and liked my offering. Looking forward to the reveals!
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In lieu of a review of the year (which I might get round to when I've fulfilled some pressing deadlines) I thought I might join in the Snowflake Challenge.

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner
So here we are, Day 1 and already outside of my comfort zone - self reccing!
The challenge is to chose three fanworks, so I've gone for fic - all short ones.

1: Quite often when I track back through my stuff, I don't even remember writing it. This short piece is one I'd totally forgotten. It's probably best classified as a gen cuddle fic. The boys dealing with Bobby's death. A Dreamless Sleep - on AO3/ on LJ

2: Sometimes when I track back, I find fics I have not only forgotten writing but that surprise me. Sometimes I'm not a bad writer at all, and manage to write stories I actually find amusing. LOL. The True Meaning of Turning Turtle - a little cracky fun. On AO3 / on LJ

3: And for my final fic, one that got no comments on AO3 but I thought was an interesting idea. 3k of Sam finding a solution to removing the Mark. The God Delusion - on AO3/ on LJ

Fic rec!

Sep. 1st, 2016 03:58 pm
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indiachick was taking prompt requests and I struck gold - go read just breathe and you'll see what I mean!
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Artpost: Carousel of Broken Dreams
Artwork by: me!
Warning/Enticement: Half nekkid Dean, 17 year-old floppy haired Sam
Made for: quicky_bang and yohkobennington's Carousel of Broken Dreams.
Summary: They say revenge is a plate best served cold. Sam and Dean can't wait to have their feast.

I made a thing and it goes like this:
Yokho Circus Poster-1
image intensive post )
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My second wipbigbang art is for loracine's awesome Dark Angel/SPN crossover (my fave type of crossover, why aren't there more of them?) The Sulphur on Your Sleeve.
Click on the banner to go read the fic!
loracine banner-1.2
Read more...and see the piccies! )
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Title: The Lost
Pairing: J2
Warnings: none
Created for phoenix1966's story for spn_meanttobe which will be posted later today
Story link HERE or click on the banner!
The Lost banner-1 700
pics and ramblings under the cut )
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I just read my gift-fic and it's perfect! Lots of angst, emotion, tension and full of love, it's totally wonderful. Jensen is stuck on earth, Jared is lost in space... Superglue - go read it now!

There are a couple of others I've really loved so far, though really just about everything I've read/seen so far I've been impressed by...

  1. Dean has a strange dream in Strange Love. This one is just so perfectly Dean - as he walks through the dream corridor, finding a version of Sam in every room. It tugged at my heartstrings in the best kind of way.

  2. Rufus and Bobby in Heaven - Last Call. This has Rufus' voice down pat, and his POV is excellent, as is the writer's vision of heaven.

But go and check out everything spnspringfling has to offer, because as usual, the standard is pretty damn awesome.
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The lovely fannishliss is offering Valentine ficlets, and she created this wonderfully thoughful and thought-provoking fic about Dean and Amara for me!

Go and read it and leave her some love (and maybe a prompt too!).

title: Life’s but a walking shadow
fandom: Supernatural
pairing: Dean Winchester/Amara
general audiences

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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

Read more... )
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Go read costsofregret's fabulous spn_j2_xmas fic Heart Shot HERE. It features Jensen as a seasoned assassin with Jared as his protegee, and it's awesome. Tense, exciting, funny and everything I could have wished for. Double the hurt, double the fun, that's what I always say...
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I haven't managed to finish my own spn_joystick fill, but at least I did finish this one for sw0rdy 's most excellent re-visioning of Five Nights at Freddy's...Hence the banner!
(story link HERE!)
Freddy diner banner-smaller copy
See more arty things )
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Taking a leaf out of big_heart_june's lexicon - go read this right the fuck now!

The World Has Lost its Wonder.

Warnings: violence, strong language, angst-like-whoa, horror, non linear narrative
Author's Notes: I used a couple of prompts- the Richard Siken one, which I thought was beautiful, and the prompt about Dean and reapers. I hope you like this. Thanks, K, for the quick beta!
Summary: Sam and Dean are on a bloody, meandering road-trip post the Darkness. In a murderous world, the only way to get by is murder--and the only way it's going to end is in blood

Weirdly, I hadn't been looking for my gift-fic up till now, because for some obscure reason, I thought it had been posted right near the start. No idea why I thought that, but I suppose it saved me being disappointed up until now, doesn't it!! So it was a lovely surprise to see my name there, and an even better surprise to find my summergen author has written me the perfect fic. It just hits so many of my buttons it's unreal.

Thank you dear Anon. I have a couple of ideas as to who you might be, but as I'm notoriously bad at this guessing game I'll just sit back and wait for the reveals!

More recs!

Jul. 30th, 2015 04:55 pm
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I thought I'd do a quick rec post for spn_j2_bigbang too, as I've managed to read a few so far, and just finished this one today -

Five stars for Deja Vu by zara_zee. A Space AU that cleverly mixes SPN and RPF in a cracking adventure story. Great work building and back story, lots of tension, lots of twists and the best kind of satisfying ending where Good Prevails. Oh and the art by riverofwind is fantastic too!

This one couldn't be more different than zara_zee's space adventure - Twenty-One Days by ju4jen. I liked this one mostly because of the setting on the Isles of Scilly - the writer creates a real sense of place that is absolutely true to those tiny islands, and gives us a completely believable reason for Jared to be living there.

I also enjoyed this J2 love story by a newbie - Come What Come May by theshyauthor - one for all you incurable romantics.

And finally from my current list (though there may be others I've missed out) there's Astatine by zubeneschamali - it's a sequel to Palladium which gave me an excuse to re-read that one first, of course. You know with zuben you are assured of a cracking story and great world building and this won't disappoint. The art for this one, by necrora, is also brill.
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My second spn_j2_bigbang art post is for a pretty epic fic by winchesterpooja - The Song of the Ravens. I don't use the word epic lightly - pooja's taken on creating an AU after episode 3.15, and an alternate of season 4, with the added twist of the boys being separated. To retell a whole season in a completely new way was no mean task, and I'm looking forward to reading the whole fic uninterrupted as we've both been working up to the wire on this one!
Click on the banner to read the story on AO3
song of ravens banner final
Summary: With barely two weeks remaining for Dean to go to Hell, Sam isn't coping, and Dean is hell-bent on making it all seem like small consequence. After all this, a mysterious string of deaths, and a subsequent case in Texas was all they needed to hammer in the final nail in the coffin. Interfering with this case proves detrimental to Sam and Dean, as they're left looking for each other in ways that they never expected, against odds that they can't even begin to imagine.
Will they find each other in time, or will the circumstances of their separation become an advantage to other evil forces?

The rest of the art:
Lots of art under the cut! )
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spn_bigpretzel have a fic'n'art exchange going on, and I had the pleasure of arting for thursdaysisters's wacky cracky tale of sumptuous weirdness - A Home for Scared Rabbits. Read it HERE!

sam detail
large images under the cut )

Fic rec!

Jun. 7th, 2015 09:22 pm
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Go read this awesome creeptastic SPN ficlet by the talented steeplechasers right away...well, you might want to read it while it's still daylight, I dunno...
but if you like horror, you love this!

Title: midwif
Genre: Horror
Pairing/Characters: Eve, a midwife
Rating: M
Word Count: 2500
Warnings: Graphic descriptions of childbirth/pregnancy/female genitalia. Gore.
Summary: She's delivered hundreds--backwards babies, twisted cords, torn bodies, blood, urine, shit, sweat--she's seen it all. Until Eve.


Apr. 8th, 2015 09:20 am
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Spread the word, boost the signal - new gaming challenge coming soon!
With four sexy as hell banners by the talented chomaisky
no title
Also, to whet your appetite even further, thursdaysisters has written a short macabre Mark of Cain game... you really need to check it out!
Dead Man in the Freezer
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So excited to be doing something different (even though I'm still drawing Jensen, kinda). So I was lucky enough to snaffle the multitalented dollarformyname's most excellent story, Past Today, written for the little known darkangel_bb. So now you know about it, you have to check it out, am I right? Story Master Post is HERE
DABB-Ben and Alec small
The story summary goes like this: Terminal City was abandoned after an attack five years ago, survivors scattered to fend for themselves. Alec's been on his own for a while now, trying to forget what he lost, but then Ben shows up to make him remember in all the wrong ways. After an armed robbery and a city-wide manhunt that results in high-speed chases, gunshot wounds, more dead transgenics, and a hostage situation or two, Alec tracks Ben down to thank him properly.
large images under the cut )
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This is powerful stuff - I had to rec it!
Summary: "You can strip me down to bones and guts and blood, Sam, but you won't find anything new in here."
Warnings for extreme dub con, bottom!Sam

And we'll fly, and we'll fall, and we'll burn


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