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Ok, by the time I post this it will be more than a day late for Fanfic Appreciation Day, but I don't think that really matters - if a fic is good it's not going to lose its lustre if I rec it late!

frozen_delight started this and I stole it from anactoria. Got to say, making a rec post against these criteria is HARD! Picking just one for each category? Nigh on impossible. Regardless, here's the list, followed by my recs.
Share and play...
1. an old fic (posted at least three years ago)
2. a new fic (posted within the last six months)
3. a fic you wish had gotten more attention (less than 50 kudos on AO3 or less than 30 comments on LJ)
4. a genfic
5. a fic focused on a female character
6. a fic which made you see a character in a new light
7. a fic which made you ship something
8. a fic which inspired you to write
9. a fic with a particularly memorable line
10. ??? (Excited to see what categories you come up with!)
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My second art for spn_j2_bigbang is for anactoria's beautifully atmospheric Via Negationis.
I have to apologise to her for being less than prolific - I hadn't realised just how much I rely on last minute races to the finish until this week hit with GISHHWES at the same time and I just ran out of time. So sorry I didn't do any more art for this one, because the fic is awesome.
Click HERE or on the banner to read the fic
Anactoria banner-1

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You have to read this tiny but powerful fic that explores the aftermath of Mary's resurrection. Prepare to be punched right in the feels!
Acting as Mom by ameliacareful. The link takes you to AO3.
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I've got two art posts to make for the spncasefic challenge, plus my own fic! So here's the first of the three, my art for stagepageandscreen's story The Best Things in Life are Free. Read it HERE on AO3!
Part case, part fairy tale, there are kind of spoilers in one of the art pieces (for characters that feature in the story - so don't cross that line if you'd rather know nothing at all about the case before reading).
Best things-1
Here's a close up/detail from the bannerHey! Guess what? Image-heavy post... :D )
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Art Title: Living tattoo
Prompt Number: E3001
Artist: amberdreams

Fic Title: The Age of Foolishness
Author: de_nugis
Fic Link(s): LJ | AO3

My second RB art was claimed by de_nugis (again! How did I get so lucky?) and she's written such a charming story...I can't wait to read the finished article.

I admit, I'm not that happy with the art I did for this - I don't think it does the story justice, but it is what it is.
First, the banner
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Time for some Kevin love with the kevinbb postings starting. I was lucky enough to land Prodigal_anon's Sussing for Truffles story, which not only stars the lovely Kevin Tran, but also features Gabriel and Sam. It's a rather awesome AU where ressurections have happened (yay!) and eveyone is working out what to do next.
Click on the banner to go read the fic, it's well worth a shufty!
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No last minute panic here, nope. Me and cherie_morte paired up to deliver a J2 version of Gounod's Faust for spnopera. cherie is posting a bit later on, I'm posting now because I'm going out later. STORY LINK COMING SOON!
Forever & a Day title-1
The prompt was Faust (by Gounod): Trading his soul to the devil Méphistophélès, Faust transforms back into a handsome young man and the two go off in search of beautiful women and adventure.

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Partly for me, and partly for anyone who hasn't started spn_summergen yet, here's a few of my favourite things so far...

Over the Rainbow - A French Mistake AU where Sam and Dean get stuck and have to live as Jared and Jensen a bit longer. I love all the possibilities the French Mistake threw up, and this fic delivers quite an emotional punch on so many different levels while also not stinting on the sheer comedy of Sam and Dean at a Creation Convention...

The Rose-Colored Glasses of Life - Told through three different POVs, a curtain fic with a difference that had a cumulative slow build in breaking my heart.

"We had an agreement, Giant!" - fab Rowena art - say no more!

Feed the Blood Garden - try this for the novelty of a gaming story and come away with a really cool creepy horror story.

Now Say hello - Another era/trope/whatever you want to call it that I have a real fondness for - Dean all alone after Sam's gone to Stanford. This one is heartwrenching in the best possible way.

and finally, another art piece which is aptly titled Haunted by Another Life - dark and sad and creepy. And Dean and Alastair, which is always made of win.

It's actually hard picking out highlights because as always, the standard is so high...
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Here I am again! Art spamming you with spn_bigpretzel nonsense - but we all need some more fun in our lives, right? firesign10's charming (and I mean in the literal sense --- poor Sammy) ficlet, Of Radishes and Dreams, is the perfect antidote to downheartedness. Go read it forthwith!
And here's the banner art - yup, I'm afraid there are more BUTTS!
of radishes-1.2 crop
large mildy NSFW image under the cut )
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Art number two for this year's spn_bigpretzel's fic'n'art exchange. This one is for zelda_addict's fic Adventures in Deansitting which you can read HERE. The recipient is absenthe_wrae, so I hope they like it!

It's just a banner, but here are a couple of details/teasers
First - baby!Dean
zelda baby Dean icon
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My first art post for spn_meanttobe. Yay for all the romance! Check out firesign10 yummy rich young Jared and bodyguard Jensen HERE - because who could resist such a delicious combo? I know I couldn't....

guardian of my heart banner
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Fic rec!

Apr. 13th, 2015 02:37 pm
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I'm very slowly catching up on my reading and have to point y'all to this poignant ficlet written for me by twisted_slinky. It was for spnspiration's April Fool's challenge, and I'm ony sorry I have taken so long to get round to finding it and reading it, because it's just lovely.

Title: Go Fly a Kite, Sam Winchester
Author: twisted_slinky
Summary: Kevin has happy memories. That's not the problem. 1st Person POV.
Prompt: Sam & Kevin, "fly that kite, boys"
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Here it is, my final spn_reversebang for this year! It's been a bit of a struggle to get this one done - both for me and for my lovely author souslelys. It was fated from the start I think. I threw the original prompt piece together at the last minute because I suddenly had this idea about an invisible man type story, and what fun that could be. Then poor souslelys had work and studying and exams, so it's all been a rush to finish. So I've only just done one more piece to go with the story, which I got done today...
But we got there in the end! It's all good...right? :D
Now you need to go and read the story as one of the pics is a bit spoilery!

LINK to story HERE or click on the banner
Invisible Men RBB 3 banner

large images under the cut )

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spn_reversebang number 2 - did you all hear me squealing with delight when I saw one of my entries had been claimed by de_nugis AGAIN?! Two RBBs in a row - woot!
You will want to read this story more than once, I promise. Click on the banner to savour the deliciousness. Or HERE
de nugis Tenancy banner

So - to the artings. (NB alternate art link on AO3)

This was the original prompt and starting point for the story
2014 RBB 2 small
I left it completely open as to whether Sam knew what was going on in his hair or not, and how those little critters got there. And what they might be!
jar divider 2000
This became a divider, but this represents the first time Sam encounters the creatures.
Poor Dean isn't sure what to make of it all...
de_nugis Dean nil Bird 1
Some detail from the pics
crow detail
bunker dragon square
This idea was blatantly stolen from Harry Potter's Mischief Managed Map...
bunker map Sam square
And the process part:
The original picture of Sam was drawn partly in pencil and partly in PS6, which was a tactical error because I never quite managed to blend the two parts properly. Basically the hair and the critters were in pencil, photographed then added to the rest of Sam in PS. The background is a photo of a Celtic gold-plated disc, from Auvers-sur-Oise, with a texture applied to give it those subtle colours.
The map was constructed from a plan of UIC Campus which I stretched and distorted using GIMP because I haven't worked out how to do that in PS yet, then laid over a texture called papyrus from I used that one in the jar of creatures divider too, because it it so lovely. I drew the footprints and the scrolls and wrote on those in PS, and I drew the wee dragon in pencil on paper and photographed him to add him to the overall pic. Dean, and the critters in the jars, were drawn in biro on paper then photographed, and the jar was a Soviet mayonnaise jar photo I found on an image search. Ta da!

The drawings:

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My first post for sammybigbang (fic comes next with the marvellous chomaisky). I had SO much fun with this one - when I saw the summary was recreating Hercules labours in an SPN story, I was in!
So I was very happy to snag the prompt and get to work with lan_ri. You can go and read her story via HERE on tumblr, or click on the banner to go straight to AO3.
Sam's labours 1 2000
Be aware - there are spoilers in the art (but not so much if you already know your Labours of Herakles/Hercules!)
Images and ramblings under the cut )
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A very Happy Birthday to my lovely GISHWHES team captain and all round fabulous person dean_hugs_sammy. She has recently joined LJ and is posting all her stories on here and on AO3 after years on clunky old - which means - tah dah! ART!

Broken for Elisa face tease Broken for Elisa hand tease

Large images under the cut )

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The lovely morganoconner came out of her Supernatural retirement to write me a ficlet! And it's lovely - Sam and Dean in their fifties in the Bunker. Summary: There's something going on with Dean, and all Sam can do is brace himself for the fallout. It's called When shadows all keep breaking free

Read it here - and if you like it, leave a donation to morgan's college fund raiser. Edited to say - if you want to leave her a prompt, she's writing ficlets and you can then donate...
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There are a ton of other things I should be doing, but I read this fic by kalliel for the first time this week,and it made an impression on me. So much so, I was left l with a burning urge to illustrate one particular scene... so here it is. NB it is kind of spoilery, but not, because you can't tell what happens next, or how he got there, or even what is really
Kalliel teaser
Large image under the cut )
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If you read nothing else today, read this. fleshflutter wrote In the Mouth of Winter for me and it's wonderful. Even if you don't normally read Avengers/Thor/Loki fics, read this, you won't be disappointed. Summary: After Loki inadvertently makes Thor the vessel of his magic, Thor gets very ill, so Loki has to make sure he doesn’t die before Loki’s got his magic back.
It's 7K words of awesomeness. It's Gen-fic, but the kind where you can read into it what you wish.
Click on Loki to go to AO3 to read.
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So cordelia_gray prompted me thusly: a long time ago de_nugis wrote me a birthday fic about Sam and Dean settling down with Sam still damaged by the Wall in his head, and Dean gets drunk one night and picks a fight with some Canada geese in a park. And I would love so much to have art for it.
Your wish is my command...

And what a joy this was - one of my favourite authors and favourite ficlets - it's hard to say what was a bigger treat for whom!
Teaser #1

Teaser #2

Large NSFW image under the cut )


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