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Challenge 8 is to try doing some art using your non dominant hand.

I don't think I've tried drawing left handed since I was at school so this was interesting!
Especially as I forgot that using the left hand I should have started the picture on the right and worked across, instead of on the left - which meant I spent most of the time trying to lift my hand to avoid smudging the damn thing!
It's supposed to be Captain America. The other interesting thing, apart from how wobbly my hand is, drawing lines, is how basically I made the same errors I do with my right hand. His face is still too long and thin... It was actually easier to control the pencil when I held it on its side more.
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I only realised after I jumped on this one that I'd done a quicky_bang for zubeneschamali before, so I hope this isn't too much, going for a second one!
2017 QB Zuben pirate-1 crop
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I'm going to the London Film & Comic Con on Saturday and am getting an autograph from a certain actor - so I thought I'd try using the new pastels on coloured paper techniques to create something for him to sign. But, dear flisties, does this look enough like him to ask him to sign it?
All concrit gratefully received.

If it is recognisable and not too awful, I'll use this. If it needs tweaking I can have a go. If it's not good enough I'll start again. The colours haven't photographed quite right, this makes it look like there's a lot of white on his face that isn't so glaring on the drawing. (I think/hope).

Over to you guys!
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Our first week's challenge for [community profile] DRAWESOME  is to start from a curve and do something fannish.

Curve for DW Draw-1.1 crop
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Could be a cool and fun thing to do...

Drawesome on DW
[community profile] drawesome: A Drawing Community for Fan-Artists

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My second art for sammybigbang was for themegalosaurus's sad and creepy Still Life.
First the banner (click on the banner to read the story on AO3)
megalosaurus banner-1

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The sketchbooking class has been interesting - I can't say I'm enjoying everything we're doing but it is certainly great for pushing me outside my comfort zone! The last few of weeks he's been getting us to look at uses of colour to imply distance, suggest relationships between objects and create interest. The three pictures below are the results of my efforts.
First was an attempt to show distance through shades of colour. I'm not sure that what I did followed his instructions, because he was talking about using bluer shades for the more distant objects, and I didn't do that. The painting is pretty naff, but I did enjoy messing about with these colours.Lots of images (incl some NSFW) under the cut )
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Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner
Day 7: In your own space, create a fanwork.

I wasn't going to do this one but I got fed up of my unco-operative Sammy BB, so I thought I'd have a go on PS with a scratchy brush. Et voila, Sketchy Sam.drawing under the cut )


Jan. 4th, 2017 02:48 pm
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Added water to the watercolour pencils...
And it retained some of the pencil texture. Nice. No colour in the irises yet, or freckles...
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My mum got me a huge tin of Inktense coloured pencils and they are lovely! I'm just playing with them in the hour of daylight we got today (hate December for the shortness of the days) and I haven't tried watercolourifying them yet. Part of me doesn't want to, because I love the texture, but then again what's the point of watercolour pencils if you aren't brave enough to add water? LOL
Anyhow. Here's where I'm at so far. Thanks, Mum!see the pics )
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I wanted to try a clean line style drawing so started this one without any references - which is why he's ended up not awfully Dean/Jensen-like. Never mind. I've inked the outline now and am wondering what exactly to do next with him.
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Sketchbooking class was fun last night though I'm not sure I ended up with the kind of page I was supposed to - well it didn't look much like anyone else's, any way. But I enjoyed myself.
The idea was to explore how a page could provide future inspiration and also to look at fitting a number of different unconnected images onto the page. Steve brought this box of miscellaneous oddments again, and some pcitures from magazines, and I ended up with the wee vase, a fox and a lacrosse match. When I'd finished with those three, I got another couple of pics to fill the spaces, and then we ran out of time.Read more... )

Art spam

Oct. 26th, 2016 03:42 pm
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I never caught up with Inktober, so I think I'll just keep the prompt list and gradually fill up my little book as I get inspired. In the meantime, my weekly sketchbooking course continues. This week there was no class because it's half term, so I met up with Debbie, the lady I first met on the free walking sketching day.

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I got to work with the lovely and talented non_tiembo_mala on this spn_cinema - a revisting of The Bourne Identity with Jensen as Bourne.
We both managed to get in a few muddles over posting dates and I confused her even more by sending her the wrong art all together, but yay! We made it.
Links to the fic - LJ and AO3
Banner with text
Bourne Banner-1.1
Banner without textRead more... )
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I missed yesterday because I was busy trying to finish off another Knight design, but this is the image I thought of for yesterday's theme of transport, so I'll post as if I met the target LOL.
And yes, it is a little nekkid faerie Jensen. In case you were wondering.Read more... )art spammage ahead )
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Somewhat predictable, maybe? Especially after going through a pile of old schoolbooks this morning. Horses used to be one of my staple doodles.
And no SPN flavour today!
Because I'm a bit more organised today you get a preview/closeup:Read more... )
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I just found out (a bit late) about this drawing challenge called Inktober. There seem to be several prompt lists so I might try some different ones, but this is the 'official' one from the guy who started it off.Read more... )
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Happy birthday edina_clouds128!

Hope you don't mind this has been recycled, but I wanted to play a bit more with Circus!Dean.

image under the cut )

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Taking a break from all the things I should be doing, I've done this work, inspired by kassidy62's moving alternative Season 4 vignette for the quicky_bang. You can read the fic here - it's only 1000 heartbreaking words long.
NB this is an interpretation not a literal scene from the fic but I hope you still like it, kassidy62!
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wedraweveryday A weekly task from February - I'm catching up very slowly! Though strictly speaking this wasn't following the task as given because I just drew it in PS using PS pencil brushes and didn't go through the steps.

Eyes practice


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