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I suddenly got the drabble bug today. It's been a while!

Drabble 1:
The only way to stop it is to jump off
SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word:  lock
Warnings: None
Summary: The Winchesters have all made decisions, made sacrifices based on the overwhelming love they have for each other. Sooner or later and over and over, they reach that tipping point…

Where is the pivot point? There on the seesaw, when you’re walking up the slope, at what point does the weight of the love you’re carrying become too much and the balance alter, locking into that steep, sudden downward motion that’ll tip you onto the ground? You’ll fight to stay on your feet, but the odds are that when the end of the plank hits, you’ll be thrown into oblivion.

You can’t work it out; the mathematics are beyond your capabilities, but as you feel your way uphill, inch by inch, your muscle-memory will sense the moment when it comes.

There’s a ghost in the kitchen
SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word:  lock
Warnings: None
Summary: A moment of domesticity in the Bunker.

Mary Winchester is in the bunker’s kitchen, making sandwiches.

It’s both familiar and foreign, watching the swift sure movements of her hands as she slices tomatoes, builds layers of fillings, cuts the crusts off…
She pauses, knife hovering, suddenly uncertain and lost. Dean knows she’s remembered her little boys aren’t babies any more. He leans forward wearing his best disarming grin to tuck a stray lock of golden hair behind her ear.

He steals a sandwich while she’s distracted, ignoring Sam’s vocal disgust about chewing with his mouth open. He’s just happy the sparkle’s back in Mary’s eyes.
“Thanks, Mom.”
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Don’t Stop Believing

Episode Reaction Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Episode:  S11E09
Warnings: Spoilers for the episode.
Summary: Between them, the Darkness and the Devil might just break the Winchesters into pieces.


Dean should have known better.

Deep inside him fear was building like water behind a dam. What if the reason Amara didn’t steal his soul was because she already owned it? What if he’d already lost?

It’s not that he really believed an ordinary steel blade would work against an elemental force older than the universe. It’s just that he had to do something, try anything to assert control, pretend he retained some ability to think and act independently, that he was still fighting on the right side.

He did know better, but it didn’t stop him wanting to believe.


Sam should have known better.

Why had he thought that God, silent for so long, would suddenly decide to speak directly to him? It’s not that he’d thought he was something special, not at all, but he might have hoped, just a tiny bit. The calm that came with the delusion was such a comfort, he hated to let it go.

But now he had to face the truth.  It was Lucifer in the cracks, leaking through the hairline fractures in his Cage and through the gaping fissures in Sam’s mind.

Now he knew better, and he finally stopped believing.


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I don't know why, but this episode felt more satisfying than the season opener. Anywho - drabbling!

Title: Running on Empty
Words: 3 x 100
Summary: A drabble each for Dean, Crowley and Sam
Read more... )
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War amongst the rebels

SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word:  mad
Warnings: None
Summary: Castiel is carrying more than souls inside him, there are darker things contributing to his God delusion.


Red mist descends. Everything is red – crimson, carmine, alizarin – blood. Who’d have thought madness would look as beautiful as this; like a hundred glowing sunsets across the sedimentary layers of the Grand Canyon.

Ironic, really, when its origins lie in the molten tar-blackness of the thousands of leviathans that squirm inside him.

Red clears to crystal blue. Finally Castiel can see the destruction he’s wrought – dark shadowed wings burnt into grass no longer fresh and green.

He waits for the horror that never comes; then after a moment, he smiles.

God looks on his creation and it is good.


 This next one is part of a set of six, all by different writers - you can read the set on

Donut Fear

SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word:  mad
Summary: Sheriffs Mills and Hanscomb join the Winchesters, Castiel and Crowley on a haunted train.


The train whistle screeches as they enter a tunnel.

Donna’s not scared. Nope. She can cope with a simple ghost hunt, you betcha. It’s no worse than dealing with Joe Wiggins when he gets drunk on a Saturday night.

She follows Jody’s lead, searching the carriage for anything this ghost might be attached to. She doesn’t know what happened to the Winchesters, but the tense set of Jody’s shoulders speaks volumes.

Guess they shouldn’t have made the ghost mad. She’d been close to shoving Dean’s over-protective ass off the train herself, mind.

Not until after he’d shared his donuts though.


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I wanted to write something Sam-based. This kind of is that.

Title: Bipolar
Words: 200
Warnings: Spoilers for S10E14 The Executioner's Song
Summary: Dean sees one thing, Sam sees another.

Dean sees one thing, Sam sees another. That’s how it’s always been – a unifying feature of their bond, and at the same time a divisor.

Dean sees Cain fall into darkness, willingly choose to pick up the mantle of murderer in order to do the right thing. Ridding the world of the taint of his sin. Dean sees his own fall as inevitable now. Cain drew the parallel, pointed out all the places where he and Dean touch; then the Blade sheared Dean’s hope away.

Sam sees Cain fail, but Sam understands something Dean doesn’t – that Cain is not a Winchester. Sam sees Dean living Cain’s life in reverse, but knows Dean’s heading towards a different ending, because Sam knows his brother. Dean has been shaped by love and loyalty all his life. Who knows what shaped Cain? It’s so long ago it’s lost in the mists of time. Whatever it was that froze his heart, Cain hasn’t lived the life Dean’s lived, or died the deaths Dean’s died.

Cain killed Abel at the start of his journey, and that crime, that pain, shaped the demon Cain became.

It’s these differences that will matter in the end.

Sam has faith.
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I managed a drabble reaction after all! Woot!

Title: A Damp Squib
Words: 100
Summary: After their conversation in the car outside 810 Downs Drive, Sam does some thinking.

A Damp Squib

The Impala eats up the miles, and the falling night swallows any conversation that might linger. The cassette tape unspools the usual mix of Metallica and Zeppelin and nothing stops Sam thinking.

Dean isn’t giving up. Dean’s just doing what Sam wants – looking to himself for a solution.

Except to Sam it sounds exactly like giving up. Like the same fatalistic bullshit Dean espoused before his deal was due. Like the man with terminal cancer stopping his chemo. Maybe there’s good reason for stoicism, but Dean is overlooking one important fact.

If the Mark isn’t defeated, Dean will become Cain.
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Yep, it's Sunday drabble time...

SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100

Challenge word: scale

Warnings: Season 10 spoilery(ish)

Summary: Sometimes reassurance feels a bit hollow.


Sam says – the Mark, everything else. We’ll figure it out, we always do.

Inside Sam hears an echo, hollow as a brass bell. I won’t let you die, Dean. You won’t go to Hell.

The Dean in that ghost of another time was younger, more hopeful – yet even so Dean didn’t believe Sam could save him.

Dean hears a different echo, sees Sam’s haggard face, trial-worn. Hey, listen, we’ll figure it out, okay, just like we always do. Let it go, brother.

Both of them wait to see which side of Blind Justice’s scales will tip them out this time.


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Took a second watch to get my hook...

Title: Being Dean
Words: 100
Summary: Dean had a chance to be re-made. He blew it.

Fourteen again. Raging hormones, a body too slight for a man’s fighting style, a voice that slipped up a register with embarrassing frequency – all weighed against a chance to start over, to be clean again.

To be someone who isn’t defined by negative space. Who doesn’t consist of the four elements:

I can’t do this any more
I don’t deserve love
I’m too tired
I’m not worth it

He entertains the notion for an hour, maybe more, before the kid he was fails, just like he’s always done.

So what’s the point of clinging to hope?

He squeezes the hex-bag.

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Not Batman
SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word:  squirm
Warnings: F bomb, slight spoiler for S10E11
Summary: Dean promises Charlie he’ll do anything to make up for what he did to her dark side. He’s not expecting to have to LARP as Etrigan the rhyming demon.


“This is stupid. I can’t do this!”
“Dean, it has to rhyme. Come on, you promised. You’re Etrigan while Sam is Dream.”
“Okay, but how come I have to be all yellow and rhyming, while Sam just spikes his hair up…”
Sam and Charlie both stare at him expectantly, and Dean realises he has to find a fucking rhyme now. Dammit!
“…while whining.” Dean grinned. Maybe he could have fun with this LARPing crap after all.
“Very funny, Dean,” Sam pouted.
“Yeah! Gonna make you squirm like a…a…pachyderm!”
Charlie exchanged a look with Sam – perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

A/N The demon Etrigan and Dream are characters from Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman (and appear in other places). Etrigan speaks in rhyme…

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Thought I'd better get my reaction post done before I read too many other reactions! So here it is, my 100 word drabble reaction.
Warnings: Dean POV and voice - swearing!
Summary: A conversation Dean would probably never have with Sam.

Dean Winchester, Ancient Mariner

Water, water, every where,
And all the boards did shrink;
Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink.

Albatross, huh? You’ve got the wing-span for the job, that’s true.

They gonna tie you round my neck, Sammy? Because that might be justice, y’know?

I might never have been the one to stick the knife in, or push you over the edge, but I sure as hell have been responsible for snuffing out that spark in you -- over, and over.

You were the one who sailed me out of the doldrums, who pushed me when I didn’t have the strength or the will to go on.

Fuck, Sammy, you big girl -- you are the wind beneath my wings.
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Soul Train
SPN100 Drabble: word count 100
Challenge word:  train
Warnings: More a prompt than a fic, I feel... Oh and swearing.
Summary: You don't have to hurry on a soul train ride.
You don't have to worry, let your troubles slide.
Dancin' to the music, maybe we can travel till we're out of sight,
Yeah, and everything'll be all right..
. Or when you are a Winchester, maybe not.

Dean worked his way through the train, carriage by carriage, his desperation increasing with every step. A guy in an expensive-looking suit stood up to get a drink from the on-board catering, take a piss - who knew, who fucking cared. Dean shoved him out of the way, ignoring the shout of outrage and the disapproving looks from the other passengers.

All he cared about was that none of them was Sam.

When he found the game, Sam’s hand was hovering over the pile of chips that represented his soul, ready to push them across the green baize.

“Sam! No…”

A/N lyrics from Soul Train by Classic IV

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I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do a fic-episode reaction initially, but the broken mirror scene (a nice shout out to Sam's Lucifer mirror scene, I thought) resonated, and so drabbles occurred.

Title: The Scales of Justice
Words: 200 (2 drabbles)
Summary: Dean's POV, followed by Sam's POV. No real spoilers for the episode.

The Scales of Justice

Dean’s mirror is cracked from side to side, reflecting his fractured soul. He looks at the worn features of a face he recognises as his own, but the man who stares back is nobody he knows.

Challenging, accusing, so full of rage.

He’s always had the face of a killer, but he’d taken comfort in knowing that the endings he dealt were righteous. Better his hand wielding the knife than some innocent – that way he kept some other soul out of Hell.

Now everything’s sullied. Even if the Mark is banished, Dean will never be forgiven.

Dean remembers Death’s judgement.


The river ends at its source.

Cryptic words from a lying mouth.  Even if this conundrum can be deciphered, would they be able to trust any solution offered?

Metatron. God’s Scribe and conniver; another angel who excels at deception, who revels in manipulation, and is probably better at it than any demon.

The green tiles in the bunker’s corridors reflect nothing, their empty silence offers no solution.

This river of blood began when Cain murdered Abel. Sam hopes fratricide isn’t the source they are searching for, though he’d die to save Dean if he had to.

Sam remembers Death’s compassion.

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Apropos of nothing, I present to you a brace of drabbles.

Merry… Kiss Cas?
E/O Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word: star
Warnings: Lots of implied and actual kissing
Summary: Christmas in the bunker – nobody’s dead or particularly demonic but Castiel is puzzled. Why does everyone want to kiss him?

Accepting the Winchesters’ invitation to a Christmas party should not have been this hazardous, Castiel thought. He dodged Charlie’s flailing arms, only to smack into Kevin. Who promptly climbed Cas like a tree to plant a huge, rather sloppy kiss on Castiel’s cheek.

‘Lemme, ‘s my turn!” Charlie tugged at Kevin who slid down on top of her to form a giggling heap on the floor.

In the background Crowley was belting out Star of Wonder with Sam, demonstrating an excruciating lack of harmony.

Cas tried to make his getaway, only to walk into Dean’s arms.

“Mistletoe crown, Cas? Really?”


Chuck’s Legacy
E/O Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word: star
Summary: Sheriffs Hanscom and Mills get snowed in. Luckily Jody has brought something good to read.

“Snow’s gotta be three feet deep. There’s no way we’re going anywhere until the ploughs arrive in the morning.”

Jody helped Donna bank the fire nice and hot before pulling a couple of paperbacks out of her bag.

The two sheriffs sat in companionable silence, broken only by the rustle of pages turning, until Jody gave a great guffaw.

“Oh man, ‘like staring into the sun’, Dean, really?”

“Gonna read Tall Tales next. Mine’s a bit sad, they’re just drinking beer and staring at the stars.”

“Yeah, those boys. Killing you with laughter one minute, killing your heart the next.”

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If you can stand any more angst...

E/O Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word:  snow
Warnings: Angst – sorry! Spoilers for Season 10.
Summary: Sam’s thoughts as he deals with the aftermath of Dean’s killing spree.

Sam holds his brother’s blood-spattered face in both hands.

Tell me you had to do it, tell me you had no choice.

Sam’s Stone Number One is sand-blasted, wind-scoured, frost-shattered. The next winter’s snow-blanket might cover the cracks for a while, but come the thaw Dean’s going to crumble into dust and be lost on the breeze.

And what will Sam do then?

This time it will take more than an injured dog to prevent Sam from breathing in and in, and never breathing out – stop him taking Dean’s debris deep into his lungs and allowing it to choke him.

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Title: Gone Fishing
Words: 100
Summary: There's a lake Dean goes sometimes.

There’s a lake where Dean goes sometimes, to think about fishing. He doesn’t actually fish, of course. It’s not buying the right equipment that stops him, it’s the indulgence it would embody. The peace it would bring him. He doesn’t deserve it.

So he stands by the water’s edge, casting a line in his mind’s eye, watching the imaginary ripples spread across the mirror smooth surface.

Sam thinks he goes out to get drunk, so he does that too. After. He doesn’t want to disappoint. If he could, he’d bring Sam a nice shiny fish - he’d bring Sam the world.
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It seems that, for all my grumbling, this episode gave me the FEELs. So here's drabble #2 which is a cheating double.

Title: all I need's a whisper in a world that only shouts
Warnings: Dream sequence, spoilers

Read more... )
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What now, folks? What next for our boys? Maybe this.
A drabble reaction in picture form.Read more... )
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A further episode reaction drabble - especially for Thanksgiving. Thank you for being lovely Flisties.
So it's happy, right? Nah. Angsty as hell. Sorry!

Title: Happy Thanksgiving, Sam Winchester.
Words: 100

Sam’s thankful. No, he really is.

But -- and isn’t there always a but? -- that doesn’t mean he’s happy. He’s not blind. He can see what’s happening, and is helpless to prevent it, or even divert its relentless progress towards an ending that will not be a good one.

When Dean says he’s unsalvageable, Sam wants to rage and rant and deny it all, but he doesn’t. Because deep down, he knows it’s probably true. But he’ll carry on searching for an exit he doesn’t believe exists.

And it’s killing him slow and certain as a cancer of the soul.
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Title: Caroline
Words: 100
spnspiration bingo square: future tense


One day you will come home.

Your husband will look at you with anxiety through the tears in his eyes, and you won’t know whether he will forgive you, but you will hope. His tender embrace on the doorstep will give you that much.

In the days to come, you will wonder about that damaged angel, Castiel, and what he will do now he’s all alone. Sometimes, as you rebuild your broken life, you will remember Hannah. You will feel anger for her theft of a year, but take comfort from knowing that through you, an angel learned to love.

Title: Death Warmed Up
Words: 77

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the damndest of them all?

Dean stares into the glass for a long time. His skin is too pale, nothing looks right.

What does the mirror see?

Nothing. The damned.

Cuts that don’t bleed. Bruises with the lividity of several days dead on a man still walking and talking and desperate to feel alive.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the deadest of them all?

Dean thinks it might be him.


On another note, I totally called Rowena as Crowley's mum the minute she opened her mouth and that Scottish accent came out. I'm gutted they revealed it so quick! LOL
Hannah! Damn. I guess this means we won't see her in that form again and I really liked that actress.  I was thoroughly engaged with that whole episode, most enjoyable. But did you notice how different Dean's injuries were compared to Cole? Hence the drabblette.
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I apologise in advance for this one being so miserable. I wanted to write a sexy car-washing fic but this happened instead.

Car Wash

E/O Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word: paint
Warnings: Angst
Summary: The Impala is clean, inside and out. Can the same be said for Dean?

:: paint my body red - with blood, with rage
paint my heart black with the taint of sin
then scrub me clean again
if you can ::

Sam finds Dean outside, bare arms covered in grease and a ready smile on his face. The gleam in his eyes is brighter than the Impala’s new-burnished paintwork.
Who’d have thought black could dazzle the senses so?

Sam’s eyes avoid the rawness of Dean’s scarred forearm, as if by not seeing the Mark he can forget about the different, empty dark that had filled Dean’s eyes before.
Caring without sharing – it’s the Winchester way.



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