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Spoilers - goes without saying, right?

Title: Not Watership Down
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Title: Drowning
Words: 100
Summary: Sam's at Stanford, Dad's god knows where, and Dean's on the road.

Dean’s a mid-west boy. He knows straight roads and vast expanses of corn so intimately, he sings Oklahoma songs inside his head, where Sam can’t hear and mock. Not that Sam can hear him singing anyway, seeing as how Sam’s in California and Dean? Dean isn’t.

Dean drives, because that’s what he does. He kills monsters; sometimes they throw him around and he has to stop a while to patch himself up before he can slide back into his Baby, but that’s okay. He’s fine on his own. He is.

Sometimes, though, Dean dreams up an ocean to drown in.
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A Sam POV Season 11 finale coda in 100 words

Black Holes and Revelations

Sam, a detached observer, watches Mary Winchester’s first tentative steps in her new life.

What did it say about Dean that Amara dug deep into the scorched earth remains of Dean’s psyche and found, not a warrior and survivor, but a frightened four-year-old child that craved hugs?

And what did it say about Sam that he sees Dean’s barely contained joy at Mary’s presence, Dean’s eagerness to please her, his inability to understand her fear and discomfort, and yet felt nothing but the need to step back, keep his distance?

Even Mary could not fill the gap left by God.
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I think you and I share a love of amnesia fics so here's a little amnesia drabble for you. Happy Birthday frozen_delight!

Title: Forgetting to remember
Words: 100
Summary: Speculation on how the Darkness could be affecting Dean.

Forgetting to remember

In the Darkness remembering should be easier, no distractions.

So why is it that with each dawn he remembers less and less?

She comes to him when the sun sets and the lights go off. She’s so beautiful, swathed in night.

When the rays of the sun wake him, she departs. She never forgets to take a little memento with her when she goes. Sometimes it’s insignificant – the taste of candyfloss; the way the spun sugar melts on your tongue; its pinkness, like 1960s lipstick.

Other times she leaves gaping wounds behind.

Who will Dean be when she takes Sam?
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Now with a really cool banner by the lovely milly_gal! Thanks babe, you're making this drabble look good!
by milly_gal
Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word:  cast
Warnings: Season 11 spoilers
Summary: Dean will do anything to get Sam out of the Cage with Lucifer.


Lucifer strokes Sam’s hair. It’s so soft, so silky. So long, so much to get hold of.

Lucifer’s missed his plaything. For too long he’s languished in that prison with his brother, with no entertainment since Michael’s compromise-vessel disintegrated, taking its sad little soul along with it.

He enjoys the way Sam flinches away from his tongue as he licks up salty tears from Sam’s cheek.

“Sammy, our roles were cast a long time ago, why fight the inevitable? You were made for me…”

“He’s Sam, not Sammy, douchebag, and I’ve got a better idea.”

That’s when Dean says yes.

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Title: Arnica for the Soul
Words: 100
Summary: Some ruminations on Dean, and irony. A thought planted in my head by a throwaway line in kalliel's lovely ruminative ficlet Heartland.

Arnica for the Soul

For someone who held the title of Righteous Man (however briefly), Dean was rarely, if ever, right.

He’d been wrong to think Sam wouldn’t leave, wrong to think Dad didn’t care about Sam being gone.

He’d been wrong to think Dad would never lie die, that all monsters were irredeemable, that black was always black.

He’d been wrong to think any sacrifice would ever be enough, that destiny could be fucked in the face.

He’d been wrong about so much; heart-hurt from the sharp angles of his errors.

So it was probably wrong to think the Darkness soothed his pain.
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Breaking Glass
SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word: pillow
Warnings: None.
Summary: Where the heck is God anyway?


Breaking Glass

I live in a glass house but I can’t stop throwing stones
It makes it really hard to hide.
Before all the windows shatter, I turn invisible, slip through the cracks.
God has left the building.

For a long time, a bed of scented flowers pillow my head,
I sleep like the dead
The world turns without me.
My children live, die and fight like they always did,
Nobody notices my absence except me.

I wake, only to find my children can make a mess all by themselves.

Time to throw a few more stones, break a little more glass.
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Title: What Goes Around Comes Around
Words: 100
Warnings: Spoilers. Obviously.
Summary: Amara knows all about betrayal and the power of patience.
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A season 11 Episode 5 drabble

: Heart of Darkness
Words: 100

Saving people, hunting things.

Dean wasn’t sure where or when that mantra had gotten lost, warped, distorted by static into not caring any more.

“We save people, Dean, remember?”

But he didn’t remember. When he tried, reaching back for the man he’d been, there was nothing there. The words slipped through his fingers like water, leaving a shining residue that was useless for quenching his thirst.

Sam’s face was all concern and worry, and Dean wanted to show Sam. He wanted to crack open his own chest, spread his ribs and expose the emptiness inside where the Darkness was hiding.
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SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word:  tickle
Warnings: None
Summary: In the 1860s, Cain’s life changed.

Cain was drawn to conflict. It was natural as breathing to seek war and wade in the blood of slaughter; but something was different this time. He felt it, the slightest of touches, a mere tickle against the thickness of his skin.


This was a rare thing, this civil war – a just war. Brother fought brother in a way he found heart-wrenchingly familiar, but their blood soaking the soil repulsed him.
Then he met a woman whose level gaze pierced his soul, and he fell in love for the first time.

The howls of the Mark finally went unheeded.

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Sorry about the drabble spam! LOL

Yesterday's effort could have been either of them when I started writing it, but I do tend to gravitate towards Dean, so that was where it ended up. But this morning I was thinking about the difference between the two boys, in their numbness and disconnection, and so I had to write a Sam one too.

S11 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Episode 3: The Bad Seed
Warnings: Spoilerish for the episode.
Summary: Sam is lost.

Time was everything was crystal clear, full of certainty. He’d made tough decisions, cut through unbreakable ties with surgical precision, woven new ones that should’ve lasted forever.

But that new fabric went up in flames with Jess, and he and Dean had stitched themselves back together, stronger than before.

So why does he feel Dean’s so far away, so blurred at his edges, so hard to distinguish from the background wallpaper of saving people, hunting things?

Sam longs for Dean’s warm arm slung round his shoulder, Dean’s hand outstretched to pull him up.

He wants his brother (his life) back.


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I thought I would carry on attempting at least a drabble per episode, even though this one wasn't all that inspiring for me. Please note, this is how I feel about Dean and Sam at the moment, it doesn't necessarily reflect what the show thinks it's giving us.

S11 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Episode 3: The Bad Seed
Warnings: Spoilerish for the episode.
Summary: Dean is disconnected.

Time was he felt too much, too deeply. Made bad decisions (feeling so faithless, lost under the surface), drove too hard, too far, until he fell off the edge of the world.

Now he’s straining for every emotion (just caught in the undertow), failing to reconnect with his brother, whether with anger or hurt or that all-consuming love that led him to Hell.

He sees the fear in Sam’s eyes when the truth about the Book and Rowena comes out, but all he feels is numb. He’s on autopilot, fighting solely through instinct, without the passion that defines – defined – him.

A/N lyrics & title from Linkin Park - Numb
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So it might not have been the best season opener ever, I might not have been totally grabbed by the heart strings or invested at the time - but thinky thoughts still ensued so...drabble.

words: 2 x 100
warnings: Season 11 premier spoilers

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Planning is Overrated

SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100

Challenge word: bend

Warnings: None

Summary: The best laid schemes o' mice an' men an' Archangels gang aft agley. Azazel and Lucifer are about to learn this lesson.

Life's never straightforward. There's always a bend in the road, a meander in the river, a kink in your planned Apocalypse.

Wait, what? Rewind a minute. Nothing and nobody's gonna mess with Lucifer's design. All the pieces are in place. The Righteous Man's in Hell, about to crack open wider than the Enigma Code, taking the first seal down with the last of his innocence. Sam Winchester's primed like a pistol, ready to aim at the final seal when the time is right, crazy on grief and demon blood. Lilith stands ready, throat bared for sacrifice.

What could go wrong?

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Not an ugly duckling

Word count: 100
Warnings: Original fic, gore

Bird was a stick thin kid who grew up pretty. By the time Bird turned fourteen Luka called him his Swan, but the orderlies nicknamed him Twink. They wanted Bird to put those pink lips to good use; he had a better idea. When Archie Brown stuck his fat dick into Bird’s mouth, Bird didn’t gag on the blood - he just bit down as hard as he could.
“See?” he said, through perfect red stained teeth. “I swallow.”
Luka laughed as they ran, leaving the screams behind.
“You’re no swallow, Bird,” he said. “You’re a sparrow turned into a hawk.”


So I was thinking of a back story for a couple of psycho killing lovers and this came up.
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Stone Heart

Warnings: None
Summary: Season 10 – Sam is haunted by the CCTV footage of Dean’s demon eyes.

In the ancient church, darkness gathers under rounded arches. Blind statues stare.
Stone number one, Sammy, Dean says, pressing fingers deep into Sam’s palm. Sam’s veins light up, magma-bright with the Mark’s pyroclastic flow, moving from Dean to Sam.
Pressure increases, and with a percussive crack, Dean shatters.
Sam falls to his knees, frantic.
How can he find the first stone amongst this rubble?

Sam wakes, wide-eyed and sweating. There’s no subtlety in his nightmare – fear that his brother’s heart has petrified stops him breathing sometimes; the ache in his chest won’t let him rest.
He has to find Dean.

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SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word:  smart
Warnings: heavily implied wincest
Summary: It’s a co-dependency that hurts, sometimes.


You are a non-Newtonian fluid. Your nature changes when the hammer blow hits your heart; its shell hardens.

But the small things wreck you.

Sam’s fingers trailing soft across your skin; Sam’s lips pressed gently against yours; his breath caressing your unshaven cheek.

Outside the motel sign turns the rain into jewels of light – refraction abstraction attraction…

Everything comes back to Sam and it hurts. You need time to think, you need the violence to protect you, keep you safe.

Close your eyes, Dean.

You know it’s not smart, you know it might kill you, but you close them anyway.


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Happy Birthday my lovely friend, firesign10! Hope you are having a wonderful day today. I wrote this little drabble for you!

Words: 100
Warnings: nudity (like that's a problem, right?), implied wincest

Honey Trap

Dean’s dreaming.

He’s naked on a beach, sun warming his skin. He knows it’s a dream because sand isn’t infiltrating places it shouldn’t, and he’s not worrying about burning. It’s kinda nice. Relaxing.

He rolls onto his back, flinging his arms wide. His fingers tangle in soft silky hair. Dean turns his head – smiles.

“Hey, Sammy.”

Sun strikes low, glinting on the tawny blues in Sam’s eyes. Dean lets his gaze trail slow and sensual across Sam’s chest and down the dark trail of hair leading to his quiescent cock.

Dean’s brother is beautiful.

Outside the Impala, darkness roils and grows.
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A matter of taste
SPN100 Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word:  sore/soar
Warnings: Torture
Summary: Alastair appreciates the finer things in death, and Dean is one of them.

Alastair appreciates the finer things in death. He’s refined his palate tasting only the most talented writers, musicians and artists. Who’d have guessed literary anguish would taste so sweet, or that there would be such pleasure to be found in creating disharmony from the sore vocal chords of sinful singers?

But this? This was the pinnacle of his achievements, the apogee of his orbit around the planet of pain. His fingers strummed across Dean Winchester’s ribs, a glockenspiel of raw bone, accompanied by a soaring crescendo of screams that made Hell’s walls ring.

Superlative art comes from the brightest soul.




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