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My artist friend Lois, who I met last year when we both painted pigs for the sculpture trail, makes a living by running art workshops as well as by selling her paintings and papercuts. I've been thinking about trying one of her workshops for a while now and when I saw she was running one relatively close (only 30 mins away by train), and that it was about working with dark and light tones, I thought I'd give it a go.
Dean in blue crop

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big_heart_june posted a rather lovely gif, which made me want to try out my watercolour pencils. So blame June...and check out the gif because it's yummy.
I do like these Inktense pencils!
Dear artist Flisties - any concrit/tips on how to continue are very welcome!

I might finish this tomorrow, but now I'm off to take Paul to see Despicable Me 3 and get the Minions to make him laugh. The boy needs it. Toodle pip, my darlings.

This is the gif btw

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Our first week's challenge for [community profile] DRAWESOME  is to start from a curve and do something fannish.

Curve for DW Draw-1.1 crop
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It's been a while... and I've missed a few weeks of classes due to holidays.

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Spread the word! Dean needs some love! (And hurt, and abuse and porn and...)

Originally posted by [ profile] hideurdemoneyes at Dean Winchester Big Bang Sign Ups Open!

Sign-ups are open for the 2017-2018 Dean Winchester Big Bang!

Author Sign-up

Artist Sign-up

Beta Sign-up

This is a Bang to celebrate the complex, amazing, heroic eldest Winchester brother.

Sign-ups are open now and will run until July 1st.

Ship fics are welcome, Gen fics are totally welcome - the important thing is that the main focus of the story is Dean himself.

As it was last year, there are two different bangs - Big (minimum 10k and 2 pieces of art) and Mini (minimum 5k and 1 piece of art).

The rest of the rules/FAQ can be found here.

I do have an updated schedule posted to the blog, with check ins and all that - but posting will begin in February of 2018.

There will be some changes to the event to make it run more smoothly than it did last year, including more email communication.

If you have any questions at all - feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

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I signed up for both art and writing for the DWBB, which is great, but I have NO idea what I want to write. Especially or mor particularly, what I want to write that hasn't been written before by either me or by someone else (and no doubt better than me).

I've got some WIPs languishing in folders on my laptop, but I'm not sure any of them have enough meat in them to get me to either the 5k or 10k minimums. I've also got a folder full of random ideas (most of which are only really any good for J2s though).

Maybe you chaps can help me decide. Here's what I've got already, either WIPs or just ideas:

  1. Sam brings a girlfriend called Fleur back to the bunker. Dean isn't happy about it and thinks there's something off about Fleur, but he can't quite put his finger on what it is that is upsetting him - apart from the obvious - that having Sam banging a girl in their bunker is somewhat disturbing. Then Sam goes missing one night, leaving Dean and Fleur to look for him. There's owls and Celtic myths involved, and I've got 2k of this one written.

  2. Dean adopts a stray dog called Angel who can see portals into other worlds and has imaginary friends. Nothing written at all on this one so I'd be starting from scratch with no plot, or anything more than that sentence.

  3. Northern Exposure. A season 2 case fic that takes the boys to a remote town in Alaska to tangle with an Innuit witch. This one features some hurt!Dean, because that's what I do. I've got over 5k written but it's been sitting on my hard drive for 5 years so i'll probably have to rewrite it all.

  4. Dean, the Queen and the Campervan. Sam & Dean encounter a VW campervan broken down in the desert and Sam volunteers Dean to fix it. Turns out it's owned by a drag queen on her way to (somewhere). I dunno about this one, it's kind of based on a weird dream I had about Dean and the actual Queen of England. Which might be also one way to take this idea.

  5. Pretty is as pretty does. Dean is the victim of a spell or potion that makes him irresitibly attractive. It's funny until it isn't. I've got about 800 words written of this one, but no idea where the story should go.

At th moment I'm leaning towards #1 but I honestly don't know!
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It's the lovely jj1564's birthday today! Woot! Love ya, my dear!
2017 JJ birthday pie-1
Pity Dean couldn't behave himself though...
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I had the pleasure of working with oceanbluecas and sixxstiel on this year's casefic. Unfortunately, due to lions and bears and JIBcon, I only had time for one main picture, which I cannibalised to make the banner and some icons.
Here's the banner (click on it to read the story)
Living the dream-banner
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Yay! The big reveals have happened so now I can claim my ficlet. It didn't get many comments on the com, but the ones that were made were lovely, so a big thank you to those who read it and liked it.
Here's the link to the story on spnspringfling, but I'm reposting it here too, with a few minor corrections.

Shadow Boxing for keep_waking_up

Title: Shadow Boxing
Pairing: Gen (Sam & Dean)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: unbetaed, somewhat random
Word count: c1200
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Since I forgot I signed up for writing and art, I didn't have a fic ready in time, so this is my only deanwbigbang post. Hope y'all like the art, I'm sure you'll love anactoria's wonderful story!

I have two apologies: First, I'm timing the post so won't be able to add the story link until Sunday, so just check the DWBB comm! Story link is HERE ) or click on the banner.
Second, I'm sorry I didn't do more art for this one. I did the banner ages ago and then other stuff piled up and this one got put on the backburner, until I nearly missed the deadline altogether! Doh!
Banner and story link!
Divine Madness banner-1
And a kind of spoilery main picture (though unless you read the story it won't make any sense, so it's fairly safe to look at it before reading).Read more...possible spoilers )
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The first of my two artings for 2016's spn_reversebang

Art Title: Seeing is believing, right?
Prompt Number: S2008
Artist: amberdreams

Yay, the story has arrived!

Author: jasmineisland LJ LINK

 photo Snake.gif

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I was supposed to be doodling cats but Dean happened. Along with a lot of eyes and stuff.
doodle Feb-1
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Spoilers - goes without saying, right?

Title: Not Watership Down
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Jan. 4th, 2017 02:48 pm
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Added water to the watercolour pencils...
And it retained some of the pencil texture. Nice. No colour in the irises yet, or freckles...
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Title: Drowning
Words: 100
Summary: Sam's at Stanford, Dad's god knows where, and Dean's on the road.

Dean’s a mid-west boy. He knows straight roads and vast expanses of corn so intimately, he sings Oklahoma songs inside his head, where Sam can’t hear and mock. Not that Sam can hear him singing anyway, seeing as how Sam’s in California and Dean? Dean isn’t.

Dean drives, because that’s what he does. He kills monsters; sometimes they throw him around and he has to stop a while to patch himself up before he can slide back into his Baby, but that’s okay. He’s fine on his own. He is.

Sometimes, though, Dean dreams up an ocean to drown in.
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Did you hear the one about Dean Winchester owning a VW campervan? And that time the Queen of England was touring the US of A in her vintage VW Beetle and broke down in a gas station in Arizona? No? Funny, I thought it would have been all over the news at the time...

It was Sam who noticed her first; though really, she was a bit hard to miss. The love bug was bright orange, and had a giant sky blue flower painted on the trunk, and Her Maj was wearing a trouser suit straight out of 1967, also orange. And very flowery. And, as Sam was quick to point out, not really the kind of things you wear when you’re presumably travelling incognito.

Dean was inside the minimart paying for gas and snacks and by the time he returned to their campervan, Sam had already volunteered Dean as Royal mechanic for the duration of Queen Liz’s road trip.

Sadly, after that lovely moment – Dean’s face was a picture, believe me – the dream morphed into a strange holiday in Stansted Airport for the hubby and I, with bus trips, missing bags, and ridiculously lax security, so I never found out how Her Majesty got on with the Winchesters on the back roads of America.

Dreams, huh? Weird.

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For the spn_j2_xmas secret Santa exchange

Title: You can never go home
Gifter: amberdreams
Pairing/Characters: Sam, Dean, Jess
Word count: c6300
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: A bucket load of angst in the end. A/N: hopefully this will hit the spot for a few of alethiometry’s likes, some of which could double up as warnings – in particular - canon divergence; unreliable narrators; open/ambiguous/unhappy endings…

Thank you to kalliel for the speedy beta, which has improved this no end!

Summary: A retelling of the Pilot, where Jess goes with Sam and Dean to look for John Winchester and ghosts in Jericho. In the process Jess learns more about Sam and herself than she bargains for.

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There's a few of you ole ex-Colonials on my Flist so here's a little fun SPN thanksgiving gift to y'all.

Poor Dean, perhaps this was the wrong day to get bewitched?
dean turkey-1

And in the spirit of thankfulness generally - thanks to everyone on my Flist for being such a great bunch of peeps.
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I wanted to try a clean line style drawing so started this one without any references - which is why he's ended up not awfully Dean/Jensen-like. Never mind. I've inked the outline now and am wondering what exactly to do next with him.
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I'm so lucky with my authors lately :D. For kevinbb I pulled firesign10 out of the hat, and as always, she's an absolute pleasure to work with. This is the banner for her story, Third.
The art is SFW but be warned, the story isn't!
Third-banner 640
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