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This year's spn_j2_bigbang I claimed a Western J2 AU, because the summary sounded like so much fun. I was right! I was chuffed to learn the story belonged to tsuki_no_bara, as I hadn't worked with her before. So this meant lots of new things - so exciting!

Click on the banner  or HERE to read the story
Welcome to Pluto-banner1

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I had the pleasure of working with oceanbluecas and sixxstiel on this year's casefic. Unfortunately, due to lions and bears and JIBcon, I only had time for one main picture, which I cannibalised to make the banner and some icons.
Here's the banner (click on it to read the story)
Living the dream-banner
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Since I forgot I signed up for writing and art, I didn't have a fic ready in time, so this is my only deanwbigbang post. Hope y'all like the art, I'm sure you'll love anactoria's wonderful story!

I have two apologies: First, I'm timing the post so won't be able to add the story link until Sunday, so just check the DWBB comm! Story link is HERE ) or click on the banner.
Second, I'm sorry I didn't do more art for this one. I did the banner ages ago and then other stuff piled up and this one got put on the backburner, until I nearly missed the deadline altogether! Doh!
Banner and story link!
Divine Madness banner-1
And a kind of spoilery main picture (though unless you read the story it won't make any sense, so it's fairly safe to look at it before reading).Read more...possible spoilers )
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My second art for sammybigbang was for themegalosaurus's sad and creepy Still Life.
First the banner (click on the banner to read the story on AO3)
megalosaurus banner-1

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No monochrome in this one! For my first sammybigbang art I was lucky enough to snag excoyote 's lovely story, which I know y'all are going to love. Theo, me dear, you were an absolute pleasure to work with!
where the earth banner-1.2
Fic Masterpost HERE (or click on the banner) or read on AO3 HERE

There are no real spoilers for the story in the next art, it's a scene from early in the fic. I actually did this one second, but it's ended up being my favourite of the two.

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The first of my two artings for 2016's spn_reversebang

Art Title: Seeing is believing, right?
Prompt Number: S2008
Artist: amberdreams

Yay, the story has arrived!

Author: jasmineisland LJ LINK

 photo Snake.gif

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I'm so lucky with my authors lately :D. For kevinbb I pulled firesign10 out of the hat, and as always, she's an absolute pleasure to work with. This is the banner for her story, Third.
The art is SFW but be warned, the story isn't!
Third-banner 640
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A long, long time ago, I signed up for the wincestbigbang, and was lucky enough to snaffle smalltrolven's story, Vangelis
Sadly I also signed up for too many things all at once, so all I managed for this was one scene. smalltroven deserved more, sorry me dear.
Click on the banner to read the story!
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I got to work with the lovely and talented non_tiembo_mala on this spn_cinema - a revisting of The Bourne Identity with Jensen as Bourne.
We both managed to get in a few muddles over posting dates and I confused her even more by sending her the wrong art all together, but yay! We made it.
Links to the fic - LJ and AO3
Banner with text
Bourne Banner-1.1
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Posting time snuck up on me for this one, so apologies to glovered that I ended up doing something experimental and retro at the same time. I hope it works to give you a taste of the horror vibe from the fic!
spn horror banner-small
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Artpost: Carousel of Broken Dreams
Artwork by: me!
Warning/Enticement: Half nekkid Dean, 17 year-old floppy haired Sam
Made for: quicky_bang and yohkobennington's Carousel of Broken Dreams.
Summary: They say revenge is a plate best served cold. Sam and Dean can't wait to have their feast.

I made a thing and it goes like this:
Yokho Circus Poster-1
image intensive post )
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My second art for spn_j2_bigbang is for anactoria's beautifully atmospheric Via Negationis.
I have to apologise to her for being less than prolific - I hadn't realised just how much I rely on last minute races to the finish until this week hit with GISHHWES at the same time and I just ran out of time. So sorry I didn't do any more art for this one, because the fic is awesome.
Click HERE or on the banner to read the fic
Anactoria banner-1

Image intensive! )

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The first of my two spn_j2_bigbang artings - huzzah! A multitude of thanks to the phenomenon that is wendy for organising this challenge once again.

This fic, wriitten by the lovely enderberlyn, gives us an interesting twist on the Darkness, and a different version of Season 11. It was a cool story to art for, because it meant I was free to create my own vision of the Darkness, based on enderberlyn's excellent descriptions.

Warnings for full frontal female nudity!

First, the banner - click on the pic or HERE to read the fic! [COMING SOON]
wreath banner-small
There's a lot of symbolism in the banner, which will hopefully become apparent when you read the story.

Image intensive with some nudity... )

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I had thought I didn't need one of these because it was easy to search on the Fanart tag, wasn't it? Except it isn't. I've done too much art, and I've forgotten to tag some posts and well, I just searched for something without success, so if I can't find it, then nobody else will stand a chance! So here's the beginnings of my attempt to sort it into some semblance of order.

Supernatural Fanarts
Click on the thumbnail to see the art posts and get links to any related fics, etc.
Big Bangs
sammybigbang 2016
India snake tattoo-crop2 for indiachick's Speak of the Devil, featuring Sam on a motorbike among other things.

meangreen bathroom gif-1.1 for meangreenlimabean's Smile because it Happened

Other fic related challenges
meanttobe 2016
Jensen preview-1 J2 in the jungle for phoenix1966, The Lost
0ZZ icon-1.3For zara_zee's J2 biker fic, Jensen's Choice
meanttobe 2015

meanttobe 2014

reversebang 2016

E3008 amberdreams living tattoo-smallfor de_nugis's The Age of Foolishness

spn_joystick 2015
sw0rdy freddys-2 sam crop for sw0rdy's Five Nights at Freddy Fazbear's

spncasefic 2016
Hitchhiker elevator-1.1 for hit_the_books' story The Hitchhiker

Best things-1 crop for stagepageandscreen's story The Best Things in Life are Free

Kevin big bang 2015
Truffles-kevin cropkevinbb for Prodigal_anon's Sussing for Truffles

Spn_cinema 2015
 photo Night_of_the_Impala_final.gif for firesign10's Night of the Impala

Nightmare shot -7 for caffeinatedmoose, Oh My Love, Please Dont Cry
Fallen Sam-prog4for beekeepercain's Brotherhood

2016 BP baby cas-gif2.2 for kcscribbler's adorable de-aging fic

Burning Sam-1-1 Let it burn for kassidy62
Random SPN art
Pic without fic (mostly)
heatwave summer storm-1 crop Summer storm for spn_heatwave
car wash heatwave -1.1 teaser Car wash for spn_heatwave
2016 BHJune birthday shotgun-1 Birthday shotgunning for big_heart_june

Other fandoms Fanarts


Other miscellaneous art

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Title: The Lost
Pairing: J2
Warnings: none
Created for phoenix1966's story for spn_meanttobe which will be posted later today
Story link HERE or click on the banner!
The Lost banner-1 700
pics and ramblings under the cut )
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I struck gold with both my spn_meanttobe fics this year, and here's the first of the two, zara_zee's awesome biker fic, Jensen's Choice. LINKY to STORY!
 photo 0ZZ.gif
Due to poor planning on my part, and overloading myself, I ended up with just two main pieces which I then cannibalised into a set.
image heaviness under the cut )
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The second of my two art posts for the spncasefic challenge is here!  My art is for hit_the_books' story The Hitchhiker. Read it HERE on AO3!
Sadly I only had time for two pieces on this one - a banner:
hitchhiker banner-1.2

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I've got two art posts to make for the spncasefic challenge, plus my own fic! So here's the first of the three, my art for stagepageandscreen's story The Best Things in Life are Free. Read it HERE on AO3!
Part case, part fairy tale, there are kind of spoilers in one of the art pieces (for characters that feature in the story - so don't cross that line if you'd rather know nothing at all about the case before reading).
Best things-1
Here's a close up/detail from the bannerHey! Guess what? Image-heavy post... :D )
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My second sammybigbang was by indiachick - I was so lucky to snag this one, but hey! how could a girl resist a summary that offered post-apocalypitic Sam on a motorbike?
I confess I was worried about doing the subject justice - there are other great artists I know could have done something great with this - but in the end, for once, I'm actually quite happy with my efforts. (It's a miracle, huh?)
Fic link HERE or click on the banner!
sam&bike banner-600Big art under the cut )


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