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As most of you know, I'm not officially doing the 100 days, but here's a random happy post covering a number of days and topics!

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Happy post

Jul. 18th, 2016 07:41 pm
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I'm not doing the photo a day for 100 days, I did that already and don't want to bore everyone, but I remembered how nice it was to deliberately search out the happy, so thought I'd maybe do a random happy post instead.

A friend shared this on Facebook, and it's too lovely not to share it here. Not only is it a beautiful visual of two gorgeous young men, and a delightful and fascinating dance, it's a moving and tender declaration of love.

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it has come to my attention that far too many of my lovely flisties are going through tough times at the moment, and that the main cause of their troubles is that there isn't enough Jared, and Jensen and puppies and kittens in their lives. So, thanks to a foray into tumblr's black hole (I only just made it out of there intact, I kid you not), here is Jared the puppy. With bonus puppy and kitten.
 photo puppcat2.gif  photo jared puppy.gif

Oh, and Jensen, your pretending to be long suffering and barely putting up with it? Doesn't fool us.
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It's okay, I'm not going to bombard you with all the happy days I haven't posted about since last time - but be assured, I have had happy moments every single day, and will now continue to randomly post happy posts like this one.
If you haven't already seen this wonderful invention, the Intelevator, then watch this video and enjoy the laughs. I especially loved the photo booth, the refilling of the ball and the drying facilities on the 8th floor...
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Tomorrow is a fundraiser for the fight against cystic fibrosis and the plea is to take a selfie wearing something yellow - yay! a Yelfie!

So here's mine a tad early as I have to go to London on an early train tomorrow for a work meeting, and won't have time to post before I go. Also I can't wear my one and only yellow piece of clothing for the meeting because, guess what, it's an SPN shirt! LOL

So anyhow, if you are UK-based and in the mood, donations are by tweeting #CFyelfie and texting 'CFYL14' £3/£5/£10 to 70070.



Jun. 1st, 2014 07:23 pm
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I've been overwhelmed by all the good wishes, physical and virtual gifts today, not to mention the fact that when checking my virtual gifts I realised I've got a stack from Christmas, New Year and last fricking year I never realised were there!! Now y'all must have thought I was such a rude bugger, not saying ta very much for those before now. Doh!

So here's my sheepishly apologetic thank you for everything, you are the bestest Flisties in the world, without a doubt.

So far on my birthday, the sun has shone. I've been to the park for egg and chips with an old friend and the hubster, and we sat outside soaking up the sun. Mabel the tawny owl was resplendent in her tree for us when we wandered up in her direction for an ice cream, and my friend made me lemon drizzle cake.
Carrie and her ice cream, and me with mine, in the park. It ain't Italian but it's still ice cream. So.
 photo 90ff92e1-f6be-4af6-b004-3230e8a10d29_zpsafb57579.jpg
Paul got me this lovely silver ring, Aesop's Fables illustrated by Arthur Rackham, an embroidered top, ash48's Fan Phenomena Supernatural book and we are going down to London on 12th to see Once, which I'm really looking forward to as I'm told it's even better than the film.
 photo a043cd68-a4f5-46e9-83a1-95d45f0ae1fb_zpsf2c7b0e8.jpg
I got one of those wee Dean Pop figures, plus a SPN spinoff novel which I think I already read, but hey, who's counting. My brother in law bought it for me, along with the DVD box set of Grimm season 2, one of Brian Froud's squashed fairies books which I think Dean would heartily approve of, and a build your own Weeping Angel. Which I may pass on as they are too scary. BIL also gave me one of Castle's Nicki Heat novels, which cracked me up, I had no idea they'd done that for real! He also got me another FIVE note books, after buying me a set of ten for Christmas. Plus a bunch of pencils. I know I'm suppose to be a writer but that is serious pressure!! LOL
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Look what chomaisky made for my birthday! I am going to be gone for some time, drooling over Demon!Dean's strawberry cake. And his bared chest. And casually splayed legs...
Click on the teaser to see the whole pic and leave chomaisky some lurve.
 photo teasercho_zpsa7a33dbe.jpg
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I got some nice pics of Jared and Misha's panel - those two really play off each other so well and all the little nods to Sassy were so cute. Someone asked them to answer a question in their characters, so Misha (at Jared's suggestion) cleverly sidestepped that one and rang Castiel on his phone... Apparently Cas likes Sam's hair.  Don't we all?
I finally got all my photo ops back so I'm going to make this a personal festival of oddly yellowed photos of my photos because it's my journal and why the hell not?
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Before I start - new layout is suddenly here! And it's great for my short-sighted self as it's kind of LARGE.

Right, back to the important things - 100 Days of Happiness continues with Day 67. Yes I know I haven't posted all the intervening days here but I'm too lazy to do two catch up posts. One of Facebook is enough! LOL

Arrived at the Hilton and bumped into one of the show's biggest stars in the car park. Naturally we took the opportunity to get to know her. And get free photo ops.
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First off, I've done a new picture of Gadreel and I'm thinking of getting it printed for Tahmoh to sign in Rome.
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It had to be done. May the Fourth be with you on Star Wars Day.

Here is the hubster modelling a very fetching helmet that also talks. His little brother found it abandoned in town, presumably after a fancy dress party when some storm trooper was worse for wear. Actually, I don't think it is a storm trooper helmet, is it? I think it's an X wing fighter helmet. Mmmm

Sadly the dialogue it speaks seems to be (shock horror) from the vastly inferior later movies when everyone knows only the first 3 count. Hubby assured me he was smiling for the photo.

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Another twofer.
Yesterday's happy moment was getting an email from my author for one of my spn_bigpretzel art fills saying she's happy with the piece I've done - which is great. Because obviously if she wasn't pleased there wouldn't be much point, eh? So no photo of that, because I can't post the pic before the due day. (And why do I always mistype obviously? LOL)

Today's moment was a nice fresh tigerbread roll smothered in blackcurrant jam. Yummy yum yum.

With bonus Winnie the Pooh plate. And I just realised I forgot to crop out my feet with Norah Batty socks because it was bloody cold here today. That is some serious foreshortening going on there. Ha ha ha!
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Halfway through being happy! Ha ha ha!

Today's post is a picspam of terrible quality phone photos I took today at a truly wonderful art exhibition across the road from our house. It's of childrens' book illustrators who all have some connection with the town's art school. Strangely enough, one of the sets of artists, Anne and Janet Grahame Johnstone, were among my fave artists when I was growing up. Mainly because they illustrated my books on Greek and Roman myths which I loved so much. The best thing about this exhibition was seeing these twins' working processes, using tracings of their drawings so if they made mistakes in the painting they still had the template for the picture to fall back on. Makes me wonder how often they made mistakes! I really love the beautifully confident pencil strokes they use in their work. And it's fascinating to think how the two women worked together as a team, illustrating books for decades. One sister died and the other carried on for several years alone - how weird as well as devastating must that have been?

So to the pictures:

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Another little catch up post!
Day 48 was an easy one - coming home is always happy-making and the sight of our little house is always very welcome!large images under the cut )
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A happy sad photo this one - the river Severn at dawn, with a mist rising is a beautiful sight that I will be leaving behind when I go home tomorrow.

I've got as much sorted out here as I can for the moment. Mum's arm is giving her pain now, which she is quite aggrieved about as the week where it was just broken but untreated it didn't really hurt that much, but now she's had it fixed it's really bothering her. And she has trouble getting the sling on herself as the logic of the velcro fastenings defeats her. But I've opened packets, loosened bottle tops, hoovered, cleaned the bathrooms, done the hopefully she'll be able to manage everything else for a few days until my old bessie mate comes down from Liverpool for a couple of days to help out.

I even managed to get my Dad a doctor's appointment today, forcing him to go and see her about his horrible toenails (don't worry, I won't post a photo of THOSE!) and at the same time ask her about his problems walking and balancing. She was really thorough and even Dad was impressed. She is referring him to a neurologist to look at the nerve damage done by his header down the stairs, and I am now hopeful something will be done to halt his decline. Plus he has antibiotics for his fungal feet, which has got to be a good thing for the world who have to see his purple toes and nasty nails peeking out from the sandals he insists on wearing as soon as we hit Spring.


Apr. 27th, 2014 09:46 pm
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I'm counting this as my Day 46 of the 100 Days of Happiness meme as I am happy I managed to write a little something today! So yay for drabbling.

E/O Drabble Challenge: word count 100
Challenge word: nail
Warnings: none
Summary: Kevin and Mrs Tran finally return home. Everything is different yet nothing has changed.
The cello stood in the corner; the high polished sheen on the rich wood dulled by a layer of dust.
Kevin’s mom sighed and he felt her breath drift through him. It was disconcerting.

“Such a mess!” she began, “I hope you are going to tidy this all up now you are home.”

Kevin couldn’t help grinning. He had the best excuse ever for being slovenly.

“Mom, I’m a ghost, I can’t use a vacuum any more.”

His mom just gave him that look. “Find a way.”

Kevin wilted. It was the final nail in the coffin he didn’t have.

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Another little catch up on the happy post.
Yesterday's happy moments were re-reading some classic Dorothy L Sayers while waiting for my Mum's operation to finish. Love me some Lord Peter Wimsey! Not a new volume as you can see from the price - in shillings, no less!Read more... )
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I'm making this a double header because firstly - we had the spnspringfling reveals and I can now say a proper thank you to sonofabiscuit77 who gifted me this lovely Winchesters in space ficlet which I adore!

Space Oddities by sonofabiscuit77 for amber1960

Title: Space Oddities
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R

And second is my 'official' 100 days moment - I'd seen this on the web somewhere but today I travelled on a Virgin Train and experienced it for myself! And I hadn't realised it's not only on the notices, but there is a recorded voice that tells you the door is locked (always good to know when using those horrible electric doored toilets!) and then reads this instruction out too!
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Posting today's happy moment before the day is over because I doubt if anything will top this little find in the Roman gallery of the new museum today. It certainly made me and my Mum laugh (not sure my poor Dad knew what was so funny, even when I stole his camera to take this close up!).
We were so amused by the triangular pointiness of the peen, we forgot to look to see what the archaeologists think this decorative bronze item was for. It was only about 2 inches in circumference. We were rather taken with the curly pubes, very artistic!!

Addendum: I was showing Mum how to import photos from iPhoto into Facebook and as a result she now has this peen on her Page with a disclaimer saying I posted it for her!! I told her she could delete it or hide it but she hasn't done that yet so in the meantime, all her organic gardening friends will be getting an eyeful of Roman willie.


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