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It's been a while... and I've missed a few weeks of classes due to holidays.

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I meant to do this the other day and allowed myself to be completely sidetracked, then forgot! Doh! Such a bad case of internet-brain... especially as I’m really excited to share this with you!
My story is called Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness, and here’s a line to hopefully tempt y’all to subscribe to the book:

Mists SPN short stories teaser-1
Check out the #seasons teasers tag on twitter and tumblr to read more lines from all the other fabulous authors. You can find out more about the project, which hopes to raise lots of money for charity, HERE!
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Could be a cool and fun thing to do...

Drawesome on DW
[community profile] drawesome: A Drawing Community for Fan-Artists

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Filthy enablers quickreaver and dephigravity are to blame, and get to pick my first two squares (if they so desire). I think I will probably mostly art if I do any at all. Probably. Maybe.

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Many happies my lovely friend, chomaisky - you wanted more Nightwing and he somehow turned into Sam (or Jared).
2017 Sijing Jared Nighthawk-1 crop
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Stolen from indiachick, because this is just too funny.

Try using Google translate on a passage of your own fic or other writing. Translate your words to Basque or Hungarian or similar, then try translating whatever Google gives you back into English.

This is what Google did to a couple of paragraphs from a WIP. I translated into Basque then back again.
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Well damn. This is the only Funko Pop I've ever wanted and of course (I nearly mistyped of curse which is actually kind of appropriate) it's a SDCC exclusive. Gah!
 photo SPN_ride.gif

Unless any of my flist is going to SDCC and could buy me one? LOL

Book meme!

Jun. 19th, 2017 09:25 pm
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Because, even though I'm not reading proper books like I used to, I can't resist talking about books!
Stolen from septembers_coda

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I might add another question of my own:
Is there any room in your house that doesn't have at least one book in it?
My answer at the moment is yes, currently there are no books in either of our two bathrooms. Otherwise, every room has books.
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Spread the word! Dean needs some love! (And hurt, and abuse and porn and...)

Originally posted by [ profile] hideurdemoneyes at Dean Winchester Big Bang Sign Ups Open!

Sign-ups are open for the 2017-2018 Dean Winchester Big Bang!

Author Sign-up

Artist Sign-up

Beta Sign-up

This is a Bang to celebrate the complex, amazing, heroic eldest Winchester brother.

Sign-ups are open now and will run until July 1st.

Ship fics are welcome, Gen fics are totally welcome - the important thing is that the main focus of the story is Dean himself.

As it was last year, there are two different bangs - Big (minimum 10k and 2 pieces of art) and Mini (minimum 5k and 1 piece of art).

The rest of the rules/FAQ can be found here.

I do have an updated schedule posted to the blog, with check ins and all that - but posting will begin in February of 2018.

There will be some changes to the event to make it run more smoothly than it did last year, including more email communication.

If you have any questions at all - feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

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I signed up for both art and writing for the DWBB, which is great, but I have NO idea what I want to write. Especially or mor particularly, what I want to write that hasn't been written before by either me or by someone else (and no doubt better than me).

I've got some WIPs languishing in folders on my laptop, but I'm not sure any of them have enough meat in them to get me to either the 5k or 10k minimums. I've also got a folder full of random ideas (most of which are only really any good for J2s though).

Maybe you chaps can help me decide. Here's what I've got already, either WIPs or just ideas:

  1. Sam brings a girlfriend called Fleur back to the bunker. Dean isn't happy about it and thinks there's something off about Fleur, but he can't quite put his finger on what it is that is upsetting him - apart from the obvious - that having Sam banging a girl in their bunker is somewhat disturbing. Then Sam goes missing one night, leaving Dean and Fleur to look for him. There's owls and Celtic myths involved, and I've got 2k of this one written.

  2. Dean adopts a stray dog called Angel who can see portals into other worlds and has imaginary friends. Nothing written at all on this one so I'd be starting from scratch with no plot, or anything more than that sentence.

  3. Northern Exposure. A season 2 case fic that takes the boys to a remote town in Alaska to tangle with an Innuit witch. This one features some hurt!Dean, because that's what I do. I've got over 5k written but it's been sitting on my hard drive for 5 years so i'll probably have to rewrite it all.

  4. Dean, the Queen and the Campervan. Sam & Dean encounter a VW campervan broken down in the desert and Sam volunteers Dean to fix it. Turns out it's owned by a drag queen on her way to (somewhere). I dunno about this one, it's kind of based on a weird dream I had about Dean and the actual Queen of England. Which might be also one way to take this idea.

  5. Pretty is as pretty does. Dean is the victim of a spell or potion that makes him irresitibly attractive. It's funny until it isn't. I've got about 800 words written of this one, but no idea where the story should go.

At th moment I'm leaning towards #1 but I honestly don't know!
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It's the lovely jj1564's birthday today! Woot! Love ya, my dear!
2017 JJ birthday pie-1
Pity Dean couldn't behave himself though...
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Argh! I'm all for bee conservation but it's a bit much when the same bloody bumble bee stings you not once but three times! Once in the park, once when I got home and hadn't realised the stupid bee was clinging to my top (having presumably accompanied me round Iceland to get tonight's dinner) and once on my toe while I was (oh the irony) looking up online to see what type it was, thinking it was safely occupied in the space between the window and the secondary glazing.
And of course my toe is too small to use my Aspivenin vacuum thingy. Grrrr and likewise OW!
Bumble bee - precise identity still unknown - is now outside in the bushes. He's lucky I didn't swat him.
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This year's spn_j2_bigbang I claimed a Western J2 AU, because the summary sounded like so much fun. I was right! I was chuffed to learn the story belonged to tsuki_no_bara, as I hadn't worked with her before. So this meant lots of new things - so exciting!

Click on the banner  or HERE to read the story
Welcome to Pluto-banner1

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Jun. 7th, 2017 10:33 pm
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I had another set of questions I was going to do but I think I'd done that one before, and this one was new to me so... gratuitous boring info about me. Snaffled from jdl71

Class of 1978
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This feels like too many posts in a day but never mind.
Let me talk about Wonder Woman.
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I had the pleasure of working with oceanbluecas and sixxstiel on this year's casefic. Unfortunately, due to lions and bears and JIBcon, I only had time for one main picture, which I cannibalised to make the banner and some icons.
Here's the banner (click on it to read the story)
Living the dream-banner
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I've missed SO many birthdays this year, I need to get my act together... but for now, here's wishing dancing_adrift and badbastion a very happy birthday today! Hope y'all are having a marvellous day!
 photo SPN Love.gif
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Last night just before going to bed, three men drove a white van into a bunch of people on London Bridge, then jumped out of the van and started stabbing people who were enjoying a night out at restaurants and bars on the South Bank. So far there are six people dead and many badly injured.

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By Jove, I think he's done. Finally! Now I have to varnish him. This bear is being sponsored by a company called Biomass and they've given me some special varnish that is supposed to keep my bear free from bacteria - apparently they are going to go round the trail swabbing bears to show how their product keeps mine so much cleaner! LOL

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Yesterday I had a day off painting to flit off to London to the Heroes and Villains convention (more a mini comic con event than a JIB) where I got a photo op with the lovely John Barrowman, and Katie Cassidy. The poor girl left SPN behind her years ago, but got two SPN hobbits plastered to her slim sides when 99.9% of the other fans were there for Arrow. Never mind!

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