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Yesterday we went to Stonham Barns for a mini history festival with several re-enactment groups. We could only stay half of the day as Paul had to get back to Dad-sit so his brother could have a bit of a break from the appalling miserable git, but we still managed to fit in four displays and walked round the whole encampment.

For some weird reason there was an American Civil War group - of course, none of them were American. Oh and even weirder, there were some Greek Hoplites with a scattering of Scythians and other Persians. Maybe we can blame The 300 for that one? Though the very, very tall young man who was the leader of the Greeks certainly knew his Greek history inside out, which is more than one can say for the movie. So, maybe not!

Pic spam!
US Civil War camp

A bunch of Barons played capture the flag, which was entertaining. Baron Von Heserlink (no idea where they got their names from) had an interesting tactic which consisted of playing dead and grabbing the other baron's flag when they came over to investigate. Strangely enough, that didn't work second time around!
Here's one of the bannermen running like crazy to escape capture. There was a lot of that going on - must have been a bit hot in chain-mail!
I think this baron should sack his squires for letting his chain mail get so rusty.
I then took far too many photos of the Wuffings - but it is my period, so I can be forgiven, right? So have a few Anglo Saxon warriors, male, female and little boys.
This kid was really into it - this is his face when he heard the crowd cheering for the rebels (he was guarding the King).
The rebel queen and her army
This chap could have been an extra in the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings
The mighty Athenian army. Sadly there were only four, and one of them (the very, very tall boy) was on the microphone doing all the talking, so he only got to join in the fighting once. LOL
Here's the very tall hoplite chatting to the Barons. I reckon he was about 6ft 8 - even taller than Jared!

I haven't got any photos of the US Civil War battle because they had cannon and guns so I had my fingers in my ears the whole time. For about forty-five minutes, in fact, and a little while after until I was sure they were wheeling the damn cannon away and weren't going to fire it again. One of the Anglo Saxons told me off (muffled because no way was I removing my fingers while they were still on the field) - this, he said, was nothing. I should come to *somewhere I didn't catch because hey! Fingers still in my ears* where they have English Civil War battles with hundreds of men and muskets and proper sized fucking canons. No thanks. I did that once, had to stand a long way from the battlefield and couldn't see much.

Me and the dogs were in agreement. Loud bangs are horrible.

But apart from that, it was a lot of fun, and we got to see the red kite flying overhead while the falconry display was on at the barns (they have an owl and raptor sanctuary open every day). I wonder what the birds made of all the noise...
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