Jun. 15th, 2017

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This year's spn_j2_bigbang I claimed a Western J2 AU, because the summary sounded like so much fun. I was right! I was chuffed to learn the story belonged to tsuki_no_bara, as I hadn't worked with her before. So this meant lots of new things - so exciting!

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Argh! I'm all for bee conservation but it's a bit much when the same bloody bumble bee stings you not once but three times! Once in the park, once when I got home and hadn't realised the stupid bee was clinging to my top (having presumably accompanied me round Iceland to get tonight's dinner) and once on my toe while I was (oh the irony) looking up online to see what type it was, thinking it was safely occupied in the space between the window and the secondary glazing.
And of course my toe is too small to use my Aspivenin vacuum thingy. Grrrr and likewise OW!
Bumble bee - precise identity still unknown - is now outside in the bushes. He's lucky I didn't swat him.
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It's the lovely jj1564's birthday today! Woot! Love ya, my dear!
2017 JJ birthday pie-1
Pity Dean couldn't behave himself though...


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